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Dubai To Deploy Self Driving Robot Police Car To City Streets
By the end of this year, and not in some far off dystopian Blade Runner like future, Dubai’s police force will have a new recruit bringing law and order to its street; a self-driving car that will “fulfil low-level order enforcement tasks.” But the new vehicles aren’t exactly the... Read more
AlphaBay Goes Bye Bye Thanks To DOJ
The Dark Web just got a little brighter thanks to the takedown of one site. AlphaBay, arguably one of the shadiest sites in a sea of human internet trading refuse, is effectively shuddered thanks to a police operation involving Thai officials acting under orders from the US. Officials arrested... Read more
China To Launch ‘Unhackable’ Quantum Internet Communication
China is currently preparing to launch an internet messaging system that could literally be ‘impossible to hack,’ according to Chinese State officials. The ‘Jinan network’ is set to be launched this August after a long period of sustained and successful tests. What makes this latest attempt at 100% secure communications... Read more
Ransomware Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon, Says Google
New study by Google warns that Ransomware is ‘here to stay’. According to Google, the surge of Ransomware is now an endemic scourge of the internet, and the problems associated with it are only going to get worse. Ransomware has “become a very, very profitable market and is here... Read more
Are Computer Hackers Days Numbered? New Server From IBM Aims To Encrypt Everything
New Z series mainframes will take some beating. IBM claim the 14th generation of its Z series mainframes can encrypt 12 billion transactions a day, and with one click can encrypt the entire contents of a mainframe, making its contents virtually useless to hackers. As data breaches across companies and... Read more
Top 5 Music Players And Managers
Manage your audio files and optimize your music.  You buy a track here and there, and when you’re feeling fancy, maybe even a whole album. Then of course there’s so many great podcasts stream and download… And so you carry on, minding your own business, steadily amassing an enviable... Read more
Wondershare Data Recovery: Great Value Excellent Data Recovery
The safe, reliable and hugely popular data recovery software. With over 6,000,000 downloads to date, there’s 6 million reasons Wondershare Data Recovery is one of the most popular data recovery solutions available on the market today. Of course there are any number of data recovery solutions out there, so... Read more
UK To Launch Age Verification For Porn Websites From 2018
New laws announced by British Government. From 2018, porn websites serving the UK may have to make sure that its users are of an adult age, under new laws announced by the current British government. While the UK government, like many others the world over, have discussed the idea... Read more
Whew! Microsoft Reverses Decision To Kill Paint
The much loved app will live on in the Windows Store. Earlier this week, the internet expressed its collective outrage over an announcement by Microsoft. The news contained a list of programs that would either be killed off entirely or no longer receive updates and support with the rollout... Read more
Zoom Player Max
We review the media player aimed at both novice and power users. IMHO, one of the greatest technological advances for the casual computer user has been the ability to locate new software online, download it, customize it, and then move on to the next great new title if this... Read more
WhatsApp Falling Foul Of Chinese Censors?
Is WhatsApp being censored in China? If news reports and some users in the country are to be believed, it might be. According to the BBC, many users have reported that voice messages and media files such as videos and pictures will no longer send to their intended destinations... Read more
IOBit Release Driver Booster 5 beta
Features new UI and new database architecture for faster driver matching. Driver Booster 5 beta from IOBit is the latest update of its useful tool that helps keep your system up to date. It scans your system automatically after installation and provides you with a comprehensive list of your... Read more
Google Glass Returns, Marketed Exclusively for Business
Alphabet’s Google smart glasses, Google Glass have returned, and it turns out they never really went away… But this time instead of attempting to sell it to the consumer market, the tech giant are selling it directly to industry and business calculating that the new ‘Glass Enterprise Edition’ with... Read more
Hacking The Hoverboard Through A Security Flaw
Number of vulnerabilities found by IOActive security researcher.  Connected devices are a double-edged sword these days. The added convenience and functionality has to be weighed against the security concerns associated with unsecured networks and hacking. One researcher has just discovered that the latest vulnerable tech comes from high-end hoverboards... Read more
Telegram App Takes Down Suspected Terror Communications
Indonesia Blocks Telegram Messaging Service Over Security Concerns. The tech industry has been called upon by multiple sources to step in and take a more active role in thwarting terrorism. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have been loudly criticized for not doing more to curb suspected terrorists’... Read more
Ashley Madison Agrees $11m Deal For US-Based Users
Deal made two years after massive data breach. The Toronto, Canadian based parent company of the now infamous infidelity dating site Ashley Madison has reached a $11.2 million settlement deal with US class action lawsuits, after a massive security breach two years ago that made headlines the world over.... Read more
Tech World marks World Emoji Day With New Emojis For All
New emoticons from Google, Apple, and others including the Unicode Consortium are set to make their debut later this year on a device near you. World Emoji Day took place on July 17th, and to celebrate, companies like Google and Apple took the opportunity reveal the final versions of their... Read more
Dow Jones Suffers An “OverExposure” Breach
Security researcher finds trove of customer information on Amazon S3 hosted server. Experts and advocates like those at the Identity Theft Resource Center have been tracking record-setting numbers of data breaches year after year for over a decade. They’ve been at the forefront of recording these events, through the... Read more