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IoT Dishwasher Has Serious Security Flaw
Vulnerability found in network-connected device from German manufacturer Miele. The internet of things has brought “wave of the future” aspirations to our current tech reality, with much of the devices hitting the market looking for all the world like something out of a Disney EPCOT Center display. Unfortunately, as both tech experts... Read more
Privacy Search Engines And VPN Use On The Rise
Users are taking a stand against increased snooping by authorities.  Thanks to some shady political dealings over the course of the past week, concerned tech users across the US have a renewed focus on privacy. First the US Senate voted along party lines to overturn Obama-era privacy protections, then... Read more
Over Half Of All Pcs Running Out Of Date Software
More than 50% of software installed on PCs including the most popular, critical and security related applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Java and Flash are out of date. That’s according to Avast, anyway, who just released their Avast PC Trends Report January 2017. The report, based on the anonymous data... Read more
Top 5 Best Free Programs To Speed Up Your PC
Tune up your Windows PC with these five great system optimization programs. You buy your new PC and the love affair begins… It’s so fast! With so much memory! This relationship will never go bad! But alas, over time, the shine wears off and your amazing new super-computer starts to slow down.... Read more
Unblock-Us: Smart DNS And VPN For The Masses?
As you’ve probably guessed from the name, Unblock-Us is all about being able to access websites and surf the net by bypassing geographically imposed restrictions on what you can and can’t view. Essentially, it’s a Smart DNS (Domain Name System) service, that allows you to virtually reside in another... Read more
Lawmakers Prove They Don’t Know How The Internet Works
Part of the puritanical online censorship bill aims to end prostitution. One US state is the most recent to fall in line with party politics while simultaneously proving they don’t know how the internet works. A lawmaker in Alabama has proposed legislation that will require all internet-capable devices sold within the... Read more
DoubleAgent Attacks Can Take Down Any Software
New Zero-Day vulnerability can inject custom verifier into antivirus code. As if tech users and IT departments didn’t have enough to worry about, a new form of Windows-based attack has been uncovered. Researchers at Cybellum discovered the Zero-Day attack that they’re calling DoubleAgent due to its mechanism of exploiting the... Read more
What The US Vote On ISP Privacy Really Means
Vote tackles controversial internet privacy rules enacted under the Obama administration. There’s a vote happening today in the House of Representatives, one that’s expected to overturn some sweeping, controversial internet privacy rules that were enacted under the Obama administration. Sadly, the measure has already passed the Senate in a... Read more
Lack Of Software Talent Costing US Businesses
Report by Trilogy Education points to high price for talent drain.  The need for quality software engineers has plagued US tech companies for some time. The issue has even become highly politicized due to the recent attempts at banning travel by individuals from certain regions, regardless of their legal... Read more
Microsoft To End All Windows Vista Support On April 11
Less than two weeks before Windows Vista officially reaches ‘end of life’. On April 11, 2017, more than 10 years after Microsoft officially launched Windows Vista, the much-maligned operating system that no one ever seemed to really like, will cease to receive any further technical support by Microsoft. Haven’t I... Read more
Multi-State Data Breach Linked To Labor Boards
America’s JobLink (AJL) system affected by security incident. As if trying to find a job online isn’t stressful enough, new reports of a multi-state employment website data breach have surfaced. Residents in 10 states – Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, and Vermont – may have... Read more
Apple Reportedly Targeted With Ransom Demand
Turkish Crime Family reportedly contacted Apple saying it had taken around 300 million iCloud accounts. Ransomware attacks against businesses are on the rise, according to multiple sources, mostly because they’re effective. Medical facilities and schools have been hit hard in the past year because the ransom is minor compared to the... Read more
Google Home Treats Users To Ads Without Permission
The curious case of the Disney ad that’s not an ad… Google Home users are accustomed to snippets of requested information, but a recently reported story that has been verified by other users smells of something a little too “commercial.” In the past week, users have reported an additional... Read more
Phishing Scam Tricked Two US Tech Firms Into Wiring Over $100m
A Lithuanian man has been charged with defrauding two major US tech companies of $100 million via an email phishing scam. In a statement issued this week, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) said that Lithuanian native, Evaldas Rimasauskas masterminded a sophisticated  phishing scheme that over the course of two years... Read more
Microsoft Finalises Windows 10 For China
Microsoft (MS) has completed its government approved, specially adapted version of Windows 10 for the Chinese market. Windows 10 is already widely available for domestic use in China. But crucially for Microsoft, it is banned for use on government systems. Given the way that China operates as a country, this... Read more
The CIA, The Zero-Day Cisco Telnet Vulnerability, And WikiLeaks Vault 7
CIA apparently knew and used zero-day Telnet vulnerability affecting up to 300 switches. Cisco has warned customers that the Vault 7 files obtained by WikiLeaks contains critical device-affecting data on a vulnerability that could be affecting up to 300 of the company’s switches. As a result, users have been advised... Read more
Top 5 Alternative Browsers
For many, the web browsers pre-loaded onto our PCs and Macs are perfectly fine. They do everything we need, and after all, they’re the ones recommended by the manufacturers, right? Well, an increasing number of users are turning their backs on the pre-installed choices of Microsoft and Apple, instead... Read more
System Mechanic – The Essential PC Performance Package
We review iolo Technology’s PC tune-up software. If your PC isn’t running like it used to, it might be time for a tune-up. Unlike your car, though, iolo has a DIY tool for the more experienced user that will let you optimize your booting and application speeds, thwart some... Read more