If you’ve had the news on at all since the release if the iPhone 6 and its big brother the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ve no doubt heard about all of the flack Apple seems to be catching over problems with the devices. First, there was the massive problem with the iOS 8.0.1 update which caused many of the new phones to be unusable, and then, out of nowhere it seemed, tons or reports were coming in from all over claiming that the iPhone 6 Plus was prone to bending – as in if someone had their phone in their pocket while wearing tight jeans, it might not come out the same shape it went in. Needless to say, these reports caused an uproar on the internet and over news media everywhere. Hashtags such as #Bendgate began to pop up everywhere, with Apple naysayers milking it for all it was worth. But now, it looks like the problem might not be as bad as it was first made out to be – oh, it’s still a problem; It’s just not a gigantic one.

iPhone 6 Bending Not As Common As One Would Think...

If you only listened to the media, you might’ve thought almost every third iPhone 6 Plus was bending in half. That’s simply not true, according to Apple. According to them, as of right now, they’ve only received nine complaints concerning bending phones. Out of millions of pre-orders, nine doesn’t sound all that bad. Apple states that the phones shouldn’t bend while being used normally.

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[Image via ABCNews]