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The Best Mac Software To Get Organised In 2019
The New Year is the perfect time to organise your life – and your Mac. Resolutions are made, healthy habits begin, but have you thought about rejuvenating your Mac? Here is some of the best Mac software to help get you organised in the new year.  Unless you were... Read more
Your Essential Guide to Windows Drivers
We’ve got everything you need to know about Windows Drivers. Most people who have spent any time working with computers will be vaguely aware of the term drivers. However, few are completely clued up on what they are, what they do, and why they’re important. It’s just one of... Read more
How To Speed Up A Slow Laptop Or Computer
5 top tips to speed up your Windows system. Not too long ago, top-dollar technology started coming down in price, largely because consumers were expected to take advantage of the “planned obsolescence” that was built into the device. If you didn’t have the skillset to upgrade your memory, install... Read more
CleanMyMac 3: Powerful, Intuitive, Simple | Ad
Your Mac. As good as new. Macs are glorious machines with a fiercely loyal fan base. Super-fast and with a killer OS, it’s no wonder people fall in love with them. However, in time even the newest and fastest of Macs will begin to slow down, as it gradually... Read more
Four Of The Best Free Utility And Tuning Apps You Should Download Today
Keeping your computer running smoothly can feel like a struggle. However, these free PC cleaning, defragmentation and utility applications make life so much simpler. Keeping an eye on the performance of your computer can help you make sure it keeps running at its best. Thankfully, there are a whole... Read more
Optimize Your PC With Advanced SystemCare 11
We review the latest release of this popular system optimization software from IObit. Advanced SystemCare 11 is a handy all-in-one, and easy-to-use, PC optimization program that cleans, optimizes, speeds up, and protects your system, as well as secure your online privacy. Until the advent of DIY system tools to... Read more
Driver Booster 5 Released
Latest version from IObit helps keep your PC optimized and up to date. Driver Booster 5 has been released and promises a number of updates to help keep your computer in tip-top condition, as it scans for and replaces old, faulty, or missing drivers, from its huge database. The... Read more
Piriform releases CCleaner 5.35
Updated version released in response to security vulnerability. Piriform, the publishers of CCleaner, the world’s most popular PC cleaner, has released version 5.35 following a security vulnerability discovered in version 5.33 (and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191). All users are encouraged to update to the latest version. Users of CCleaner Cloud... Read more
IOBit Release Driver Booster 5 beta
Features new UI and new database architecture for faster driver matching. Driver Booster 5 beta from IOBit is the latest update of its useful tool that helps keep your system up to date. It scans your system automatically after installation and provides you with a comprehensive list of your... Read more
Avira System Speedup Review
We put the latest version of Avira System Speedup to the test. Avira System Speedup is a one click system clean-up utility program that can speed up your PC or laptop, free up hard space and get rid of all the built up junk on your PC, in literally... Read more
Top 5 Best Free Programs To Speed Up Your PC
Tune up your Windows PC with these five great system optimization programs. You buy your new PC and the love affair begins… It’s so fast! With so much memory! This relationship will never go bad! But alas, over time, the shine wears off and your amazing new super-computer starts to slow down.... Read more
System Mechanic – The Essential PC Performance Package
We review iolo Technology’s PC tune-up software. If your PC isn’t running like it used to, it might be time for a tune-up. Unlike your car, though, iolo has a DIY tool for the more experienced user that will let you optimize your booting and application speeds, thwart some... Read more
AVG TuneUp: The All In One Solution To Keep Your PC In Top Shape?
Optimise your Windows PC, Mac or laptop with new AVG TuneUp. Even the newest, most powerful laptops and PCs can begin to experience slow-downs, battery drain, storage issues and performance bottlenecks in just a matter of months. But how do you improve your computer’s performance? It used to be that... Read more
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10
If you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution to protect your technology, you’re a sitting duck for the next virus that comes along. And with reports that show medical data breaches are resulting in lackluster performance for online identity sales on the dark web, hackers are turning to more... Read more
Advanced Systemcare 10 Finally Out Of Beta
While everyone bemoans the slower-than-molasses lag time of an older computer and internet service providers boast about their industry-beating high-speed internet packages, too many tech users overlook one of the most common and easiest culprits in slow hardware: a clogged computer. Advanced Systemcare is a one-click utility that rids... Read more
Driver Booster 4: Give Your PC A Boost!
There’s no worse day-to-day tech snag than needing to run an application, only to get the annoying popup that you need to update your system first. While it certainly beats a total malfunction, the need to update apps and drivers can be a real process slower when you need... Read more
IObit Uninstaller Saves Windows 10 Users
The rollout of Windows 10 was interesting, to say the least. While a lot of Microsoft devotees eagerly anticipated the new operating system before its launch, the reality of it left a lot of tech users reaching for their torches and pitchforks. They felt arm-twisted into accepting automatic updates... Read more
CCleaner: Fast, Powerful, Essential
CCleaner has been around for a long time, and over that length of time, has managed to carve out a solid reputation for itself. This is one of the few programs that has a permanent space reserved for itself on all of my machines. There’s not really a lot... Read more