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Watch the Mona Lisa brought to life with AI
Earlier this week we told you how artificial intelligence (AI) was being used to create whisky. Now for something a little more alarming
 A new AI experiment has seen the Mona Lisa brought to life. The famous work of art is just one of a host of iconic faces... Read more
Behold the world’s first AI-generated whisky – it’s pretty neat!
If you’re a lover of artificial intelligence (AI) software and whisky, prepare to have your day made. The world’s first AI-generated whisky is about to be poured. What’s better? It sounds delicious and you can buy it. Even if you’re not a big fan of the tipple please carry... Read more
Tech inspiration at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour London
An annual conference for developers and IT professionals took place in London last week, highlighting an exciting future for the tech industry. Microsoft Ignite The Tour has taken place in several locations all around the world, including the US, Asia and Europe. On the Tuesday and Wednesday of last... Read more
Microsoft Azure now hosts tools to help police solve crimes
Thanks to a computer software update, UK police can now access some impressive crime-solving tools through Microsoft’s cloud platform. Microsoft Azure now offers an analytics tool which will aid officers to piece together crucial information in a new, efficient way. A data analytics company, Chorus Intelligence, works with all... Read more
Computer Science Education Week – why Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and other big names are supporting young coders
Microsoft will donate $10million to by 2020, it has been confirmed. The news comes as students worldwide take part in Computer Science Education Week 2018. Computer Science Education Week 2018 is currently being celebrated around the world. Organisers hope that it will promote the importance of educating the... Read more
Computer Programmers Get New Tech Ethics Code 
New guidelines issued by the Association for Computing Machinery are the first significant upgrade since 1992. The world’s single largest organization of computer scientists and engineers, the Association for Computing Machinery, (ACM) has issued a new code of ethics for computing professionals. The new code has been released to help technologists deal with... Read more
Students Use Google Machine Learning To Predict California Wild Fires
Two students came together with a shared aim of creating a permanent solution to wildfire prediction and prevention. OK, so while news for big-tech in recent times has turned them from heroes into super villains, it’s important to remember that they do some good as well, and two students... Read more
Code Sharing Site GitHub Bought By Microsoft For Massive $7.5 Billion
After days of speculation it’s been officially announced that Microsoft will be acquiring the open-source code repository, GitHub in full by the end of the year for $7,500,000,000. That’s great! What’s GitHub? GitHub is based in San Francisco, and is essentially just an online platform that lets coders from... Read more
Google’s IoT Platform Android ‘Things’ Out Of Beta And Free For All Developers
Google goes all in to try and steal back market share from competitors. Google says it’s developer platform for Internet-Of-Things (IoT) devices, ‘Android Things‘ is now out of beta and version 1.0 is free to be downloaded. In a bid to attract as many developers and hardware manufacturers as possible,... Read more
Microsoft Close To Releasing Quantum Computer Programming Code
New language is for super-computers that don’t currently exist. Microsoft has revealed that it’s looking to get a head start on the rest of the competition when it comes to quantum computing, with the announcement that it’s to release a new programming language designed to be used with quantum... Read more
Petya Ransomware Developers Offer Unlock Key
Unencryption key offered
 for a hefty price. It’s been just over a week since Petya ransomware had its way with a global pool of tech users. Since that time, investigators have traced its origins – along with that of two other related strains – back to a small accounting... Read more
Prison Inmates Build Computers And Hide Them In Ceiling
Instead of dismantling old PCs, crafty prisoners built their own! Never underestimate the ingenuity of people in desperate situations. As one Ohio prison has found out the hard way, people have an insane ability to make-do under tough circumstances. Inmates in an Ohio prison were set to work in... Read more
Lack Of Software Talent Costing US Businesses
Report by Trilogy Education points to high price for talent drain.  The need for quality software engineers has plagued US tech companies for some time. The issue has even become highly politicized due to the recent attempts at banning travel by individuals from certain regions, regardless of their legal... Read more
Facebook Bans Surveillance Tools By Software Developers
Facebook relents under pressure from civil liberties groups and bans developers from using social networks to create surveillance tools. Facebook announced that it has stopped software developers from being able to access the social network’s data to create surveillance tools, finally closing off a dubious situation that has seen... Read more
Dutch Web Developer Stole From Customers Using Custom Scripts
Up to 20,000 email accounts may have been hacked after a rogue web developer deliberately left backdoors in the sites he created, that only he could access. The 35-year-old Dutch national from the town of Leeuwarden, used the personal information stolen from customers to open gambling accounts, convince friends and relatives... Read more
Apollo 11 Software Developer Wins Medal Of Freedom
The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest honor a civilian can receive, and 21 individuals were awarded the Medal in a White House ceremony earlier this week. Among the recipients was Margaret Hamilton, an 80 year-old woman whose contributions to the US space program have finally been recognized, fifty... Read more
US Officially Accuses Russia Of Hacking DNC Network
Russia has been formally accused by the US government of hacking the US Democratic National Committee’s computer network (DNC) in order to ‘interfere’ with the US presidential race. On Friday, the Obama administration firmly placed the blame for the stealing and disclosing of emails from the DNC, and from... Read more
App Developers Can Now Create For Ford Cars
In a market where automotive software can be very hush-hush, Ford has released a new desktop tool that will help app developers with the process of creating apps for the Sync in-car entertainment system. The new software, Sync3 AppLink Emulator, lets developers who’ve so far worked in smartphone and... Read more