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FileHippo’s gaming section is packed with the latest gaming news to keep you in the know. We also have reviews and round-ups of some of the best games around.

Whether you game on Windows PC, Mac or mobile, you’ll find reviews of some of the best games at FileHippo.

If you want to improve your gaming experience or start your journey to becoming a professional gamer, check out our gaming guides and software recommendations.

Latest Gaming News

What are the Best Games to Play?

Looking for your next favourite game? We’ve got you covered.

Gaming Guides

How can I speed up my Mac for gaming? Can I use my wireless controller with my PC? How do I record video games on PC for YouTube?

We’ve answered some of your most common gaming questions. Whether you’re looking to improve your personal gaming experience, or want to make a start on your dream gamer career, we’re here to help.

Something missing? Be sure to ask us your gaming questions on Facebook or Twitter and we might make a guide just for you. 

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