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Six Of The Best MP3 Converters You Can Download for Free
There’s a huge range of free MP3 converter software available for download. Here’s our take on six of the very best. Keeping up with various file extension types can be a headache. However, with MP3 converter software you can do your best to make sure your media is always... Read more
YouTube Ban On Gun Vloggers Pushes Them To Adult Site
True Story: YouTube’s ban on gun bloggers has led them to post on PornHub. Just don’t Google ‘guns on Pornhub’, trust me…but if you do, you might be surprised to find that recently firearms are being used as more than sexual props.This follows the news that YouTube has announced... Read more
China Tariff Balancing Act Goes Tech
US tech companies win changes in bill to limit China access to technology. US relations with China have been strained in recent weeks, largely stemming from tariffs and legislation that have been put forth to prevent China from making as much of a profit via US goods and services.... Read more
Mastermind Behind Cyber Gang’s $1 Billion Crime Spree Arrested In Spain
Cybercrime syndicate infiltrated over 100 financial institutions in 40 countries hacking banks and ATMs via malware. For the past five years, the gang of hackers known as Carbanak has been targeting banks around the world, stealing well over $1 billion in total. Europol, the pan European police agency have said they’ve... Read more
Record High Quality Audio With Recordify
Easily record MP3 or FLAC audio files with Recordify. There are a lot of reasons why you might need to record music files from your device, such as for incorporating into a presentation, saving for later use in case of files crashing, losing all your files to hard drive or... Read more
Mozilla To Bring Ad Blocking To Firefox
Mozilla 2018 roadmap shows ad blocking coming to Firefox Mozilla, the company behind popular Internet browser, Firefox, has revealed details of its ad ‘filtering’ plans for 2018. While lots of its intentions are mired in technical terminology, some of it also of interest to the average Firefox user, the... Read more
Bringing Medical Tech To The Streets
Trial sees health checks in local barbers. Non-traditional medicine is making waves for upending an unnecessarily expensive industry, one that can feel like a case of  “the treatment is worse than the disease”. High costs of treatment and insurmountable prescription costs, coupled with hours of missed time off of... Read more
Windows 10 Is Forcing Users To Edge
Even If It Isn’t Their Default Browser Even if it isn’t their default browser. Microsoft looks for ‘feedback’ regarding new change that will open all email links in the much maligned Edge Browsers, regardless of users personal choice. Microsoft has revealed that it’s to trial another attempt to get... Read more
EU Knows Facebook Has A Privacy Problem
Upcoming GDPR rules mean data compliance will be mandatory.  In the digital age, information is the new hot-ticket currency. Often, companies, third-parties, and even cybercriminals would rather get their hands on users’ data than money, since the potential payoff from having access to sensitive information could be exponentially higher... Read more
Uber’s Toyota Deal On Hold?
Fatal accident likely to put collaboration on hold.  Earlier this week, embattled Uber announced it would be suspending all self-driving vehicle tests in light of its car killing an Arizona woman. Some early reports indicate the car may have not attempted to slow down as it approached the pedestrian, despite... Read more
IBM Builds Computer The Size Of A Grain Of Salt
And it costs less than 10 cents to make! IBM has unveiled what it says is the world’s smallest computer. Each of the new computers will be roughly the size of a grain of salt, and each one will cost less than 10 US cents to make. But no-one is... Read more
Are We Finally Doing Something About Facebook?
Cambridge Analytica scandal brings focus onto data privacy issues. For all of his squeaky clean, boy next door, All-American good looks and charm, Mark Zuckerberg is quickly becoming the man that the public loves to hate, all thanks to piles of allegations that Facebook aided outside operatives who were... Read more
Japan Cryptocurrency Exchanges Announce Plan To Self-Regulate
Move comes to promote trust and prevent malpractice. A phalanx of Japanese government-registered cryptocurrency exchanges have announced they are to set up their own regulator in the region, to promote trust and snuff out malpractice.  In total, sixteen government-registered cryptocurrency exchanges have said they will work together to set... Read more
Create Stand-Out Presentations With Prezi Classic
We review a real challenger to Microsoft PowerPoint’s crown.  For ages, PowerPoint by Microsoft has been one of the mainstays of presentation software. What was once a sought-after skill for employment has become an assumption, just a basic understanding that tech users of every skill level can generate some... Read more
Biometric Identity In Place In US Airports
Biometric e-gates rolled out by British Airways at three American airports. Heightened airport security can mean the difference between a terrorist attack and a safe, reasonably peaceful flight to your destination. However, post-9/11 security measures have meant delays, extensive wait times, and inconvenience when passing through the screening area,... Read more
Uber Calls Off Self-Driving Tests After Death
Pedestrian hit and killed by autonomous vehicle in Tempe, Arizona. In the race to get self-driving vehicles and autonomous ride hailing service installed, are companies taking a little too much liberty with their efforts? It may appear so, according to reports that a 49-year-old Arizona woman has died from... Read more
Self-Driving Trucks Expanding In US
Waymo and Google launch self-driving truck pilot project in Atlanta. The next time you’re out on a long, boring drive along a US highway, here’s a fun little game you can play: peek into the windows of any 18-wheelers nearby and see if there’s someone driving them or not.... Read more
Coincheck Starts Repaying Customers After $530 Million January Hack
Compensation to be paid to exchange NEM digital currency holders. The Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc has announced that it has started to pay back the money it lost after the exchange was hacked and a large amount of digital currency was stolen from investors. The announcement comes as... Read more