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Dodgy Downloads – What to Look Out For
Protect yourself from dubious downloads with our handy guide to staying safe online.  The internet’s great, isn’t it? Infinite variety and everything you want is just a click away – what’s not to love?! Well, as many of us have experience first hand, sadly all that glitters is not... Read more
Hospitals Turn To Tech To Shut Down Big Pharma
High prices and stock shortages prompt hospitals to make their own drugs. In the US, it costs big money to avoid dying, especially if you’re counting on help from the pharmaceutical industry to keep your body going. While this has been a long-time problem, things have only escalated in... Read more
CoinCheck To Refund Crypto Customers After Massive Hack
Around 260,000 CoinCheck customers, mostly based in Japan, are said to have been affected by one of the largest cryptocurrency thefts in history. CoinCheck, a prominent Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange has promised to use its own funds to reimburse more than 46bn yen (almost $500 million) to customers who lost... Read more
X Prize or Ex-Prize? Google Stops Short Of the Moon
Google’s $30 million Moon race ends with no winner. There’s an important deadline looming, one that not even the best and brightest from a well-established space program like NASA could hope to meet. Google’s 10-plus year Lunar X Prize project has come to a halt according to an announcement... Read more
Hacking Insurance Is Newest Business Expense
Firms are buying insurance ‘in mad panic’ as cyber-attacks soar. Companies of every size have standard expenses. It might be payroll, office supplies, the lease on their location, a fleet of vehicles, or any of a hundred other considerations depending on the type of industry they’re in. But one... Read more
Microsoft CEO: World Needs Quantum Computers
Satya Nadella warns world is quickly “running our of computing capacity”. In a key note speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella issued a stark warning that the world is quickly running out of the computing capacity it needs to tackle the advanced problems humanity is... Read more
Data-Stealing Malware ‘Traced To Lebanon’
Researchers claim malware that exploits security bugs has been traced back to a Lebanese government building. The malware, responsible for infecting thousands of smartphones across the world, was uncovered by campaign group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in conjunction with security firm, LookOut. The malware mainly affected Android smartphones... Read more
Twitch Spammer Faces Criminal Charges In Canada
A Canadian man accused of spamming the popular streaming site ‘Twitch’ with a torrent of racist and homophobic messages has found himself in court facing criminal charges. The suspect, Brandan Lukas Apple, is facing ‘Unprecedented’ Mischief Charges, and if convicted, could end up in prison. Mr Apple is accused of... Read more
Amazon Opens Supermarket Without Checkouts
Get your groceries and go: Amazon debuts “Go” store with no cashiers or checkout lines. In a move that could revolutionize the way we buy our groceries in the future, Amazon has this week opened a supermarket that has no checkout operators or tills of any sort.  After a... Read more
Intel Warns Not To Install Its Own Chip Patch
Processor maker tells users to stop installing patches following Meltdown and Spectre security flaws. Earlier this month, news broke that Intel microchips contained a serious flaw or two, ones that potentially left the door wide open to hackers. Everything from smartphones to laptops to servers were vulnerable, and researchers... Read more
US Govt Bill Would Ban Huawei And ZTE Mobile Phones
Bill introduced following security concerns around Chinese companies’ possible links with government. Texas Representative Mike Conaway has introduced the Defending U.S. Government Communications Act, following fears around potential security risks posed by the alleged ties between Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE and their government. Following some very severe cybersecurity crises in... Read more
Movavi Photo Editor Proves There’s More To Life Than Photoshop
We review Movavi Photo Editor 5.1.0 –  get creative with this fun, smart, and simple image editing program, that offers a stack of great features. By next year, market forecasts predict there will be about 2.5 billion daily smartphone users on the planet, which means 2.5 billion people carrying a... Read more
Top Tech Execs Limit Kids’ Screen Time
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft founder Bill Gates raise concerns on youngters’ use of tech and social media It’s not hard to imagine the rosy picture of having an ultra-wealthy tech innovator for a parent, but a new report says that life as the offspring of a top... Read more
MAC vs PC – Which Is Right For You?
Each camp provokes fierce loyalty and arguements in equal measure. We weigh up the pros and cons of each to help you decide which tribe you are. It’s a debate that’s been raging for years. But the answer to which is better out of Apple’s Mac computers or Microsoft’s... Read more
Ford The Latest To Enter EV Auto Race
Car maker to boost investment in electric cars to $11bn by 2022. Some high-profile names have committed to venturing in to the electric vehicle space, everyone from Google to Apple to GM and more. Now, Ford Motor Company, arguably one of the grandfathers of the transportation industry, has announced... Read more
Children’s Apps Found To Be Filled With Porn Malware
Malware displaying pornographic ads discovered in game apps on Google Play. Be careful what you download, especially if you’re planning to hand it off to an impressionable young user. A new finding of content in the Google Play Store includes around 60 children’s apps that are filled with malware.... Read more
Drone Saves Australian Swimmers in ‘World First’ Rescue
Two teenage boys were dramatically rescued by a brand new lifesaving drone in Australia this week… while lifeguards were still training to use the device. The “The Little Ripper” drone, part of a experimental government backed project, was able to dramatically prove its worth when it helped save the... Read more
Apple To Give iPhone Users Option To Turn Off ‘Feature’ That Slows Older Devices
Apple has announced that a new update later this year will allow the users of older models of iPhones to turn off the ‘feature’… it introduced in December that slows them down when their batteries become old.  The new option will become available in next update to iOS 11.... Read more