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Success as messaging app Slack joins the stock market
One of the latest tech start-ups to join the stock market has recorded a surge of shares. The messaging app Slack saw shares rise by 49% last week. The team organiser initially set a guide price of $26 a share. However, it rose by 60% at the start of... Read more
5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10
It has never been so easy to communicate via the internet. It’s getting to the point where the youth of today don’t know the difference between an SMS or MMS text. That’s because there are so many free messaging apps for us to use when we want and how... Read more
How Android and iOS Users can Hide WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ Status
Instant messaging means that almost everyone is reachable within just a few clicks these days. That’s great, right? Well, there are some slightly annoying side-effects… Take WhatsApp ‘last seen’ notifications for example. If you’re not great at quickly responding to messages, you can definitely do without it! The globe’s... Read more
Expensive Chat launched as a ‘social experiment’
A new internet chat service has been launched, but there’s an interesting twist. Expensive Chat, launched by entrepreneur Marc Köhlbrugge, will charge you a cent for every character you use. On the face of it, you wouldn’t think that it would really catch on. Though, rather surprisingly, scores of... Read more
Here are the 230 new emojis that have just been approved for 2019
Everybody has been talking about the latest batch of emojis, following their approval earlier this week. Unicode Consortium, the group which approve the icons before they appear on the likes of Android and iOS, has given the green light for no less than 230 new emojis. This means that... Read more
WhatsApp Business to add new web and desktop features to celebrate birthday
To celebrate its first birthday, WhatsApp Business has added some handy features to its desktop and web services. The WhatsApp Business features now available, via fresh web and desktop designs, have been confirmed. Published in an official blog post, the changes are hoped to speed up day-to-day business and... Read more
Skype Outage Causes International Outrage
Skype suffers worst outage in its history: Problem first discovered in UK, soon spread globally affecting millions of users worldwide: “Skype for Business” was unaffected. “#Skypefall” trends on Twitter within 2 hours What happens when the world’s preeminent video call service breaks down? Everyone logs into Twitter and complains... Read more
WhatsApp Productivity Platform Comes To Edge Browser
One of the hot names in productivity apps and platforms is WhatsApp, a messaging feature that is streamlining business operation, especially for project teams and telecommuting personnel. The mobile app WhatsApp syncs automatically with the users’ desktops through the WhatsApp Web platform, which originally launched only for Google Chrome.... Read more
Update For Camfrog Lets You Video Chat With Thousands
As easy, inexpensive computer-based communication tools get more and more accessible, the features they have to offer are on the rise. One company, Camfrog, has developed a platform that lets you video chat, audio chat, text, and participate in chat room-style conversations with thousands of people…simultaneously.   This free... Read more
Viber Communication Tool Gets An Update
There are countless ways to communicate using your tech devices, and Viber just might be the most fun way. It’s free to use when making calls, chatting, or sending files to other Viber users, no matter where they are. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t Skype already do that?” and... Read more
Google Hangouts For Android Getting A Makeover
It looks like the Hangouts makeover Android fans have been asking for is finally happening, and it’s all thanks to Android Police. Google Hangouts has grown messy over time with a ton of features like Google voice calling, video chat, and even SMS messaging and users have not been... Read more
WhatsApp 2.12.114 – New Free Emergency Features And Improvements
WhatsApp has been busy over the last few days releasing update after update of their instant messaging app. Today, WhatsApp 2.12.114 was released but this version is still currently in beta. Because the update is in beta, WhatsApp users cannot download the update from the Google Play Store, you... Read more
Leak Unveils Microsoft “Flow”
The tech and software industry is buzzing after a new email app by Microsoft called “Flow” was leaked on Tuesday (May 19, 2015). Yesterday, the first screenshots unveiling the app leaked. The software giant has yet to announce the app, but a new download page – “Microsoft Confidential” –... Read more
Skype Receives Real-Time Translator
Microsoft has removed its Skype Translator preview out of closed beta and made the software available to anyone running Windows 8.1 or the Windows 10 Technical Preview. No sign-up is necessary. The announcement regarding the released update was posted on Microsoft’s Skype blog last week. Skype Translator currently comes... Read more
Skype For Business Is Good For Business
Microsoft made the announcement recently that they’ve made the leap from the original Lync program (which actually used to be called the Star Trekish Microsoft Office Communicator) to Skype for Business; a separate interface from the widely-used Skype application that intends to make business calls and messaging even better than... Read more
Malicious Ads In Skype – Here’s What To Look For
As if the folks at Skype weren’t already busy enough with their April 14th launch of Skype for Business Online (which has replaced Microsoft’s Lync, which replaced Microsoft Office Communicator), their recent update to personal Skype accounts incorporated a few changes. Back in January, some Skype users reported a... Read more
Kim Dotcom Launches MegaChat, End-To-End Encrypted Messaging Platform
Kim Dotcom might be bankrupt, but that hasn’t stopped him launch the new MegaChat service, an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform to compete with Skype. Going under the ‘Mega’ brand, Dotcom claimed MegaChat would be much safer than Skype due to servers being based outside the U.S., alongside end-to-end encryption... Read more
MegaChat Encrypted Service Launched
Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur, has just announced the release of an encrypted chat service, called MegaChat. The service is to compete with the widely used and Microsoft-owned, Skype. The new features will be rolled out gradually, with the initial services starting off with video-calling, Dotcom said. This news has... Read more