Basketball is all about skill, precision and accuracy.  But what if you don’t have a personal coach but still want to improve your game?  InfoMotion Sports Technologies has now created a smart basketball called 94Fifty.  A basketball that can improve your game, reinforce skill level and basically help you be the next Michael Jordan…maybe.

Smart Basketball: Improve Your Skills

This smart basketball has nine sensors found inside the ball.  These sensors measure real-time shooting and ball-handling showing an individual’s performance level: including shot speed, backspin and arc measurements.  The information is then sent to an iPhone or iPod touch using Bluetooth LE. This information will give players the ability to enhance muscle memory skills effectively and more competently. The ball works by reading these sensors inside the regulation size basketball and sending it to your phone.

The ball is charged wirelessly and connects to iOS devices (soon to be found in Android devices as well) which then gives the player’s feedback about how they are doing.  If, for instance, your hoop shot arc angle measure 29 degrees, the sensors would send information to your phone stating you should be much higher.

This is a great way for players of most economic backgrounds to be able to train and improve skill level with a one off payment rather than having expensive coaches charging for their services continually.  There are a number of training programmes that you can work through including one that allows you to challenge friends.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is currently available for $299.95 in the US (approx £182) and the company does ship internationally.  Although this ball is expensive initially, it is a very clever piece of kit that will help ‘ballers’ improve their overall game!  So will you be the next Michael Jordan?

[Image via washingtonpost]