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Confirmed: Europe’s Mars Schiaparelli Lander Crashed Due To Software Glitch
Series of errors, miscommunication between developers and unforeseen circumstances resulted in the parachute being released too early. Yes, that’s right the main reason Europe’s Schiaparelli Mars lander failed to touch down safely on Mars last year was due to software. Conflicting data as the craft descended through the Mars... Read more
DivX 10.8.2: The Universal Video Player And Video Converter Everyone Should Have
While the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, DivX 10.8.2 is still pretty much the first and last word in powerful and free video converters. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that DivX is so much more. In fact one of the best things about the... Read more
US May Extend Laptop Flight Ban Worldwide Says Top Official
Authorities are considering extending the laptop flight ban from cabin baggage on all international flights. In an interview on Fox News Sunday, US Head of Homeland Security, John Kelly, said the United States planned to “raise the bar” on airline security, including the increasing the use of technology used... Read more
Does Intel Have An 18-Core Processor Secret?
Expect massive leap from 10-core processor soon with Intel Core i9-7980XE processor. Ah, the good old days when tech fans drooled over a dual-core processor… we were so young and innocent then (and by then we mean somewhere around 2012). Now, a huge trove of leaked information points directly to an 18-core... Read more
Combining Attacks To Steal Windows Credentials
Security researcher was able to create an SCF file based on a URL. Just when you thought Microsoft’s recent Windows security patch following the WannaCry attack was going to keep you protected for a while, a new announcement lands in your inbox. This one, which relies on a combination... Read more
Nostalgic Nokia 3310 Reboot Sells Out
But was the 3310 ever that good, or is it just a case of style over substance?   Since becoming the story of the Mobile World Congress back in February, anticipation has been high for the updated return of the 3310 to our streets. The Finnish company behind the nostalgia buzz,... Read more
Ford Ups Its Infotainment Game With Android Auto And CarPlay
Android Auto works off the drivers’ own Android device.  As cars become more and more high-tech, automakers are competing to entice drivers with new features and convenience measures. Following Audi’s recent concept demonstration of its in-car Android integration at the Google I/O event, Ford has announced its own Android-based... Read more
Buying A New MacBook? Apple Says You Are
Apple’s sneaky strategy to replace your Mac laptop Longtime i-Something owners can attest to a common practice from Apple, and that’s the ongoing release of new versions of old hardware. The iPhone and iPads specifically release new models that come with key changes and upgrades, and even if you’re not... Read more
Top 5 CRM Software
Track leads, convert prospects, and retain customers with these great CRM solutions. Running a successful business isn’t easy, so a quality customer relationship management (CRM) tool is vital. They allow you to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, helping to improve business relationships, assist... Read more
Audi Introduces Fully Integrated In-Car Android System
Car maker points to future of in-car entertainment. Hold on, it’s just a concept car for now, but that doesn’t mean the auto industry isn’t abuzz with excitement over Audi’s Q8 sport concept platform. The vehicle, showcased last week at Google’s I/O event, features a fully integrated Android operating... Read more
Audials One – Record the Internet
Audials One 2017 is the complete solution for capturing radio channel content, songs, and videos from the internet at large. You can choose to listen or watch later whether you have an internet connection or not. It may just change the way you use the internet – forever! Sounds... Read more
HPE Unveils ‘World’s Largest’ Single Memory Computer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has built the largest single-memory computing system in the world at 160TB of RAM. To put this into perspective, 160 terabytes (TB) of Random Access Memory (RAM), is roughly the same amount of memory contained within 80,000 of the latest iPhones! Simply known as ‘The Machine’, the 160TB computer... Read more
Twitter Changes Privacy Terms And Advertising Model
Updated privacy policy will allow targeted ads. In many ways, internet advertising is a necessary consequence of life online. Most users understand it’s the price we all pay for great websites and online tools without having to pay much for the privilege. (NOTE: that doesn’t stop the internet hoaxes from... Read more
Save 55 Percent On Panda Antivirus And Anti-Ransomware
Protect your computer for less with this great security software deal. WannaCry was just the latest in a spate of high-profile cyber-attacks that are growing in size, damage and frequency. So it’s no surprise that keeping your PC safe from hacking and infection is an increasing concern for everyone. Luckily, the... Read more
HP ‘Fixes’ Keylogger That Shipped With Laptops
Tech giant points finger of blame squarely at third party developer. Hewlett Packard has been forced to admit that keylogger software has been present in audio drivers installed in their laptops since 2015. The flaw was discovered by Swiss security research company Modzero.  The keylogging aspect of the driver was... Read more
Panic Software Founder Victim Of A Malware Attack
Steven Frank compromised through infected version of Handbrake app. Mildly misleading headlines aside, this isn’t about pointing fingers at people who should know better. In fact, it’s the opposite: if someone with this level of technological and computing know-how can become a victim of a malware attack, then anybody... Read more
Cyber Security Stocks Surge After Wannacry Ransomware Scare
Shares in publicly traded cyber-security firms have risen sharply following attack. Tech companies specializing in security and network safety have pretty much all received a substantial bounce since the Wannacry ransomware went global last week. But then that’s hardly surprising. The scale of Wanancry means that governments and companies... Read more
WannaCry Infects IoT Medical Devices
Equipment made by Bayer and Siemens vulnerable too. In the era of constant connectivity, Internet of Things devices reign supreme. They’ve been working their way into our daily lives at rapid pace while eager consumers snap them up. Televisions, kitchen appliances, security cameras, thermostats… there’s an ever-growing list of... Read more