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Bill Gates Chooses Android Over Windows and iPhone
World’s richest main confesses personal cellphone choice. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the man behind Windows has admitted that he no longer uses a Windows phone and has chosen Android over Apple when it comes to his choice of mobile phone. Gates broke the news, albeit somewhat... Read more
Microsoft Close To Releasing Quantum Computer Programming Code
New language is for super-computers that don’t currently exist. Microsoft has revealed that it’s looking to get a head start on the rest of the competition when it comes to quantum computing, with the announcement that it’s to release a new programming language designed to be used with quantum... Read more
Driver Booster 5 Released
Latest version from IObit helps keep your PC optimized and up to date. Driver Booster 5 has been released and promises a number of updates to help keep your computer in tip-top condition, as it scans for and replaces old, faulty, or missing drivers, from its huge database. The... Read more
Equifax Accidentally Tweets Scam Website
Link to bogus site highlights flaws in response to cybersecurity breach. Just when it looked like Equifax was back on top of security, the company goes and points concerned consumers to a scam website that was built to (pretend to) steal their personal data. Unfortunately, it was Equifax’s own... Read more
Bluetooth Vulnerability Is Open Door To Hackers
New BlueBorne attack can access computers, phones, and IoT devices, in seconds. If you build it, they will find a way to exploit it. That’s the feeling in the security industry, where another day means another vulnerability for hackers to use to infiltrate a variety of devices and networks. This... Read more
WPS Office 2016 Personal Edition – The MS Office Alternative That Genuinely Impresses
We review the fully-featured Microsoft Office-compatible productivity suite for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Previously known as Kingsoft Office, WPS is a lightweight yet very practical and powerful office suite, which includes full word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation functionality. You may expect an office suite that’s completely free to somehow... Read more
Trump’s Threats Of War Tank Wall Street Tech Stocks
Sell-off in technology shares hits Nasdaq, as political tensions increase.  Wall Street reported a sharp drop in tech stocks as investors sought to dump some of their stocks in favor of “safe” bets like gold and foreign currency. The reason? North Korea’s foreign minister announced that Trump had actually declared... Read more
WhatsApp Blocked In China, Again
Joins long list of banned digital services including Google, DuckDuckGo, Twitter and SnapChat. News emerges that the WhatsApp messaging app has once again found itself widely blocked across most of mainland China. Sounds familiar? Well, yes, Chinese officials did the same thing in July, but unblocked the service after... Read more
Ethereum Could Match Visa In Scale In Just A Few Years
According to cryptocurrency founder, Vitalik Buterin. Speaking at the recent Tech Crunch Disrupt SF 2017, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency believes that his cryptocurrency has the potential to one day match the likes of Visa, transaction for transaction in certain areas, and even be used to... Read more
Legal Judgment To Shut Down YouTube ‘Ripping’ Site
Settlement reached between and record labels including UMG, Sony Music, and Warner Bros. Internet piracy can take on many forms, and can involve everything from software to ebooks to digital entertainment like movies and music. In the fight against piracy, there’s often little that an individual property rights... Read more
Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On VOIP Apps
Voice Over Internet Protocol services such as WhatsApp, Viber and Skype, to be allowed. Saudi Arabia has announced it is to rescind its current ban on internet phone calls this week, a government spokesman for The Kingdom has said. The news is the latest move by the Saudi government... Read more
Boys Better At Physics Because They ‘Project’, Says Study
A wee tale of interesting findings by academics in Scotland and Australia.  The proverbial residents of Social Media Land have ignited a firestorm of indignity over new “research” (quotation marks added to question the validity of the study) that claims boys are better at physics for one very mundane... Read more
You Can Now Pay ‘By Vein’ For Groceries
A London supermarket has begun trialling a new biometric payment system that uses the unique vein pattern in fingertips to pay for goods. The Costcutter supermarket at the prestigious Brunel University in London, is the new test-bed for this biometric payment system that allows customers to check out with... Read more
Google Signs $1.1bn Deal With HTC
Search giant in return to smartphone manufacturing. Google and HTC have announced that Google has bought part of the Taiwan based HTC’s mobile phone division for a staggering $1.1 billion, the companies have announced.  Google’s Vice-President of hardware, Rick Osterloh said in a blog post: “…We’ve signed an agreement with HTC,... Read more
Are Millennials Killing Apple, Too?
Price tag and wait for new iPhone X proving a turn off for Generation Y buyers. Millennials have been blamed for the death of everything good, from child-rearing, to date night, to home ownership. But a new finding from the tech sector might place the blame for yet another... Read more
Piriform releases CCleaner 5.35
Updated version released in response to security vulnerability. Piriform, the publishers of CCleaner, the world’s most popular PC cleaner, has released version 5.35 following a security vulnerability discovered in version 5.33 (and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191). All users are encouraged to update to the latest version. Users of CCleaner Cloud... Read more
UK’s New Data Privacy Rules
Proposed exemptions to Data Protection Bill for certain organizations and entities.  The EU has led the way with some of the most citizen-centric privacy laws enacted, including the “right to be forgotten” that protects individuals from old online content. Essentially upending the “nothing is ever deleted on the internet”... Read more
Avast Launches Business Antivirus Software Range
Defend your business with advanced antivirus protection and more. It’s a scary world out there. With over 4,000 attacks on SMBs a day, it’s only a matter of time until your business becomes a target. Fight back with new Avast Business Antivirus – exceptional protection with a 100% malware... Read more