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IObit Uninstaller 7 Reviewed
We put the latest version of this popular system utility through its paces. There’s a lot to like about IObit Uninstaller 7, there really is. As far as effective system utilities for Windows go, IObit Uninstaller is one of the more popular ones out there. It’s fast, it’s clean, efficient,... Read more
Ford Self Driving Cars To Deliver Domino’s Pizza In Michigan
The face of pizza delivery may change forever if new joint experiment in the city of Ann Arbor is successful. The experiment, due to start this September will see selected Domino’s customers being given the option to have their fresh pizza pie delivered by an autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid... Read more
Sarahah ‘Self-Development’ App Steals Your Contacts Data
Researcher catches the app copying his entire address book, in real-time. There has been a lot of news about a compliments-and-criticisms app, which at one point reached number one in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. Essentially, the stated premise of Sarahah – which means “frankness” – is... Read more
New York Cops To Replace 36,000 Windows Phones with iPhones
Move comes just months after the last Windows 8.1 smartphones were delivered to NYPD cops. The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has said it is to replace 36,000 Windows smartphones it handed out to officers over the last 24 months.  The new is hardly surprising, if embarrassing for... Read more
Google Pulls 500 Apps With Secret Spyware Backdoor
Google kills secret plugin download after being alerted by researchers. It’s terrible when an app that collects data in order to target users with advertising turns on you, but that’s exactly what prompted Google to pull 500 apps from the Play Store last week. Those apps, ranging from games... Read more
Uber Board Votes On New CEO
Former Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to take the reins. It’s been a rough few years for Uber. What was hailed as the wave of the future in the space between the typical consumer good and crowdfunding is now synonymous with scandal and legal woes. Following on the heels of... Read more
Uber Keeps Growing Despite Inner Turmoil And Continuing Scandals
Troubled transportation and food delivery giant sees increased bookings and declining loses. Despite multiple accusations of inherent sexual discrimination, a revolving door of resigned executives, dubious legal shenanigans in India, drivers threatening to strike, and being unable to find a new CEO after founder Travis Kalanick was effectively ousted... Read more
Win a copy of IObit Advanced SystemCare!
Optimize your PC’s performance, increase security and block ads with IObit Advanced SystemCare. Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use PC optimization software to clean, optimize, speed up, and protect your system, as well as secure your online privacy. With just one-click you can easily clean up junk files,... Read more
Call Me Crypto: Mayweather Endorses Another ICO
Forget the McGregor fight – Cryptocurrency is where the money’s at. There have undoubtedly been some strange celebrity endorsements over the years, reinforcing the stereotype that famous people are often reduced to just another well-known face with some dollar signs attached. Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal currently peddles bargain basement... Read more
Hype Is Fading For Apple’s Self-Driving Car
Will the long-anticipated vehicle ever hit the roads? Along with our yet to appear jetpacks, citizens of the 21st century were supposed to zip around the highways in self-driving cars. The vehicles were going to make the daily commute safer while making the family vacation far more fun. And... Read more
Faketoken.q Android Trojan Gets A Makeover: Now Stealing Banking Details From Uber
Infamous banking trojan, Faketoken, is back with a bang. A big deal back in 2012, Faketoken has resurfaced and is fast becoming notorious for the recently added fraudulent ransomware features so it can steal sensitive data such as credit card information by masquerading as official app screens. The new... Read more
Bomb Plot In OK Foiled By Fake Technology
FBI sting brings end to attempted bombing. In a move that comes straight out of a comedy sketch, a man in Oklahoma has been arrested for a months-long plot to blow up a branch of the largest chartered bank in the state. Located only half a mile from the... Read more
Fotojet Collage Maker Review: Fun. Powerful. Brilliant. Fun.
Fotojet makes creating collages of your favourite photographs simple and easy, yet produces graphic design quality work with next to no effort on your part. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that give you the most enjoyment. It’s nice when things just work the way you think you... Read more
HBO Hackers Threaten Game Of Thrones Season Finale
GOT hackers have left HBO in little doubt of their intentions, by dumping  social media account passwords on on the web, following the theft of confidential data. In the latest update to HBO’s hacking woes, assailants have threatened to leak the Game of Thrones season finale before it is due to... Read more
Save Those Glasses! Next Eclipse Is In 2024
You too can point at the next eclipse – in just seven years! If you somehow missed the fact that a perfect solar eclipse drew a path across much of the United States yesterday, well, you really should invest in a radio. Eclipse-mania has been a much-talked about topic... Read more
Tech Abandons Trump’s Advisory Councils
Corporate support for POTUS drops further. The headlines have been raging for a few days now concerning various individuals and corporations who are turning their backs on the president, one by one. The entire Arts and Humanities Council resigned with an epic shade-toss of a letter (hint: the first... Read more
Zuckerberg Pledges To Remove Violent Threats From Facebook After Charlottesville
Facebook joins the tech firm taking action against white nationalists and neo-Nazis social media accounts. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has said his company will be ‘watching closely’ and will ‘take down threats of physical harm’, becoming the latest tech firm to take action against white nationalists and... Read more
Verizon Presses Govt For Stricter Individual Privacy
Telecom heavyweight makes a stand on consumer data access.  The telecom giants in the US don’t have the best track record when it comes to consumer privacy. In fact, they’ve typically taken it to opposite extremes, such as turning over cell phone information to the government behind their customers’... Read more