Have you ever meant to text one person and accidentally texted someone else instead? Of course not, right? Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to send a text message to the wrong recipient, and unfortunately, once you hit “send”, that message is completely out of your hands. Obviously, some mis-texts are way worse than others. For instance, asking your best friend instead of your wife to get some milk on the way home isn’t as bad as asking some romantic question to that same friend when you meant for it to go to your spouse. I’m sure there are all kinds of nightmare wrong text stories out there, but one in particular really stands out to me right now. A Georgia man, Alvin Cross Jr., was recently on probation when he got a craving for some marijuana. Thinking he was texting his favorite drug dealer, he accidentally sent the message to his probation officer. The message? “You have some weed?” His P.O. was less than thrilled.

Oops! Man Texts Probation Officer Instead Of Drug Dealer

After the probation officer received the message, the police searched Mr. Cross’s house where cocaine was ultimately found, and something tells me he is no longer on probation. One thing’s for sure, though – he’ll probably never send a text to the wrong person again!

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[Image via MemeCenter]