Create professional-looking movies and slideshows with this powerful video editing suite.

There are a lot of reasons why someone needs to have powerful video editing tools at their fingertips. Whether it’s just a collection of photos and videos to blend into a seamless file for friends and family, or a presentation on a brand-new proprietary offering for a massive shareholder and press event –  having the right tools can produce a top-notch end result while having limited, weak tools can leave you looking pretty inept.

Movavi Video Suite Review

Incorporate music, create text captions, apply visual effects, transitions and more, with Movavi Video Suite.

Version 5.1.0

Fortunately, the team at Movavi has released yet another highly-powerful, but easy-to-use, suite of video editing tools in Movavi Video Suite. This library of products work together to create your video from your content, enhance it with all kinds of extra and professional-quality features, convert it to practically any file type you need, and even burn it to a DVD if you want.

Highly compatible

Right off the bat, one of the best things about Movavi is its compatibility with more than 180 file types. You can gather and manipulate content–videos, images, and audio–for your finished product from practically any type of source, even VHS, if anyone still uses those. From there, your finished product is also compatible or convertible, with almost limitless options for playback.

Movavi Video Suite is compatible with more than 180 file types.

Movavi Video Suite is compatible with more than 180 file types.

Ultimate collection

According to the developer, “Movavi Video Suite is the ultimate collection of applications for working with multimedia. Create your own movies or slideshows, record screencasts, convert files in no time, and more. The program supports more than 180 formats and lets you prepare your files for viewing on a wide range of mobile devices and for sharing online. Enjoy instant file processing and exporting thanks to support for leading-edge technologies.”

If there’s anything to your project involving video, Movavi can handle it. Obviously, gathering together your video footage and editing it will be no problem, but you can also create slideshows from stand-alone image files, record and edit a video tutorial on your screen, and even produce a “vlog”-style finished product off your own webcam. Improving your video quality itself is simple and effective, with variable controls that let you reduce shakiness, sharpen blurry footage, adjust the color settings, and more. Even better, you can seamlessly cut and join different sections of the same footage or connect different video files into one effortless video.

Filters, effects, and more

Of course, what fun is some video footage without audio, musical soundtrack, or fun filters and special effects that us Snapchat devotees are used to? Movavi gives you the tools to enhance, add captions in over 100 different fonts, incorporate text backgrounds, and more.

You’ll find more than 80 different visual effects in Movavi Video Suite.

You’ll find more than 80 different visual effects in Movavi Video Suite.

Direct upload

When it’s time to save or share your finished project, Movavi makes it a simple, streamlined process. You can upload your completed video to YouTube or Facebook directly through the software, without having to save it and head over to the upload process on your favorite platform. You can also save it in various formats, store it on an external hard drive or USB drive, burn it to a CD or DVD, or a full range of other options.

To take a free trial of Movavi Video Suite, download it for free for Windows (XP and higher) by clicking here. Remember, if photo images will be incorporated into your video or slideshow project, you can edit and manipulate them easily with Movavi Photo Editor first!