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Bringing Down The Cost Of Software And Tech
A new report from Pew Research group found some interesting statistics concerning internet and computer use by Americans. It might seem hard to believe, but a full 15% of the population does not use the internet and has no reliable access to it. Even more staggering was the group’s... Read more
Suicides And Extortion Linked To Ashley Madison Data Hack.
Two people in Canada with personal information allegedly associated with the Ashley Madison Data Hack are reported to have committed suicide as a result of the leak from the adultery website. Toronto police’s acting staff Superintendent, Bryce Evans, said on Monday morning, that while the deaths were as yet unconfirmed,... Read more
Wondershare’s Dr.Fone For iOS Is Ready For iOS9 – Claim Your $10 Off Now!
Wondershare is currently offering $10 off their flagship iOS data recovery software, Dr.Fone for iOS, exclusively to FileHippo users, for both Windows and Mac versions. All buyers have to do is enter the special promo code WS2015 when prompted, in order to receive this special offer.    Anyone who... Read more
What Would Have Protected The AshleyMadison Hack Victims?
News updates on the fallout of the hacking have slowly trickled out. News broke of the breach even before the hacktivists at Impact Team actually did anything with the information, meaning the public was made aware of the potential problem long before the data dump became a reality.... Read more
Unity Web Player Gets An Update
Once upon a time, any kind of artist who wanted to put his work in front of larger audiences typically had to go the route of a major name label to stand behind it, whether it was works of art, books, music, or even video games. But the recent... Read more
ZenMate Chrome Browser Plug-In Adds Layer Of Privacy
Data security and personal privacy are hot topics in the tech world right now. News like the recent AshleyMadison breach–and the hugely embarrassing resulting aftermath, especially for key celebrities–has made even the most basic of tech users think twice about hopping online and browsing around. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use... Read more
Firefox Set To Be More Like Chrome In The Future
Serious changes will soon be coming to everyone’s favorite fox themed browser, and the revolution is taking place at a fundamental level.  Firefox 43, due for final release by Mozilla in December, is to make use of a new extension API, that Mozilla have decided to name as “WebExtensions.” This new API extension... Read more
Metronomos Update Puts Parents In Control
First, let it be stated for the record: there is no such thing as a simple software that will keep your children from finding offensive or inappropriate content online. Anyone who tells you that a single download will let your children roam freely without your supervision is either delusional... Read more
Google Chrome And Windows 10 Build 10525: It’s Not Working
Google Chrome and Windows 10 appear to have fallen out with each other. But no one is  forcing anyone to use Microsoft’s new Edge browser….just yet.  Microsoft released the new preview of version Windows 10 build 10525 to Windows Insiders earlier this week, and it was jumped on by... Read more
5 Free Word Processor Alternatives To Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word dominates word processing. Seen as the global standard for business everywhere, it’s used in pretty much every office and every student bedroom the world over. But that doesn’t mean that Microsoft Word is the only option. There are literally dozens of free word processor alternatives out there. Below... Read more Hackers Release Details Of 33,000,000 User Accounts
Hackers calling themselves the Impact Team, have posted 9.7 gigabytes of stolen customer details from online for all to see. The sensitive customer information was uploaded on Tuesday, and was initially only available via the anonymising Tor Web Browser. Enterprising coders have since created websites that make it... Read more
Two New Updates Make File Comparison Simple
Two new updates have been released on FileHippo for software that makes comparing files, folders, or even whole drives easy and seamless. Both products offer a powerful search and compare feature, while containing two different styles of user interfaces to choose from.   The first is Beyond Compare, an... Read more
Windows 10 Installed over 50 Million Times
In what might possibly be the most unsurprising software news ever, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Operating System has been installed 53 million times and  managed to capture almost 5% of the market in just under 3 weeks. These figures have been reported by several tech related websites in the... Read more
Big Day For Browser Updates
The days of being stuck having to use the pre-installed Internet Explorer browser are long gone. In the world of optional web browsers, there are a few names that reign supreme, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other lesser-known web browsers are still garnering attention and a loyal fan... Read more
ToDoList Updates To Version 7.0
In keeping with our “get organized” theme, another great organizational tool released an update today, and that’s ToDoList. Be warned: if you’re looking for a cute app for your even cuter phone, one that lets you insert emojis and change your background to a stock crowd shot from Coachella,... Read more
How Wunderlist’s Update Can Make Back To School Easy
For every parent who claims to celebrate when the bus doors shut, carrying their kids off to another school year, there are more parents who dread the start of another school year. Besides the back to school shopping and the mad rush to purchase supplies, it means another year... Read more
Firefox Just Made Your Tab Buttons Bigger…And Other Stuff
If you woke up yesterday and saw that the tabs on Firefox looked a little different, the problem isn’t your contact lenses. The recent updates to Firefox have done a few things, some of them aesthetic, and others vital to maintain some level of compatibility with the new Windows... Read more
Lenovo Busted Again For Installing Spyware!
As if Lenovo hadn’t got in enough trouble for having sold laptops pre-loaded with its Superfish Malware back in February,  it turns out now they’ve been caught out again. 2 years ago, Lenovo got itself banned from supplying IT equipment to some of the world’s largest National Security agencies because of worries... Read more