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Google quiz tells you how likely you are to fall for phishing – and it’s pretty scary
Receiving phishing emails or texts is never fun. We all get them and, hey, most of us will be caught out too at some point. But how likely are you to fall for a scam? That’s what a new quiz, designed by Google’s Jigsaw team, hopes to find out.... Read more
Four of the best: CRM software with Outlook integration
Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email services out there. It’s used by more than 600 million people around the world and provides great communication offering. However, it’s not the best at helping you to manage customer relationships. So, the obvious answer to this dilemma is to... Read more
New EU GDPR Rules All But Ends Unsolicited Email Marketing in Europe, and Everywhere Else
Europe’s new rules on data have had a devastating effect on businesses that rely on email marketing, according to a new report just published by CNBC. The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hasn’t even been in effect for a month, but according to the newly published... Read more
US Supreme Court Set To Rule Against Microsoft In EU Email Privacy Case
Supreme Court appears unconvinced of Microsoft’s defence for non-disclosure of EU stored data. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and tech giant Microsoft have been embroiled in, an at times, bitter legal dispute over access to data (mostly emails) stored in data centres overseas, in this case, the European... Read more
Top 5 Email Marketing Apps
Create successful campaigns. Attract, convert and retain loyal customers. Turn customers into loyal fans and brand ambassadors with personalised email campaigns and automated customer journeys. Email is perfect for keeping your brand top-of-mind and staying connected with those who make a purchase, read your blog or meet you in... Read more
Gmail To Include Phishing Warning
Android devices to warn users of potential attacks. Following the events of the past week involving a high-speed worm that traveled the net as a Google Doc, the company has a new announcement for its users. Gmail for Android will now have a warning feature that lets users know... Read more
Mail Designer Pro 3.1 Update Means Gmail Is 100% Optimized
Mails Designer Pro 3.1 Update takes maximum advantage of new Gmail features! Mail Designer Pro has become synonymous in recent times as one of the most feature packed and easiest email design software packages to master by just about anyone who knows how to use a mouse and keyboard.... Read more
Yahoo Secretly Scanned User Emails For US Government
According to a news report from Reuters, Yahoo last year designed custom software that searched all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials. Yahoo is currently in the process of being taken over by Verizon Communications in a $4.8bn (£3.8bn) deal. “Yahoo is... Read more
Moscow Dumps Microsoft

Moscow Dumps Microsoft

EmailNews September 29, 2016

Moscow has announced that it is to begin moving the email software on thousands of the city’s computers away from Microsoft towards home grown options. The city is to start by removing Microsoft Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook on 6,000 computers. According to a report by, email systems... Read more
98M Russian Email Accounts Hacked
Just when everyone likes to point this finger at Russian hacker groups for some of the recent major-scale data breaches, the tables have turned. According to research by Leaked Source, (kind of like the Russian equivalent of Yahoo) was breached and around 98 million users’ email and password... Read more
Ray Tomlinson, Inventor Of Email, Passes Away @ 74
The inventor of modern email as we know it today, and the man who chose to use the @ symbol to connect usernames and addresses, has died of a suspected heart attack, aged 74. A spokesperson for the Raytheon Company, Mike Doble, where Tomlinson still worked as a principal... Read more
Yahoo Mail Blocks Users Using Adblockers
Yahoo has started to prevent some of its Yahoo-Mail users accessing their email if they use ad-blocking software in their browser. Several hundred users in the US have encountered a message that asks them to disable their ad-blocker before being allowed to  access their Yahoo Mail. “Please disable Ad... Read more
Yahoo Mail Goes Password Free
So it looks like the next time you log in to your Yahoo Mail account from a smartphone, you might not need your password… Instead, you might just need “Account Key.” In the month that Yahoo Mail turns 18, users of Yahoo Mail can now check their email using nothing more... Read more
FossaMail Open-Source Mail Client Launches Update
There are a few reasons to skirt the old standbys and try something different with your email, as this update from Pale Moon shows. The people who launched their own browser have released an update to their popular FossaMail feature, and it’s a great way to switch from a... Read more
Microsoft Launches ‘Send’ A Lightweight Email App for iPhone
If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has just debuted a new (crazy simple) email app called Send. The company is describing Send as an “in-and-out” email solution that focuses on brevity and simplicity. In truth, it looks more like another messaging app than your typical email app. “Send gives... Read more
New Update To Streamline Your Outlook
Email is listed as one of the great innovations of our time, as anyone who’s ever conducted business or enjoyed a viral cat video can tell you. But some of the functions and features of typical email programs can cause more headaches than they solve; for far too long,... Read more
OutlookAttachView Update Increases Functionality
As anyone who receives attachments pretty regularly can tell you, managing those attachments can be quite a hassle. It’s bad enough to go sifting through your email inbox looking for just the right email, but then you have to open the email, scroll down to the bottom to click... Read more
Leak Unveils Microsoft “Flow”
The tech and software industry is buzzing after a new email app by Microsoft called “Flow” was leaked on Tuesday (May 19, 2015). Yesterday, the first screenshots unveiling the app leaked. The software giant has yet to announce the app, but a new download page – “Microsoft Confidential” –... Read more