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Full Extent Of Russian-Backed Pro-Trump Electoral Facebook Posts Revealed
A staggering 126,000,000 people may have seen Russian government-backed Facebook posts supporting Trump in 2016 US residential election. Facebook has revealed that as many as 126 million American users may have seen content uploaded by Russia-based governmental operatives over the past two years. Facebook released the figures ahead of... Read more
Amazon Launches German AI Lab
Artificial Intelligence hub will be based in Tübingen, near the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems’ campus. Machine learning research just got an unlikely ally in Amazon, who announced the construction of its German-based AI lab this week, one that will add about 100 further highly-skilled engineering jobs over... Read more
The Dark Overlord Hacks High-Profile Medical Clinic
Records from London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS) clinic include celebrity clients.  The information accessed by The Dark Overlord includes not just patient records, but also photographs taken from their medical files, some of which are “compromising” and have been shared with news outlets as proof that their hacking claims... Read more
UK To Give Boost To Startups At CES
Government will invest and support tech start-ups exhibiting at iconic Vegas event. The CES Tech Expo held in Las Vegas is the highlight of the year for anyone with even a remote interest in up-and-coming technology. Whether it’s a major tech giant unveiling its latest gadget or a guy... Read more
Tesla Restores Power At Children’s Hospital In Puerto Rico Using Solar Energy
Elon Musk says project is ‘first of many’ on the disaster struck island. More than a month after being hit by Hurricane Maria and another major storm, technology company Tesla has restored power at one Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico using solar energy. The hospital “is the first of... Read more
Hackers Decode Blurred QR Code And Claim $1,000 Worth of Bitcoin
French pair compute more than two million combinations to crack code.  Two French hackers have used their skills with computers and logic to reconstruct a blurred QR code on TV and claim bitcoins worth $1,000. When French channel, France 2 broadcast an interview with entrepreneur Roger Ver earlier this... Read more
Locky Ransomware Returns

Locky Ransomware Returns

News October 26, 2017

Thirty-year-old Microsoft loophole exploit being used to spread infamous ransomware. The cybercriminals behind the infamous Locky ransomware attacks of 2016 have returned and have upped their ransomware game. But this time, the hackers are using a 30-year-old Microsoft legacy ‘feature’ to trick victims into installing Locky. The new approach... Read more
Move Over, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit Is Here
Game of Thrones-referencing ransomware strikes Ukraine and Russia. The latest strain of ransomware is taking down systems across Russia and the Ukraine, apparently targeting large websites and mass transit systems such as the Odessa airport and the Kiev metro. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, its basic method is much like other... Read more
Unleash your inner club superstar with VirtualDJ
We review the most used DJ software on the planet. One of the best things about new software and technology innovation is that it allows anyone to conduct basic level enhancements. While nothing will ever replace a highly-skilled, talented graphic artist, for example, the abundance of Photoshop-like alternatives means... Read more
Google parent company to the rescue for communications in Puerto Rico
Alphabet’s Project Loon partners with AT&T to restore and boost web infrastructure on hurricane-hit island. Citizens of Puerto Rico have had an unexpected boost to their mobile data services after high-tech communications balloons provided by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, have started flying above the disaster-struck island. For many in... Read more
World’s First 3D Printed Bridge Open for Cyclists in Holland
Revolutionary structure designed to last 30 years. Dutch officials have applauded the opening of what is being referred to as the world’s first fully functional 3D-printed concrete bridge. The bridge, located in the south-eastern town of Gemert, is primarily intended for cyclists. The bridge is made of made of... Read more
Nvidia Unveils Solution For Fully Autonomous Self-Driving Cars
Nvidia Drive PX Pegasus supercomputer AI to deliver automotive autonomy. Nvidia has announced its audacious new ‘Drive PX Pegasus’ supercomputer, claiming it to be the first artificial intelligence (AI) computer system designed to drive fully autonomous self-driving ‘robotaxis’. The Nvidia Pegasus is apparently capable of ‘Level 5’ autonomy. For... Read more
Russia Buys Microsoft Products In Spite Of Sanctions
Procurement database shows purchases of Microsoft products. For years, American travel to Cuba was strictly controlled and often impossible, to the point that many people believed it was actually forbidden. What was accurate, though, was that sanctions were imposed by the US government, making it illegal for an American... Read more
New AI Advances In The Fight Against Breast Cancer
Artificial Intelligence harnessed to improve healthcare. When it comes to devastating illness, there’s no technology too far fetched or out of reach. Thanks to unparalleled fundraising efforts to fuel research, the war against breast cancer has a new ally: machine learning. The AI capability to predict whether or not... Read more
North Korea Hacks British Drama Series
UK TV show about North Korea hit by cyber-attack. A retaliation hacking appears to have taken place, pitting North Korean operatives against the production company behind a British drama series set within the Asian country. Following an announcement that Channel 4 was producing a new high-stakes series about a... Read more
BlueStacks: Your Favorite Android Apps On Your PC Or Mac
We review the latest version of this highly popular app player. BlueStacks App Player is a brilliant little tool that lets you run almost all your favorite Android apps and games on a full screen monitor using your PC or Mac. Yes that’s right, there’s a Mac version as... Read more
Tesla Fires Hundreds After Performance Reviews
Elon Musk’s luxury electric car company has reportedly fired hundreds of workers following its annual company-wide performance reviews. The news comes despite other reports in the media that the electric automaker is months behind its production targets and is actively trying to ramp up production to meet the demand... Read more
Accenture Exposes Data Through Unsecured AWS
Yet another huge security gaffe by a massive company. There’s a growing list of companies that are accidentally exposing their goods to the entire internet, thanks to their blind reliance on Amazon’s S3 web hosting service. The latest company to fall victim to a “data overexposure” (the nice, friendly... Read more