With a team that have amassed over 40 years of experience in the tech industry, we try to cover every angle of breaking news in the ever shifting world of technology. Here are the TechBeat contributors.



Annie has 15 years experience as an editor and content creator. Most recently running a B2B hospitality magazine, clients of leading Los Angeles based business growth and search engine marketing provider, BBI.


Brandon has lived in far too many places since he was a kid. He is a freelance writer with a background in education and Christian ministry. He holds a B.A. from Ozark Christian College, and enjoys reading just about anything, especially if it concerns science fiction or technology.

David Curry

David has been a freelance journalist for three years, working for China Topix, ITProPortal and Tapscape. A mega-keen gamer, he also enjoys graphic design, buying gadgets and following up-to-the-minute breaking tech news.

Euan Viveash

Euan McKenzie: Writer, Geek, Nerd, Scottish; Only 3 of those things are true. But these 4 things do pretty much describe this handsome young man from Scotland completely. With a background in IT, and Technical writing, he has been writing software related articles for the best part of 10 years, and he thinks he's quite good at it. Can you tell he wrote this himself?


New media expert currently serving as the editor of Inquisitr.com and editor-in-chief and co-founder of social media reporting website SocialNewsDaily.com. Through his years of internet experience James has written thousands of tech articles reaching millions of unique users.

Arianna Gael

Arianna Gael is a tech and publishing junkie who lives for the outdoors. When not covering tech news, she's using tech to write and publish her own works of fiction.


Self confessed Apple-fan girl, Noemi has been technology blogging for over 10 years-both professionally and personally. She loves all things technology-shiny and not so shiny. Noemi covers our new product features on TechBeat.


Paige Edenfield is a freelance writer with five-years experience writing about technology. She has written about apps, gadgets, tech news, software, hardware, and other cool techie stuff for a number of online publications. When she isn't writing about technology, you can find her writing poetry.


Pippa has been writing for national newspapers, magazines and websites in the UK and Australia for the last 10 years. Coming from a traditional journalism background Pippa specialises in investigative journalism-covering breaking tech stories for TechBeat.


Ryan Harris is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. He holds a B.A. in Strategic Communications and currently writes for a diverse array of tech blogs. He spends his free time reading tech news and watching an excessive amount of professional soccer.