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The Robot Will See You Now: AI Doctor App Takes Next Step
Babylon Health app aims to help machines and medics co-operate, not compete. Regardless of location, political system, or government oversight, healthcare systems around the world are in a state of crisis. The US is deeply entrenched in a political give-and-take during which everyday citizens’ healthcare costs are the gambling... Read more
Driverless Cars Set For UK Motorways Trials In 2019
A consortium of British companies known as ‘Driven,’ has unveiled a plan to test driverless cars on UK roads and motorways by 2019. Despite the advances and trials taking place in other parts of the world by the likes of Google, Ford, and Tesla to do with autonomous self driving... Read more
Outgoing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer To Get $186m Severance, For Failing.
Marissa Mayer’s reign saw security breaches, declining market share and falling revenues. What price for presiding over record breaking security breaches, poor business decisions, falling market share and revenues? About $186 million, actually, if you happen to be Marissa Mayer, the outgoing CEO of former Internet titan, Yahoo. Despite... Read more
Top 5 Free VPNs
Increase online privacy and cover your tracks with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you value your online privacy, security, and want to keep potential snoopers at bay, then a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is exactly the piece of software you need. They work by creating a private internet... Read more
Qualtrics Tech ‘Unicorn’ Raises $180M And Valued At $2.5 Billion
Qualtrics latest round of funding marks huge leap forward for experience management tech company founded in 2002. The software company, which is part of Salt Lake City’s growing tech scene, said last week that it  had raised $180 million at a valuation of $2.5 billion. The new financing round... Read more
Netflix Signs Deal In China
Deal is in conjunction with existing Baidu-backed streaming service iQiyi. Netflix, has announced a major plus for its Asian operations: a deal with China. This is a turnaround from its CEO’s comment only last October that there had been no change in the company’s ability to get government approval for streaming. So what... Read more
Tor Browser: Private And Anonymous Browsing Made Simple
Easy to use software for online privacy, anonymity and security. Tor Browser is perhaps the single most accessible piece of software you can use to keep your online activities private and anonymous, while at the same time enhancing your security. It’s also incredibly easy to use, using as it does, a... Read more
Teenage Hacker Jailed For Masterminding Attacks Against Sony and Microsoft
Sentenced to two years as the ‘mastermind’ behind global malware created and sold from his bedroom. Adam Mudd, from Hertfordshire, England, was only 16 when he created the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Titanium Stresser program in 2013. The malware he designed was responsible for carrying out more than... Read more
Uber Violates Privacy… Again
Uber reportedly ‘tracked iPhones to stop fraud’. A recent and highly in-depth New York Times article has shed new light on both the latest discovery in Uber’s privacy faux pas, and on how the company’s founder views all rules… namely, that they simply don’t apply. Apple tell Uber what’s what The article centers... Read more
Google Home Gets Creepy With Invasive Advertising
Burger King ad ‘speaks’ to viewers’ Google Assistant-powered smart speaker. The jury is still out on consumer perceptions surrounding in-home AI devices. While some estimates put Amazon’s Echo sales around 8 million US units so far, there are currently no solid numbers around the competing Google Home device. Some users love... Read more
Bose Sued For $5M Over Consumer Data
User lawsuit claims audio app logged his actions without permission.  Another day, another privacy allegation – at least that’s how it feels from the news headlines. This time, it’s audio device manufacturer Bose, who’s being sued for $5 million US over allegations that its app records users’ listening preferences... Read more
Apple Back On The Road With Self-Driving Cars
Is tech giant back in the autonomous vehicle game? Late last year, Apple announced it was cutting back on its ambitious plans to join the self-driving car craze. At the time, the company explained it wasn’t abandoning its projects, but would instead be focusing more on developing the software... Read more
Mastercard Unveils Fingerprint Sensor On Its Cards
New biometric security feature draws power from card readers. File this one under “futuristic ideas that had great intentions, but could go horribly wrong.” Mastercard has conducted trials and now rolled out a version of its cards that contain a fingerprint sensor right on the card. The mechanism draws... Read more
Hajime “Benign” Worm Infects Thousands Of IoT Devices
Tech experts puzzled by intentions of hacker. Security researchers are stumped by a newly discovered worm that has infected thousands of connected devices, including wireless routers, home WiFi-enabled security cameras, DVRs, and more. The worm, called Hajime, seems to have no attack code, but does display a message to... Read more
Microsoft Edge Edges Out Other Browsers In Battery Test – Again
Microsoft claims Edge browser lasts longer and uses less power than the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox; beating Chrome by three hours andd Firefox by almost five! Microsoft says that a device running its Edge browser will last almost 80% longer than Firefox, and 35% longer than Chrome. Microsoft puts... Read more
Firefox 53 Finally Released: Drops Support For Windows Vista And XP
Upside is that latest browser release should boost performance and reduce crashes. Sadly, yet probably inevitably, support for Windows XP and Vista is no more. That’s right it’s gone, and it won’t be coming back. The Firefox browser was one of the last browsers to still support the older... Read more
Top 5 Best Free Photo Editors
Transform your pictures with these great free image editors. Whether you’re addicted to taking quick pics on your mobile phone, or are a DSLR purist, in pursuit of the perfect photograph, your images can look even better with this line-up of fantastic free photo editing software. Features that used... Read more
Malwarebytes Detail The Evolving Threat And Rise Of Cerber Cyber Ransomware
Report details the worrying rise and continued growth of Cerber based ransomware, but the almost total disappearance of Locky… Misunderstanding and lack of knowledge puts users at serious risk. So, yes, you can probably all guess what Malwarebytes big conclusion is already, and you’d be right. Because it’s the same one... Read more