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Apple Fix MacOS High Sierra OS Bug
Apple has rushed out a patch to fix a major security flaw that allowed anyone to easily gain full admin access. The macOS High Sierra bug allowed anyone with physical access to an installed Mac, to gain full admin control with the username ‘root,’ and no password. While the bug only worked... Read more
Hotspot Shield – The Versatile Internet Security And Privacy Solution
We review Hotspot Shield VPN – a great tool in the battle for online security and anonymity. If you haven’t downloaded and installed a quality virtual private network (VPN), you might want to get started on that today. The internet is all a-buzz (at least on the US side... Read more
‘Manuscript Writer’ AI Uses Machine Learning To Draft Science Papers
Could Manuscript Writer software lead to plagiarism and non-transparency? “Manuscript Writer”, a newly released piece of software released by sciNote claims it can save scientists and researchers time, by eliminating the tedium and boredom and the tedium of pulling together research data, findings and methodologies by using artificial intelligence... Read more
Cisco Issues Vulnerability Warning For Its Voice OS
Issue could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to gain unauthorized access to affected devices. Score one for the good guys: Cisco has caught its own security vulnerability and has already issued a patch to prevent hackers from exploiting a flaw in as many as twelve of its voice-activated OS... Read more
Cyber Week Software Deals

Cyber Week Software Deals

News November 28, 2017

Save money now with these great software deals.     Our fantastic software savings continue with these great Cyber Week deals. Enjoy savings of up to 70% on some of the biggest names in security, antivirus, multi-media, and desktop virtualization software. Our great brands include: Audials, Avast, AVG, BullGuard, ESET and VMware! Check... Read more
Amazon To Fix Dangerous Flaw In Key Service
Researchers claim to have found “simple” way to hack Amazon’s heavily advertised Key service. Researchers at Rhino Security Labs have apparently identified a serious flaw in Amazon’s Key delivery service and the associated Cloud Cam security camera that comes with it. The problem could allow criminals posing as couriers... Read more
Sensational Cyber Monday Deals
Save money now with these great software deals.             Black Friday? That’s so last week! But don’t worry. Today is of course Cyber Monday, and that means more great deals on must-have antivirus, multi-media and desktop virtualization software. Act fast and you can enjoy savings of up to 70% on... Read more
Facial Recognition Payment In Test Runs
Startup, Yoti, has created a smartphone app that lets you use your face to pay. Coming on the unfortunate heels of last week’s security findings about Apple’s Face ID vulnerabilities, a tech firm is testing a new feature in two UK grocery stores. Yoti, a British startup, has a... Read more
Boeing 757 Aircraft Hacked By Expert Team
Department of Homeland Security official admits that a team of experts remotely hacked a Boeing 757. It only took two days for Robert Hickey (aviation program manager within the Cyber Security Division of the DHS Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate) and a team from the US Department of Homeland... Read more
Check out FileHippo’s exclusive Black Friday deals 2017!
Enjoy huge savings on big name software, now! We’ve got a fantastic range of exclusive Black Friday savings on some of the biggest names in security, antivirus, utilities, audio visual and creative software.  Enjoy amazing deals from: Acronis, Adobe, Audials, BullGuard, Corel, CyberLink, ESET, F-Secure, iolo, MacKeeper, Macphun, Magix,... Read more
Bitcoin Breaks $8,000 And Another New Record
Cryptocurrency keeps going from strength-to-strength. Bitcoin hit another new record over the weekend, and then again on November 20, after rising above the vaunted $8,000 mark. The new price of a single bitcoin has gone through an amazing 50% climb in under 10 days! The question it seems isn’t whether Bitcoin will break the much vaunted $10,000 mark any more,... Read more
Uber Paid Hacker Ransom And Hid Data Breach
Massive breach affected 50 million users of the ride hailing app.  Uber has admitted that it paid hackers $100,000 and then concealed a security breach over stolen data that affected 50 million customers and 7 million drivers. It paid out on the condition that the cybercriminals would delete the... Read more
Brave – The Free, Open Source, Ad-Blocking Web Browser
We review the independent browser created by co-founder of Mozilla and FireFox, Brendan Eich. Brave is many things. First and foremost, it is an ultra-secure, open-source web-browser. And it’s a good one. It’s very similar in lots of respects to both Chrome, and Firefox, and is based on the Chromium/Blink engine. ... Read more
Send Facebook Your Dirty Pics
Facebook asks users for nude photos to combat revenge porn using new tech. As ugly breakups go, posting private photos of your now-ex partner is somewhere near the top of the naughty list. The practice of so-called ‘revenge porn’ is damaging and prevalent, though, that some jurisdictions are even... Read more
Skirting iPhone X’s Facial ID With DIY Hack
Apple iPhone X Face ID fooled by a mask. In the months of giddy speculation and strategically leaked news about the latest iPhone, one of the much touted features was a camera that was specifically suited for facial recognition. It presumably spoke to capabilities of facial recognition for things... Read more
EA Abandon Star Wars Battlefront II Payments
Meanwhile Belgium investigates ‘Loot-Boxes’ gambling. After an unprecedented gamer revolt, games publisher EA, has been forced to temporarily remove in game micro-transactions from the just released Star Wars Battlefront II.  Writing in a bog post, Oskar Gabrielson, the General Manager of Battlefront II developer DICE, said: “We hear you loud and... Read more
Beware Connected Toys This Holiday Season
‘Almost anyone’ can hack IoT childrens’ toys, says report. The holiday shopping season creeps back earlier and earlier each year, with major retailers already reaching out to customers as much as a month ago to advertise seasonal deals and specials. Each year, one of the ongoing holiday headaches involves... Read more
Top 7 Business Apps
Great business software to work smarter, not harder.  Running a business isn’t easy – in fact it’s a 24/7 job that can often require you to do everything from finance and accounting to HR and IT management. Luckily there’s a growing number of amazing business-specific apps and software designed... Read more