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Google Buys Nest From Alphabet…But Why?
It’s always fun to speculate every time Major Corporation A buys Huge Technological Thing from Major Corporation B, especially since so much of the reasoning depends on top-secret, forward-thinking projections that neither corporation can make public due to investor considerations. So, that makes Google’s purchase of Nest from Alphabet... Read more
Dropbox Logins And Passwords Stolen…4 Years Ago
The popular cloud storage firm DropBox has been hacked and the details of 68 million of its users’ emails and login passwords have been dumped onto the internet for the whole world to see. The hack, which took place in 2012…wait a minute, 2012? Let me just check that.... Read more
Hackers Breach US State Election Boards
In the Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis comedy “The Campaign,” the quintessential good guy loses the election. He bemoans the results by saying he doesn’t understand what happened since he was ahead in the polls. The POV switches to the stickers on the voting machines; they were made by the victorious... Read more
Facebook Changes WhatsApp Privacy Rules Despite Promises Not To
Facebook’s hope that it could relax the privacy policy of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, without kicking up a fuss, hasn’t worked, and has caused a worldwide backlash.   When Facebook bought out WhatsApp for $19 billion back in 2014, the encrypted messaging app’s CEO Jan Koum said,... Read more
Asia Business Worst For Cybersecurity Globally
According to a report by US security company Mandiant, Asian businesses are the most poorly defended in the world against cybersecurity attacks. The yearlong study identified the fact that cybersecurity breaches, on average took almost three times as long to be discovered compared to the global average. While businesses... Read more
Apple Issues Patch For Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Apple has issued a warning to its customer base, urging them to update their devices’ iOS to include a new patch that stops three recently discovered zero-day vulnerabilities. For most of us, that probably amounts to blocking someone from infiltrating our Facebook accounts, but the reality of the flaws... Read more
Russian “Pizza Hacker” Found Guilty In US Court
Roman Seleznev, the son of a prominent Russian politician, and fabled “Pizza Hacker,” has been convicted in a US court of hacking into U.S. businesses, mainly in the Washington area, to steal credit card information in an international online theft scheme that netted him millions of dollars before he... Read more
Gene Study Errors Confirm: Scientists Suck At Excel
For the majority of individuals and businesses worldwide, Microsoft Excel is the go to spreadsheet software, and everyone from students to trillion dollar enterprises use the software every day. But now, Microsoft Office’s spreadsheet package is being blamed for errors in academic papers by scientists.  In fact, according to... Read more
Instagram Launches “Stories,” And It’s No Snapchat
Okay, that headline was mildly misleading. Instagram has launched its very own Stories option (literally, as in, it’s actually called Stories) just like Snapchat, and in almost every way, it works and functions exactly like Snapchat. It’s so much like Snapchat, in fact, that it didn’t bother coming up... Read more
IObit Uninstaller Saves Windows 10 Users
The rollout of Windows 10 was interesting, to say the least. While a lot of Microsoft devotees eagerly anticipated the new operating system before its launch, the reality of it left a lot of tech users reaching for their torches and pitchforks. They felt arm-twisted into accepting automatic updates... Read more
Back To School Cybersecurity Tips
It may seem hard to believe, but summer’s almost over and the new school year is already here. While students prepare for the upcoming term by stocking up on supplies and scrambling to finish their summer reading assignments, there’s someone else who’s excited by the new school year: scammers... Read more
Ashley Madison Security Investigation: “Unacceptable shortcomings” Report Finds
Privacy watchdog investigating the now infamous Ashley Madison data hack of July 2015 reports that the website used inadequate security systems and conned users into thinking it was more secure than it actually was. The report released this week stated that Avid Life Media, the Canadian based owners of... Read more
Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Webcams Globally
Microsoft’s big first anniversary update (the biggest update since it launched last year) for its flagship OS, Windows 10, has come under for fire for causing certain types of webcams to freeze and be unusable.   The problem seems to reside in the way that Microsoft have made changes to the... Read more
What’s Wrong With Education Software
For the purposes of this article, there’s an important distinction between “educational” software and “education” software. “Educational” software refers to the tools that students and learners at any level use to supplement their instruction, whether in a classroom of on their own. “Education” software is the term applied to... Read more News Site To Close Soon
The news site will shut down next week, just days after its parent company was purchased by Univision. will not continue to operate under its new owners, bringing a sudden and sad ending to one of the most controversial and contentious digital media websites of modern times.... Read more
Court Rules Against WebWatcher Spying Software
The developer of an internet monitoring software has lost in an appeal filed by plaintiffs suing the company for invasion of privacy, according to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Awareness Technologies, creators of WebWatcher, had successfully filed to dismiss the lawsuit brought about by Javier Luis of Florida,... Read more
Cisco Lays Off 5500 workers As Company Shifts To Cloud
Cisco Systems Inc has announced it will lay-off around 5,500 employees over the next 12 months; a large proportion of the network equipment maker’s global workforce. Earlier credible reports had indicated that up to around 20%, or 14,400, jobs were to go, inciting controversy that the company may have... Read more
Arrest Made In Sage Data Breach
Agencies like the Identity Theft Resource Center, which first started tracking data breaches in 2005, have shown that the numbers have set new records almost every single year for the sheer volume of attacks and consumer records exposed. Security experts have found that no industry is immune to data... Read more