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The Best Gets Better: CCleaner’s Latest Update
There are a few applications that every tech user–from the IT expert down to those who do little more than email and Solitaire–needs to have in the arsenal. A strong, updated antivirus and anti-malware package is vital, a really powerful, updated browser is a must, and a highly-functional but... Read more
Firefox 44 Gets Official Release And Some New Features
The latest version of Firefox has been officially released, and users should be prepared some new features. According to the changelog Mozilla released for Firefox version 44 everyone’s favorite fox based web browser now has Web Push notifications.  This latest added trick should save users on battery power, and... Read more
200 Wikipedia Editors Back Vote Of No Confidence
Nearly 200 Wikipedia editors have taken an unheard of move and have called for a new member of the Wikimedia Foundation board of directors to be tossed out, by publicly backing a vote of no confidence in the new trustee. With so many Wikipedia editors disgruntled at the apparent lack of foresight... Read more
Police Bodycams Infected With Conficker
Love ’em or hate ’em, there is no question that law enforcement officers have a difficult job. They’re rarely called unless something horrible is going down, they’re the butt of universal jokes, and even worse, a few high-profile bad apples have painted all officers with the same corrupt, power-mongering... Read more
US Military To Create Real Life Cyborg Soldiers
The US military Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have announced the formation of a new research program that will eventually create “cyborg” soldiers capable of connecting and communicating directly with computers. The Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) project will be tasked with designing a human computer interface that will... Read more
Shodan Browser Lets You Spy On Unsecured IoT Devices
Forget the saga of accidentally leaking your webcam to the internet, or that one school where the students’ laptops had a low-jack feature that let the administration spy on them in their bedrooms. Those incidents are mere child’s play compared to the privacy breach that many IoT users are... Read more
Google Paid $1 Billion To Be Apple default iOS Search Engine
Court transcripts leaked to the web last week have revealed that Google allegedly paid Apple $1 billion to become the default search engine of choice for the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser. The figure relates to the amount of money Google handed over in 2014 to gain the... Read more
Novabench Takes The Guess Work Out Of Tech
One of the hardest things for any hands-off tech user to know–whether a private consumer or a corporate client–is if their equipment is up to snuff. There’s a lot of wasted money out there in upgrading components or entire systems, and the result is often a storage closet overflowing... Read more
Hacking The Fortress Of Antivirus Software
Your computer is only as safe as the antivirus software you put in place. What happens when those protections are hacked? As any good 13th century Viking horde knows, you can’t pillage the town without breaking through the village’s defenses, which often started with a giant stone wall and... Read more
Ex Firefox Boss Releases Open Source Ad-Blocking Web Browser In Brave Move
The newly released web browser Brave claims to be ad-free but how true is that? Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla, and also the inventor of JavaScript has unleashed his new brainchild on the internet; an ad-free web browser that automatically blocks tracking cookies, and promises a faster,... Read more
Cyber Activists Write Open Letter Against Software Backdoors
Cyber activists from 42 separate countries have issued an open letter demanding an end to the global government efforts for software developers to deliberately insert software flaws into their programs and create so called ‘backdoors.’ Nearly 200 members of advocacy groups, experts, and tech companies have voiced their concerns... Read more
Twitter Update Leads To Shutdown
You just don’t know how important something is until it’s gone… at least that’s the sentiment from a number of Twitter users who experienced the third shutdown of the social media site in a week’s time. The widely popular site has become such a mainstay of 21st century social... Read more
Organized Criminals Now Have Productivity Software
Don’t you just hate it when your crime spree numbers are down due to lack of organization among your team members? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a desktop application or mobile app to help streamline your productivity when it comes to hurting others and destroying lives? If... Read more
The Worst Passwords Of 2015 Revealed: People Still Using 123456!
And so here we are fresh into 2016, almost a fifth of the way into the 21st Century. The internet and the world wide web are a part of everyday life. We can land a robot on a comet, and we can talk on Skype with someone speaking a... Read more
Skype Translator Now Supports 7 Languages
Microsoft promised that Skype would soon deliver a real time translation service. Now it has. The downside? It’s only available in Windows, for now anyway. Yes, that’s right. Skype Translator has been officially released to the public.  Users of Skype on Windows can now hold voice-to-voice conversations with another... Read more
iOS Glitch Lies About Your Phone’s Dead Battery
What is it with software bugs and our battery life? Can’t we just have unlimited power–not the “take over the world” kind, but at least the “make my phone work” kind? Much like the previous Google Nest announcement that a software bug in the recent December update caused Nest... Read more
IBM Unveils Dynamic Pricing To Help Retailers Adjust Prices Intelligently
IBM, the 114-year-old American multinational technology company, has introduced a new cloud service called ‘Dynamic Pricing,’ aimed at ensuring retailers are selling their products at the most competitive rate going. The idea of Dynamic Pricing is a deceptively simple concept.  IBM’s new cloud service is designed to give retailers... Read more
Why Can’t We Get Education Software Right?
It never fails. A government agency–like a department or ministry of education, whether at the local, state, or federal level–introduces a new software system that is supposed to streamline the workload, make instant access to information possible, and increase efficiency. Just like all the other titles that have come... Read more