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TeamViewer Gets An Update
There are a lot of reasons why you might want to take a peek inside another computer, and for most of us, those reasons are both just and legal. I happen to have to clean out my mom’s computer all the time because I can’t get her to quit... Read more
New Updates Help Manage And Protect Your Content
The team at FileHippo works to bring tech users the latest new software releases and important updates for existing titles, and this week’s releases are no exception. The developers of the following long-standing favorites have both issued updates to make their programs run even better while managing and protecting... Read more
Windows 10 Issues Bug Fix One Day Before The Rollout
Many members of the tech industry have had July 29th circled in red on their calendars for last year or so, as that marks the day that Microsoft will either be the greatest tech company ever or the biggest joke in recent time. Why? Because of an ambitious idea... Read more
New Updates On FileHippo Enhance Your Media
A handful of new software updates that came out today are designed to enhance your multimedia experience and make manipulating or consuming your digital content easier than ever before. With everything from awesome playback to actual editing, these titles will help make your content even more enjoyable and functional.... Read more
Microsoft Lets You Hide Automatic Updates In Windows 10
While Microsoft has a long history of innovation that has unquestionably changed the world, they do have a tendency to become the punchline among tech users who aren’t too excited about their offerings. Case in point, the much-heralded Windows 10 release that’s slated to happen in a matter of... Read more
New Software Titles Available On FileHippo
Each week, the team at FileHippo works to bring users the latest software updates and new releases from developers around the world. With everything from bug fixes to brand-new, never before tested beta releases of software, FileHippo is a trusted source for everything download. This week, there’s a host... Read more
Stream-Cloner Update Lets You Capture Live Video
When people think of software that lets them capture live video off their computers, undoubtedly most users think of the nefarious purposes like pirating a movie or TV show. But just because a few bad eggs have some unscrupulous ideas for the technology doesn’t mean the rest of us... Read more
Move Over IOT, The Internet Of Sound Is Here
Using sound to speak to computers is nothing new. There’s a fascinating story–back in the days when the Commodore computer accessed data by cassette player–about a radio show host for the Finnish Broadcasting Company who used to play code over the air. That way, listeners were able to record... Read more
Microsoft Edge Has Nothing On These Browsers
With the clock ticking on the release of Windows 10–coming up on July 29th–there’s already been a ton of speculation about some of its features. One of the more exciting features is a whole new web browser, Microsoft Edge.   ME has been in the works for a while... Read more
Microsoft Launches ‘Send’ A Lightweight Email App for iPhone
If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has just debuted a new (crazy simple) email app called Send. The company is describing Send as an “in-and-out” email solution that focuses on brevity and simplicity. In truth, it looks more like another messaging app than your typical email app. “Send gives... Read more
Google Chrome Flags uTorrent Software
If you’re a Google Chrome user and uTorrent fan, you may run into some issues when trying to access the software and receive a warning message that the uTorrent service contains “harmful programs.” Apparently, Chrome has flagged the program as malicious due to its regular association with illegal torrents... Read more
WordPress Issues Critical Security Release
Well-known blogging service WordPress has issued a critical security release to fix a vulnerability that could have compromised millions of websites. “WordPress versions 4.2.2 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could allow anonymous users to compromise a site,” said Gary Pendergust in a blog... Read more
CCleaner Update Released On FileHippo
There are tons of things that can slow your computer down: cookies, temporary files, old clipboard content, broken shortcuts, hidden files that didn’t delete, even your browser history. One of the most popular–and arguably easiest to use–options to get rid of all that junk you don’t need is CCleaner,... Read more
Kodi Steps Up With The End Of Windows Media Center
The much-speculated about launch of Windows 10 will happen in a matter of days–or a little over 150 hours, even, if you’re one of the rare fans who’s rabidly attached to all things Microsoft–and already the critics are bemoaning the changes. With forums throughout the internet arguing the merits... Read more
Host Of New Antivirus Updates Available On FileHippo
With all the news of recent hackings, data breaches, and other identity losses, one of the biggest threats to consumers is through phishing emails. After garnering millions of email addresses, scammers can flood your inbox with email offers that contain links to viruses, malware, and other malicious software. It’s... Read more
New File Sharing Site Keybase Promises Better Security Than Dropbox
Everybody should make an effort to better protect themselves (and their information) on a daily basis. Use two-factor authentication. Encrypt emails. Make sure any of the software you download hasn’t been messed with. But it’s such a headache to do all this on the reg. Enter Keybase, a new... Read more
Automatic Windows 10 Updates Are Mandatory For Home Users
With the official release of Windows 10 a little over a week away, Microsoft is cracking down on consumers who have struggled with installing important Windows updates in the past. The company has announced that home users will have to agree to receive automatic updates with Windows 10 so... Read more
SpiderOak Gets An Update, Keeps Same Level Of Privacy
Data privacy and information security have been big news for quite some time, even before Edward Snowden made consumers aware that their cell phone records were being handed over to the government without warrants. But government access, hacking events, and data breaches seem to have done very little to... Read more