I love the iPad Mini, and so does countless other users who appreciate the perfectly sized tablet. While it’s not as big as the regular tablet, it more than makes up for that fact with its weight and portability. Now we know Microsoft hasn’t exactly been excelling in the tablet niche, but will a Surface Mini give it a boost?

Rumors are pointing to Microsoft launching the Surface Mini some time this year, with the size being anywhere from 7 to 8 inches. The main target, supposedly, is for the Surface Mini to be a note-taking device. This does make sense in a way as it is generally accepted that tablets in this size range are meant to be used to consume information rather than to create – although it’s not an exclusive thing. It’s just that the size doesn’t lend itself to being the optimal productivity device.


Additionally, it is rumored that the Surface Mini will make use of a pen. And we mean pen, not a stylus. This supports the idea that the tablet is mainly geared toward note-taking, with the pen probably having support for Wacom digitizer.

Assuming you are excited about getting your hands on the world’s best note-taking tablet, you are probably wondering when Microsoft will actually release the Surface Mini. As with all things rumors, nothing is really set in stone, but the usual sources say that it should come out within the year. Considering that Microsoft is rather busy – hardware and software combined – perhaps a pre-Christmas launch is the most plausible timing. After all, they will want to get all that holiday money just waiting to be spent.

What tablet are you using? Are you looking forward to a Surface tablet that is more portable and that is being lauded as the best note-taking device on planet earth (in spite of it not being launched yet)?

[Image via technobuffalo]