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Blackberry To Stop Making Phones
Blackberry, once the market leader when it came to business mobile phone solutions has announced it will stop designing and manufacturing smartphones. The company has struggled to compete with smartphone competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android based solution. The Blackberry phone will most probably be remembered for its... Read more
Startup Producing A Viable All-In-One Solar Panel
Alternative energy is a real head-scratcher. Very few people doubt the benefits of clean energy and the need for…never mind, forgot the US Presidential debates were on last night. It turns out a large number of people actually doubt the benefits of clean energy. But moving on. Yes, clean... Read more
Moscow Dumps Microsoft

Moscow Dumps Microsoft

EmailNews September 29, 2016

Moscow has announced that it is to begin moving the email software on thousands of the city’s computers away from Microsoft towards home grown options. The city is to start by removing Microsoft Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook on 6,000 computers. According to a report by, email systems... Read more
Microsoft Working To Cure Cancer
Forbes magazine’s Gene Marks may have said it best: “Microsoft announced that it’s going to cure cancer. I’m assuming they’ll do this after my Window 10 upgrade problems get repaired, of course.” And sure, the people who brought you not only the Windows 10 rollout debacle but Windows Vista... Read more
Germany Says Nein To WhatsApp Data Collection By Facebook
The National Data Protection Authority in Germany has moved to block the recent privacy changes made by Facebook regarding the collection of data from the recently acquired WhatsApp messenger. German authorities have also ordered Facebook to delete any of the data it has already collected for an estimated 35... Read more
Yahoo Hack Proves Passwords Aren’t The Only Target
When large-scale data breaches and hacking events first became headline news, thieves were after credit card information, debit card accounts, and other payment details. But the problem with that type of low-hanging fruit is it’s all too easily changed. Within moments of the first fraudulent transaction–if it even goes... Read more
Google Turns 18 But Nobody Seems Sure Of Actual Date
Anyone using Google today will probably have noticed that the new balloon themed doodle as the company officially marks its 18th birthday. The doodle depicts Google’s ‘G’ blowing up a balloon, shaping the rest of the ‘oogle,’ but then blowing it up too much and then being carried off... Read more
Is Apple Held To A Higher Standard?
As tech companies go, Apple is certainly outside the norm. Its cash-on-hand balance notwithstanding–an amount that surpasses the GOP of quite a few countries–the company has managed to weather the storms over the years and survive in an industry where Silicon Valley startups come and go before the ink... Read more
Stripe Reimagines The Concept Of Payday
In the world of mobile wallets, instant payment systems, and accessories that let you swipe a customer’s credit card through your smartphone or tablet, there’s one segment of the retail population that has so far gone unloved: the wage earners. With access to instant forms of payment, one company... Read more
YouTube Offers Reward To Community For Reporting Videos
YouTube wants heroes! Yes, yes it does. No really, it does… This is the news that YouTube has decided to launch a new way of moderating the public content on the site by encouraging users to sign up and become a YouTube Hero… The announcement may come as something of... Read more
2014 Cyber Attack On Yahoo Hit 500 Million Users
Yahoo has admitted that a cyber-attack that took place in 2014 stole data from around 500 million user accounts, 300 million more than it originally admitted to in August. The news broke a new record for what may be the largest publicly disclosed hack in history. Information accessed and... Read more
Nokia Fiber Breakthrough Could Mean Terabit Download Speeds For All
Researchers at Nokia have managed to successfully reach stable internet speeds of up to one terabit per second by using a new transmission technique for data. In real terms that makes the Nokia effort about one thousand time faster than Google’s own fiber broadband, currently rated for a maximum... Read more
Microsoft Back In Court Against A Known Pirate
One of the universal truths about civil litigation is that you can’t get blood from a turnip. The old phrase refers to the practice of suing the “bigger fish,” such as suing the entire fast food chain for the actions of a lowly hourly wage employee, because being awarded... Read more
Samsung Updating Note 7 Whether You Like It Or Not
When it comes to product recalls, consumer response can be sluggish. Take the low turnout in Seoul recently, in which only a small percentage of Samsung Note 7 users showed up to exchange their smartphones (aka, “fire starter”). But Samsung owners in one regional market are either going to... Read more
Google’s New Chat App Allo Is Here…But With Less Privacy Than Previously Advertised
Say Hello to Allo, Google’s answer to WhatsApp, Viber and a host of other similar apps. It was only four months ago that Google announced two new communication apps; Duo for video calling, which launched last month, and Allo which is fresh on the market this week.   And... Read more
Featured Software: Password Boss
There’s a universal truth about passwords: they suck. More specifically, it’s tech users who kinda suck at coming up with passwords. Why? Because it’s annoying, or because it’s time consuming, or more likely, because there’s this little belief that hacking won’t happen to them. But with record setting numbers... Read more
Calls For Edward Snowden To Be Pardoned, Punished
Perhaps one of the most polarizing figures in recent years is Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor who leaked classified information to journalists following his attempts to convince the government that what they were doing violated people’s rights and civil liberties. Now, nearly four years after the carpet was... Read more
HP Printers Reject 3rd Party Ink Cartridges
Many HP Printer owners using 3rd party (cheaper) ink cartridges came in for a shock last week when they found that their printers started to not recognise the ink and began throwing up error messages.  On September 13th, a firmware update, apparently released in March of this year became... Read more