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Movavi Video Suite Review
Create professional-looking movies and slideshows with this powerful video editing suite. There are a lot of reasons why someone needs to have powerful video editing tools at their fingertips. Whether it’s just a collection of photos and videos to blend into a seamless file for friends and family, or... Read more
Amazon Identity Theft Money Laundering Scheme
Scammers used stolen credentials to publish and sell books. Identity theft can take on many different forms, depending on what the criminal does with the information. Someone’s stolen credentials could be used to open a new credit card, make a large purchase, seek medical care, or even get a... Read more
Researchers Find Account Takeover Flaw In Tinder
Poor encryption blamed for access to user data. Tinder’s geographically-based social networking “meet new people” model is responsible for introducing the concept of swiping right to society, but it’s also credited with a new problem: cybersecurity. Specifically it’s one of a growing number of apps and platforms whose encryption... Read more
Tech Addiction Rehab: Are YOU Addicted?
New Center for Humane Technology created by former Google, Mozilla, and Nvidia leaders, aims to help ‘addicted users’.  “I don’t have a problem… I can stop anytime I want to…” Those words have become a part of the pop-culture vernacular, synonymous with a tongue-in-cheek point about overconsumption. And while a number... Read more
Daimler Accused Of Rigged Software On Vehicles To Beat Emissions Tests
German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has alleged that it has uncovered documents that purport to show that investigators in the US have found “several software functions that helped Daimler cars pass emissions tests”. According to the paper, Daimler has been using software that is very similar to that used... Read more
Brave Launches Million Dollar Referral Program
Brave Software, the company behind the Brave Browser, has announced that it’s launching up to a million dollar referral program designed to reward online publishers and YouTube Creators. Brave is using the promotion in the hopes it will speed up adoption of the Brave Browser and grow its users... Read more
New Energy Efficient Public Key Encryption For The Internet Of Things Revealed
A newly designed microchip will reduce the power consumption on public-key encryption devices by 99.75%, but increase speed by 500%, according to researchers at MIT. The Internet Of Things (IoT) may have been touted as a positive thing with lots of potential when it first came on the scene,... Read more
Facebook Ordered To Stop Tracking Web Users In Belgium
Facebook dramatically loses lawsuit and could end up facing total fines of some $156,000,000 (100 million euro) if it continues to break the country’s privacy laws by tracking its users on third-party websites. The high profile case against the social-media giant was brought by Belgium’s privacy watchdog, who claimed... Read more
Vivaldi Browser: Better Than Chrome? Is It The Next Big Thing?
Vivaldi could be the best internet browser most people have never heard of. And that’s hardly surprising, as in internet terms, it’s relatively new. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out. You really should, as it’s rather good. Vivaldi is a feature rich web browser that... Read more
US Says NotPetya Is Russian Handiwork
Frank admission from White House on source of ransomware attack… Finally. In a shocking turn of events, the White House has formally acknowledged Russia’s role in the NotPetya malware attack that was responsible for astronomical financial and service losses. The very short and to-the-point statement issued seven months after... Read more
Ehang 184: Your Flying Car Is Finally Here
Visionary Chinese company has released footage of manned test flights of its one-seater and two-seater vehicles. Jet packs, flying cars, self-cleaning houses… it was all supposed to be EPCOT-style wave of the future by now. And while companies have certainly made a lot of headway into those and other... Read more
FCC Chairman Under Investigation Over $3.9 Billion Sinclair Deal
Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, is under investigation by the Comission’s own watchdog, but surprisingly enough, not over the dismantling of Net Neutrality Rules… Instead, the FCC Inspector General has launched an inquiry into a massive media deal that Ajit Pai helped to make possible, last year. According to... Read more
Facebook Reveals It’s Officially Testing ‘Downvote’ Button
Facebook has admitted that is officially testing out a ‘downvote’ button in a new system similar to the one that Reddit and other social media sites have been using for years. The ‘downvote’ option suddenly appeared in several users feeds last week in the comments section of posts within Facebook... Read more
What Will Tech Giants Do With Tax Cuts?
Apple, Cisco Systems and other big tech names disclose their plans. When the current US administration voted to enact a massive tax cut plan, a lot of people were outspoken about its shortcomings. The general theme seemed to be that it created more of the “trickle-down economics” that experts... Read more
Utah School Honors Tech Pioneer
School will be rebranded as Mary Jackson Elementary School in honor of NASA aeronautical engineer. Students at Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah, will have to learn to deal with a major change to their school’s name. It will now be known as… Jackson Elementary School. In... Read more
Logan Paul Won’t Be Banned From YouTube
The controversial YouTube ‘star’ Logan Paul hasn’t done enough yet to deserve to be banned from YouTube, the video sharing site’s Chief Executive Officer has said. Logan Paul has been severely criticized in recent months for the content shown in videos he has created and shared on the site,... Read more
VLC 3.0 Vetinari Launches For All Platforms
The latest version of the free ‘play-everything-and-anything’ VLC Media Player has been released for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chrome OS. Its gets Chromecast support, and is just as good as ever. The good news, is that it’s still free, it plays even more formats... Read more
Is Google Chrome The Be All And End All Of Web Browsers?
It may be the most popular, but is Google Chrome really the best web browser out there? Here are some thoughts, stats, and comparisons for you to chew over. Google Chrome remains by far and away the most-used web browser, accounting for well over half of all web traffic,... Read more