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Nox App Player: Free, And One Of The Best Android Emulators Around
Nox App Player is a free Android operating system emulator that lets you run the Android operating system you use on your smartphone or tablet on your PC or Mac. Of all the Android emulators we’ve tried over the years, (and there’s been quite a few) Nox is by... Read more
French Privacy Watchdog Gives WhatsApp One Month to Stop Facebook data sharing
France’s Privacy Regulator questions legality of WhatsApp transferring data to Facebook. France’s privacy watchdog, CNIL, has formally issued notice to WhatsApp, requesting that the popular mobile messaging app to stop sharing collected user data with its parent company, Facebook, within a month. If WhatsApp fails to co-operate with CNIL, and... Read more
Cracked Smart-Phone Screens Could Self-Heal In Future 
Self-healing glass could mark the end of the dreaded shattered phone screen. A new type of polymer glass that can heal itself when cracked by simply being pressed together by a person’s hands, is now in development by scientists at the University of Tokyo after a student there discovered it… by accident.  Graduate school student Yu... Read more
New Findings On Dangerous Cell Phone Radiation
Don’t keep cell phones next to your body, warns California Health Department. You might have thought this old theory was debunked some time ago, but the truth is, the jury is still out on the hazards of prolonged proximity to your cell phone. When mobile devices first became a... Read more
Holiday Software Deals

Holiday Software Deals

News December 27, 2017

Grab a bargain in our ’12 deals of Christmas’ software event! The Holidays are nearly upon us and to celebrate, we’ve got a fantastic range of Christmas savings on some of the biggest names in security, antivirus, utilities, mutli-media and creative software.  Enjoy amazing deals from: Acronis, Audials, Avast,... Read more
Driverless Cars On UK Roads By 2021
UK government announces plans to change road and traffic regulations allowing autonomous cars test vehicles on open British roads. The UK Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, made the decision public during his budget speech for the coming year. Hammond stated that the technology was being introduced because the Government sees it... Read more
WannaCry Blamed On North Korea
US and UK governments say North Korea was responsible for the global WannaCry malware attack. While multiple sources have long called the attack the work of state-sponsored North Korean operatives, the US and UK–reportedly along with several other countries–are now formally declaring that responsibility for the attack rests on... Read more
Norway Switches Off FM Radio And Goes Digital
Move from analog to digital radio, making the Scandinavian country the first to shut down all national FM radio broadcasts. Norway’s government have been planning the FM switch off for several years, but the actual physical switch only began in January of this year. The move to Digital Audio... Read more
Airline Computer Error Might Cancel Christmas
American Airlines glitch leaves 15,000 Christmas flights without a captain. If you haven’t already finished your holiday shopping, here’s a handy gift idea: video chat technology. Why? Because if you booked your flight home for Christmas on American Airlines, video chat might be the only way you’re gonna see... Read more
Oops! Police Live Stream Plans For N Korean Arrest
Australian police accidentally broadcast plans on Twitter’s live video streaming service, Periscope. Last August, the BBC had a little apology to make to nearly four million of its viewers for inadvertently broadcasting a pornographic film. The incident occurred during a typical nightly news broadcast when someone else in the... Read more
New Amazon S3 Breach Exposes Every US Household
Massive data breach caused by unsecured AWS S3 cloud server. Amazon Web Services hosts database servers for a wide variety of clients, but someone might need to take a look at the instruction manual. Once again, another company’s data has been accessed via an unsecured S3 server, and this... Read more
Google To Open Chinese AI Research Lab In China
Artificial Iintelligence (AI) centre to open despite the fact that its search services remain blocked in the country after the best part of a decade. The subsidiary of Alphabet will build the new AI research facility in the city of Shanghai. The project is to be headed up Fei-Fei... Read more
Move Over Tin Can Telephone, It’s Wet String Internet
British engineers create ADSL broadband over wet string, just for fun. Sometimes, the best innovations happen because someone decided to simply see if it could be done. That’s the case of a British internet service provider Andrews and Arnold whose team was sitting around bored one day and thought... Read more
Kaspersky Lab Sues US Government Over Federal Ban
Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based antivirus firm, is suing the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in response to being banned from use by US Federal Agencies.   The Russian-based security software company said in an open letter, that it has been made to suffer unfairly as a result of the ban. The legal action... Read more
Tech Lobbyists Blamed For Halting Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill
Advocates suspect tech-industry lobbyists are behind the new approach. If the Dark Web has taught us anything, it’s that there are practically no limits to what you can buy online. Sex slaves, drugs, viruses and malware… even politicians… you can buy it for the right price if you know... Read more
Starbucks Wi-Fi Makes Computers Mine Cryptocurrency
A latte and some cryptocurrency to go, please! Tech users have been warned for years about protecting themselves when connecting over public, unsecured Wi-Fi. Whether it’s in airports, hotels, or a local coffee shop, these connections encourage the public to utilize that business; airports and hotels often charge fees... Read more
Tech Giants’ Traffic Redirected Through Russia
Several major tech names had their cloud traffic redirected through a Russian ISP. In one of the strangest “we have nothing to fear from Russian hacking” events this month, several major tech names had their cloud traffic redirected through a Russian provider. The brief but allegedly intentional event affected... Read more
Facebook Looks At How Ads Are Targeted To Ethnicities
Social network suspends ethnicity ad targeting as review explores potential abuse and exclusion.  Over a year ago, public service investigative journalism platform ProPublica discovered an unsettling feature on Facebook. At the time, advertisers could target or exclude specific demographics of users with their ads based on factors like gender,... Read more