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How Secure Is Your Device? Five Most Common Password Fails Revealed
Think your easy to remember password’s secure enough? Think again! We live in an age where we need to be more careful than ever of people with nefarious intentions accessing our accounts on the various platforms and websites we use. Applications such as free password software can keep you... Read more
Google Drops ‘Don’t Be Evil’ From Code Of Conduct
News has emerged that Google’s famous “Don’t Be Evil” motto seems to have been quietly removed from its code of conduct. Instead the phrase,which used to appear several times throughout Google’s code of conduct seems to have been replaced by rather more vague and ambiguous terms like “ethical business... Read more
Russians May Have Hacked Hundreds Of Thousands of Routers Worldwide
Reset your router and download updates now, urges FBI. The FBI has warned that Russian computer hackers are responsible for a global malware scheme that may have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and could be harvesting massive amounts user information. The malware could also even... Read more
Software Review: Yandex Disk Cloud Storage
Flexible and convenient storage means you can access your files anywhere, anytime, and never lose an important document again. Raise your hand if you still have a box of floppy disks tucked away in the back of closet. Now raise your hand if you also have no way to... Read more
Amazon Lashes Out At Seattle ‘Head Tax’
City council ruling causes anger within tech sector and beyond. Ever since Jeff Bezos grew his little online bookstore into a Midas-style money making machine, lawmakers have been scrambling for ways to get a piece of their profits. The wave of so-called “Amazon Taxes” that swept the country a... Read more
Ossic Headphones Kickstarter Pulls Plug Despite Raising Millions
Desptie attracting more than 10,000 investors, the ‘3D audio headphone’ project has come to an end.  After taking thousands of crowdfunded pre-orders on the Kickstarter website, for a high-end pair of Virtual Reality ready ‘3D sound’ headphones, the audio startup Ossic suddenly announced earlier this week that the company has ran... Read more
Avant Browser: Often Overlooked Genius Alternative To Internet Explorer 
Avant Browser is one of the most popular open source web browsers that most people have never heard of.  Avant is something a strange hybrid of a beast however, being that it is built on Internet Explorer. But you shouldn’t let that put you off because Avant has some nifty features under its belt. The best... Read more
Senators Call For FCC Investigation Of Their Identity Theft
Comments appear to have been made by bot accounts. The Federal Communications Commission has been in the public eye lately–far more than in most previous years, considering what they do–for attacks on the internet as most users know it. At the heart of the issue is net neutrality, which... Read more
Google Chrome To Remove ‘Secure’ Label From HTTPS Sites
Google has announced that it will shortly begin to phase out the green lock “Secure” indicator next to URLs on Chrome. According to Google, it’s no longer so important you know which web pages are secured by HTTPS, but that you know which ones are not. Essentially, Google’s new approach... Read more Website Owners Get Own Mugshots After Arrest
The four alleged owners of the US website, that publishes the photos of people shortly after they have been arrested, and then charges individuals to remove their pictures from the website… have themselves been arrested. Anyone wanting to have their image removed from the website, whether the arrest... Read more
UK Police Facial-Recognition Software Is Wrong 98% Of The Time
A report published by the Independent newspaper has revealed that the expensive Facial Recognition Software being trialled by a UK Police Force is hardly ever accurate, and statistically is wrong almost 100% of the time. The Independent obtained the information using a Freedom of Infor­mation request, and reveals that... Read more
Are Bitcoins Killing The Planet?
The energy required to mine a single Bitcoin has more than doubled in the last six months. Cryptocurrency has faced a number of setbacks for some investors since it first became a hot-ticket investment opportunity, including international legislation against mining and trading, accusations of hacking in order to hijack... Read more
Security Flaw Opened Access To Ring Doorbells
Connected doorbell vulnerability exposed.  Internet connected tech has worked its way into a lot of aspects of everyday life. From IoT medical implants to crock pots that you can turn on and off from anywhere with your smartphone to light bulbs that respond to feedback from the connected thermostat... Read more
Staying Private In A Post-Cambridge Analytica World
A guide to apps, data settings and how to keep your data private.  Whether you are looking to download software or are concerned about how your online activity is gathered and analysed, the need to stay private when using the internet has been brought into sharp focus in recent... Read more
Ticketmaster Tests Facial Recognition Concert Tickets
Ticketing big-hitter trials cutting-edge tech, but will it work? In what is perhaps the most useless application of emerging technology, Ticketmaster has set out to solve a problem that society simply doesn’t have. Handing over a ticket or scanning a barcode on your smartphone’s screen are simply too time... Read more
KMPlayer Review: Brilliant Versatile Lightweight Media Player 
Perfect for advanced users who want something different from the crowd, and a good choice for novices as well.   It would be easy to paint the latest release of KMPlayer from Pandora as just another free ad-supported media player, and that’s because in many ways that’s exactly what it is. But it’s also... Read more
Employees Banned From Using USB Drives At IBM…
… and all other removable media. IBM has announced to its workers that they are no longer allowed to use USB sticks or any other form of portable data, including DVDs, SD cards, and even data stored on their phones. The ban will affect employees at every IBM facility... Read more
Russian Hackers Target US Military Families
New finding puts individual families in the cross-hairs in a terrifying way. The Russian hacking scandal is far from being understood or solved, at least as it pertains to the last US presidential election. Further hacking occurs almost daily, with different Russian operations–some the work of rogue groups and... Read more