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Nokia 3310 Relaunches 17 Years After Original Release
The legendary Nokia 3310 brick is back, and don’t panic, it still has Snake. The new and updated version of Nokia’s iconic handset, which was famous for being as indestructible as it was useful, was re-unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on Sunday. More than 126 million... Read more
Cloudflare Leak Exposes Usernames And Passwords
Dormant bug threatens security of over 4.2 million domains. Thanks to the record-setting numbers of data breaches that have exposed literally hundreds of millions of consumer records, your chances of having someone use your identifying information against you are pretty good. But sometimes the culprit isn’t some hoodie-clad hacker in... Read more
Russian Military Announces Significant Cyber War Effort Increase
Russia has announced plans to increase spending on its armed forces, and the creation of a new branch of its armed forces to focus on information warfare, the country’s defence minister has said. Declaring increases to spending on more troops, missiles and planes, the Russian defence minister, Sergey Shoygu,  said... Read more
GeoFence Software Grounds Drones Around President
Drones are a no-go when Trump is around! Even as drone technology evolves at lightning pace, the regulations surrounding drones are still being resolved. Amazon’s highly anticipated drone delivery system was initially stalled almost out of the gate due to new restrictions on “line of sight” operation, distances payloads... Read more
Windows 10 Privacy Still Cause For Concern, Says EU
New update changes are welcome say European Union privacy watchdogs, but still do not go far enough Microsoft has found itself facing an investigation by European privacy regulators over concerns  done enough to address issues surrounding the collection and processing of user data, despite a series of changes to... Read more
Word From Our Editor: Tech Prices Take Advantage Of World Politics
Apple, Dell, Microsoft and now Sonos. The list of those profiting from global events keeps growing. We live in constantly changing and uncertain times. From Brexit to the American election, there’s been massive upheaval in the political, and economic, landscape for many months now. And these politico-economic changes appear... Read more
Yahoo and Verizon Agree $350,000,000 Price Cut
US telecoms giant Verizon has reached a deal with Yahoo to buy the company’s core internet business for $350m less than originally agreed. Verizon announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to buy Yahoo’s core internet business for a final figure of $4.48 billion. This is lower than the... Read more
Google And Microsoft To Relegate Piracy Search Results In The UK
Two of the world’s leading search engines, Google and Bing have pledged to make it harder for internet users to find pirated content. Both Google and Microsoft have entered the voluntary agreement with the British government that will see their respective search engines make piracy websites harder to find... Read more
WhatsApp Adds “Stories”-Like Feature
WhatsApp Status now offers photo-based status updates taken by your phone’s camera, as well as the ability to add text, emojis, decorations, and more! This isn’t your grandmother’s social media anymore, or at least that’s what one company is hoping to project with its newest worldwide rollout. Facebook-owned WhatsApp... Read more
New Hacking Method Goes After Hardware, Not Software
A Dutch team discover a new hacking method but are the big tech companies listening? There’s chilling news coming from a Dutch team of security researchers who discovered a brand-new method of cyberattack. Typical hacking attempts require installing malicious code on a computer then trying to find where that... Read more
Avast Launch 2017 Software Line-Up
Publisher unveils four security and anti-virus titles. Security and anti-virus publisher Avast, has revealed its latest programs in the on-going war against the internet’s bad guys. Its line-up for 2017 includes: Avast Free Antivirus; Avast Pro Antivirus; Avast Internet Security; and Avast Premier. The lowdown Avast Free Antivirus Lightweight, state-of-the-art... Read more
Avast Premier Anti-Virus 2017 Reviewed
Ultimate PC security that doesn’t give your PC performance issues. Avast Premier Antivirus is a premium offering from one of the world’s most trusted and well-known brands who have a reputation for excellence. This latest security offering from Avast represents the cutting edge in the fight against malware and... Read more
YouTube To Stop Lengthy “Unskippable” Ads
“Unskippable” ads will be ditched on YouTube – great for viewers but not so good for YouTubers! We all want something for nothing, and in the case of online video content, the trade off is typically annoying popup offers or irritating video ads that play before the desired content.... Read more
Yahoo Announces Breach Due To Forged Cookies
Yahoo customers are left defenceless as hackers bypass passwords thanks to forged cookies. Yahoo has been plagued with problems lately, many of them stemming from years-old data breaches that were only recently discovered and announced. Due to what’s being hailed as the largest data breach in history with more... Read more
Property Management Company Sues Airbnb
Airbnb under fire for incentivising tenants to break the terms of their leases US based Apartment Investment & Management Company (Aimco) responsible for the management and ownership of around 50,000 properties, is suing Airbnb, claiming that the company is wilfully incentivising people to breach their lease agreement. Aimco filed... Read more
US Government Hacked With Its Own Spyware?
Former National Security Administration tech expert tells all. Another day, another news headline concerning hacking of US government accounts, this time with software that specifically targeted Macs and Apple devices, long known for their lower susceptibility to viruses and malware. From the Office of Personnel Management hacking in 2015... Read more
Microsoft Says World Needs Digital Geneva Convention On Cyber Attacks
Microsoft president, Brad Smith, has called for a new international body to protect civilians from state-sponsored government hacking. The original Geneva convention is a set of global agreements designed to protect and regulate the treatment of prisoners of war and civilians during international conflicts. Current Microsoft president, Smith, thinks... Read more
Low-Tech Scam Reaching Bizarre Numbers Of Victims
Tactic is particularly successful with older or less tech-savvy victims. When most of us think of identity theft, fraud, or scams that affect millions of people, we probably envision a darkened basement where sits a hacker in a dark hoodie, his gaunt face washed out by the glow of... Read more