“This message will self destruct in five seconds” cue Mission Impossible theme music…Self-destructing gadgets have only been in the minds of writers and special effects crews in the movie business. Such classic character series as Mission Impossible and James Bond come to mind. All that is about to change as SecureDrives has unveiled a new line of Solid State Drives, which, the firm says, can be set to self-destruct via a simple text message.

The new range of drives was created to offer security levels that are beyond encryption. The storage media can even be set to obliterate themselves should a rogue try to remove them from your computer when you are not looking.

The drives have in-built GSM connectivity, this means you can text the hardware at any time and the device will destroy any data that is stored on them.  There is of course standard encryption that is already on the drive but this is an extra layer of security on top of that.

Self destructing drives, designed for the corporate board member and James Bond.

Self destructing drives, designed for the corporate board member and James Bond.

Interestingly, there are two ways to self-destruct the drive:

  • Crypto-sanitise, which wipes data
  • Physical self-destruct with NAND flash memory fragmentation.

The drives come with 128GB storage that uses 20nm NAND flash memory and 256-bit AES encryption. The pricing structure for the drives start at £967. There is no charge for the first year of GSM connectivity, but then it will cost £29 per year after that.

For this price bracket and level or security involved we are speculating these will be marketed at companies, corporations and those who’s private data is extremely sensitive.

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SOURCE: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/131326-securedrives-ssd-self-destructs-when-you-text-it-the-command