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Software Makes Telemarketers More Human
New real-time software based on AI and machine learning data helps customer service and marketers come across as more ‘human’. From telemarketing calls to customer service reps, having to deal with human phone support has become a cultural meme on its own. With the popular ban on telemarketers through... Read more
Celebrity Account Hacker Jailed
A Chicago man has been sentenced to jail for his part in the “Celebgate” hacking scandal of 2014. Edward Majerczyk, 29, was accused of organising a high-level phishing scheme that tricked victims into giving him usernames and passwords. Majerczyk, wasn’t charged or accused of selling or posting the material... Read more
Trump Threatens Privacy Shield Agreement
Decision will affect personal privacy and risks impacting on Silicon Valley tech giants. There has been a flurry of executive order activity coming from the White House in the few days that the new leader has taken power, and the lightning speed with which these orders are flying off... Read more
China’s Great Firewall Cracks Down On VPNs
The Chinese government has tightened its grip on the country’s internet. Chinese authorities have announced a 14-month long campaign that will target the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), and make it harder for its own citizens to visit unsanctioned and unapproved websites that criticise the Chinese government. The Ministry of... Read more
Trump Inauguration Breaks Live Streaming Records
Here Are Some Viewing Stats The New President Won’t Have To Defend. While Donald J Trump’s public ascendancy to President of the United States of America may – or may not – have gathered quite as many people as Barack Obama’s inauguration, it did manage to break records when... Read more
Imaging Software Detects Cancer With Human Accuracy
Research by Stanford University could be a game changer in skin cancer detection. The medical industry faces a horrible conundrum. It’s not just the ever-increasing costs, obstacles preventing access to quality care, and lack of patient awareness, either. Too often, issues that could have been treated with a better... Read more
Dutch Web Developer Stole From Customers Using Custom Scripts
Up to 20,000 email accounts may have been hacked after a rogue web developer deliberately left backdoors in the sites he created, that only he could access. The 35-year-old Dutch national from the town of Leeuwarden, used the personal information stolen from customers to open gambling accounts, convince friends and relatives... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Scams To Watch Out For On Amazon, WhatsApp And PayPal
Online fraud is on the rise and we’re all at risk… You’re too smart to be caught out by a scam, right? We probably all think it could never happen to us, but the fact is online fraud is on the rise – affecting millions of people around the... Read more
Update Your iOS Device Now
Latest iPhone Software Update ‘Addresses Some Serious Problems’ Apple released its iOS 10.2.1 recently, and many users probably hit “remind me later” more than a few times. But a new report on the content of the update sheds a little light on it: you should probably update this one... Read more
First Mac Malware Of 2017 Detected
Antivirus Software Maker Spots Apple MacOS Vulnerability Named Quimitchin by Malwarebytes and called Fruitfly by Apple, the ‘new’ back door may actually have been lurking in the background of macOS for years, taking advantage of vulnerabilities in code that hasn’t been updated since the late 1990s, according to the... Read more
Create High-Quality PDFs with PDFelement
The latest version of PDFelement by Wondershare promises great quality and ease of use. There are a lot of PDF editing apps out there, and they all make big claims about user friendliness and seamless conversion. Unfortunately, a lot of them also fall very short of their claims. PDFelement,... Read more
Twitter Forces Users To Follow Trump
Apology from Twitter after 500,000 users made to follow @POTUS In a major transition of power “oops,” Twitter accidentally forced more than half a million people to follow Donald Trump’s new @POTUS account when it made the shift from being President Barack Obama’s @POTUS account. The well-intentioned yet seriously... Read more
US libraries hit by ransomware attack
Libraries across St Louis gradually regaining control of computer systems following malware attack. Criminals have hacked into the systems of 17 libraries throughout the city of St Louis in America, disabling them and demanding a ransom. According to a report by the BBC, all services are now being restored following... Read more
Former Google VP Hugo Barra returning to Silicon Valley
Google’s ex VP of Android product to leave Chinese phone maker Xiaomi How times have changed… When a major executive in an international tech company was leaving a post, the news used to be shared with formal press releases issued to major news outlets. Instead, Hugo Barra chose to... Read more
Zuckerberg: Facebook Didn’t Steal VR Tech From Rival
CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies allegations Facebook stole Oculus VR tech from rival Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied allegations that Facebook stole its Oculus virtual reality technology from a rival firm when he took the witness stand in a Dallas courtroom. Video game publisher ZeniMax Media Inc. claim that Oculus... Read more
Anonymous Declares War On Trump
Hacktivist group Anonymous turns attention to Donald Trump If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end like some people feared. Yes, the US Presidential inauguration may have gone ahead as planned, but the Y2K-like predictions of planes falling from the sky did not. One group, however, has threatened to spend... Read more
Facebook Germany To Tackle Fake News Ahead Of Election
Facebook has announced plans that it will introduce new measures to reduce the dissemination of fake news stories in Germany ahead of this September’s national elections. The move comes hot on the heels of last November’s US Presidential election where ‘Fake News’ shared on social media sites has been... Read more
New Software Lets Police Disable Smartphones
The new phone software initiative is aimed at fighting crime, but can also be used on police say so. In one of those “it’s happening over there but it could works its way here” cases, police in Pakistan are facing intense scrutiny and pressure to reduce the street crime rate,... Read more