I don’t know when or how it exactly it will happen, but one thing’s for sure – this world is going to one day begin to end and we all need to be ready for the apocalypse. Maybe this world will meet its end at the hands of aliens, or maybe Hollywood will finally get something right and it will be zombies that finally send uS to the great hereafter. Not so surprising would be that all of the world’s drones would one day decide to go “rogue” and take all of us out. If none of those options suits your fancy, there’s always global warming – just ask Al Gore. Maybe it will all happen at once, or maybe it will be spread out over years and look something like I Am Legend.

However it’s going to happen, like the Boy Scouts always say, it’s good to be prepared. And when it comes to the end of the world as we know it, one can never be too prepared, especially if you’re planning to hide out in some kind of a shelter and wait for better days – assuming of course that you survive at all. If you do want to be prepared, the Wolfram Survival Kit is just the thing you need.

Pick Up Your Own Apocalypse Survival Kit

Not Your Everyday Closet…

This survival kit claims to have all that you need to survive for a good long while in the event of any kind of apocalypse. It has over 170 items within its doors, from food, to water, to various tools, to cleaning supplies. In case you’re thinking about putting this monster on your Christmas list, you might want to check out the price – $14,500. Wow. That’s a whole lot of preparedness.

While I am all about being prepared for the inevitable, that price seems a wee bit steep for my liking. What normal person could justify keeping that closet around the house? Maybe if it transformed into an escape shuttle the price would be worth it, but as it stands, I think I’ll pass.

In case you do have an extra 15 grand around the house, here’s a link where you can purchase it.

[Image via Crnchy]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/14-500-cabinet-contains-everything-you-need-to-survive-1511633782