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Apple Defends Claims That It Violated Consumer Law
Case brought against Apple in Australia by ACCC. Consumer protection laws are tricky, and as such they can vary widely from one international market to another. Apple is learning that the hard way after investigators in Australia claim the company violated the protections already in place for the public.... Read more
Court Rules Google Must Block Some Search Results
Canada’s Supreme Court ruling latest blow for Google. In the same week that the Alphabet subsidiary was fined a record breaking $2.4bn by European regulators, Canada’s Supreme court ruled that Canadian based courts do have the power to force Google to remove search results worldwide. The possibly groundbreaking ruling... Read more
Amazon Files Patent To Block Comparison Shopping In Its Stores
Applies to its physical bricks and mortar stores. Amazon filed a patent on May 30 to block shoppers in its physical bricks and mortar stores from comparison shopping when they shop there. Considering that comparison shopping is what Amazon have been helping consumers do just that since the day... Read more
Top 5 Alternative PDF Converters And Readers
There’s more to Portable Document Format manipulation than Adobe Acrobat. There’s no getting away from it, Adobe Acrobat is a very good piece of software. But it’s far from the only kid on the block. There are some great alternative PDF converters and readers available, that can be had... Read more
Firefox Creators Mozilla Launch $2M Prize To Decentralize The Web
Initiative could change the face of the internet. No that’s right, the not for profit organization, Mozilla, the same people who created the popular web browser, Firefox, are literally offering $2 million to anyone who can decentralize the internet… And they’ve already started accepting applications for ideas that could make... Read more
Google Hit With Record $2.7bn EU Fine Over Shopping Search Results
Company found to have promoted its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results. Alphabet subsidiary, Google, has been fined a record $2.7bn (£2.1bn; 2.42bn euro) by European Union regulators after they ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top... Read more
Opera Browser 46: Getting Better All The Time
We review the latest stable update of the popular Opera web browser. The latest stable update for Opera browser is here, Opera 46: But is it any good? Well, yes, yes it is, and is definitely a worthy adversary for competitors such as Google Chrome or Firefox.  As you would expect... Read more
Facebook Claims To Hit Back At Terrorism
Promises to take active approach to preventing on-site activity. Another day, another headline about a terrorist attack… but in this digital world we live in, there’s a key player involved that some critics feel really isn’t taking their role seriously. Social media platforms have been under intense scrutiny for... Read more
UK Parliament Hacked By Foreign Operatives
Email accounts of MPs, peers, and staff were compromised during the cyber-attack. In what is already being blamed as a “state sponsored” attack, Britain’s Parliament shut down all access to its email system over the weekend following signs that someone had gained unauthorized access to the system. This event... Read more
Latest Avast Antivirus Features New Ransomware Shield
Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier now offer enhanced security.  In response to the growing dangers of ransomware attacks, the latest premium antivirus updates from security big-hitters Avast, now feature Ransomware Shield. Only available with Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier, Ransomware Shield offers users an added layer of protection beyond... Read more
iPhone 8 Features Rumored Ahead Of Fall Launch
The most accurate sneak peek yet at Apple’s flagship phone. There are already so many rumors swirling about the anticipated launch of the next generation of iPhone, even down to what the device will be called. While most of are habitually referring to it as an 8, other names... Read more
DDoS Attack Hits Skype
Attack by CyberTeam proves DDoS is still a threat. Users who were experiencing frustration with Skype last week took to social media to express their outrage at the communication platform. Now, eating their words, it appears as though hackers may have been to blame for a DDoS attack the took... Read more
Russians Hackers Are “Patriotic” According To Putin
Putin says patriotic Russians may be involved in hacking. Recent announcements have shed new light on the great American election hacking scandal. At the heart of the issue has been intentional collusion between key members of the Republican party and Russian operatives, allegedly working for Vladimir Putin. While that... Read more
Australian Cops Cancel 590 Speeding Tickets In Wake Of WannaCry Attack
Drivers have lucky escape thanks to ransomeware.  Police in Victoria, Australia, have taken the somewhat dramatic step of outright cancelling around 590 fines that were issued from some 55 speed and red-light cameras after it was discovered they had been subject to the WannaCry ransomware attack that plagued computer systems worldwide back in May. Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther made the... Read more
Time’s Running Out On Those Amazon Credits
Deadline to use credits following Apple lawsuit is June 24. If you remember the great digital publishing shakeup a few years ago, you might recall finding a pleasant surprise in your Amazon account. Thanks to collusion between Apple and five of the then Big-Six Publishers (Random House was the... Read more
Top 5 IP And Network Scanners
Scan networks, ports, servers, devices and more. Whether you’re a network administrator who needs detailed insight, a developer, or just a private user with a thirst for knowledge and an interest in security, good IP and Network scanning software can bring real benefits. Check the status of computers and... Read more
Uber CEO Kalanick Resigns
Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick makes his temporary leave of absence permanent and resigns as chief executive. The decision follows six months of almost uninterrupted scandals at the ride-sharing company. Kalanick said in a statement to the New York Times (NYT), “I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult... Read more
Firm Pays Record-Setting $1M Hacker Ransom
Web-hosting firm Nayana pays to unlock frozen computers. The cybersecurity industry has tracked a sizeable increase in the number of ransomware attacks in the past year, ones that have hit both private consumers and businesses alike. Part of the reason for the increase has been attributed to their effectiveness; depending... Read more