Blizzard have a reputation for dropping hyped up titles, even if they do not reveal a lot about the title. We are always reminded how much Starcraft: Ghost and Warcraft Adventures were loved by the community, even though both projects were cancelled way before final release.

This week, CEO Mike Morhaime announced Project Titan, Blizzard’s new MMO they have been working on for seven years, would be cancelled. This comes after thousands of hours of development into the title, adding a new engine and thousands of hours of moments.

Blizzard Project

Morhaime expressed his sadness with how the game just didn’t come together, claiming it “was not fun” and the team knew it. Blizzard did have a meeting about Project Titan last year, leading to rumors they would drop the project, it appears the new facelift was not enough to save the next MMO.

It is hard for Blizzard to create MMO 2.0, since World of Warcraft has such a high standard for end-game content and grind. Destiny, Elder Scrolls Online and all the other new MMOs do some things right, but most things wrong – World of Warcraft does almost everything right for the MMO fan.

We are not sure what type of scene Project Titan would take place, whether it would be RPG or more FPS MMO, allowing people to use guns as their primary weapons. This would come into competition with Destiny, which might be why Blizzard finally decided to pull the plug, since their owner Activision invested $500 million in Destiny.

Morhaime also mentioned that games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm showed him that Blizzard are not just about MMOs. They can create other games for genres and still dominate the market, like the online card game market before Heartstone made it on the scene.