You know what they say – no good deed goes unpunished. A woman from Houston, Texas, recently learned that lesson the hard way after she tried to help a teenager who she thought actually needed her help. This past Monday, a teenager randomly knocked on the door of her home asking to use her cell phone to make a call to his mother. She dialed the number and gave the phone to him so he could talk to her, and not surprisingly in today’s world, the boy grabbed the phone and made a run for it. After yelling that she’d been robbed only to have no one help her, she remembered about the “Find my iPhone” feature on her computer and decided to give it a try. The program showed her that her phone, a new iPhone 6, was at a local Starbucks coffee shop and she decided to go and mount a rescue attempt.

When she walked into the Starbucks, she saw the boy who took her phone with another teen, who he was apparently trying to sell the iPhone to. She went to take her phone back, only to have a Starbucks employee tell her she couldn’t do that and would have to leave. Not surprisingly, the teenager also left the Starbucks with her phone in tow. Apparently, Starbucks trains their employees to act this way and to involve the police when they feel their customer’s safety is in jeopardy.

Woman Tracks Her Stolen Phone To Starbucks, Gets Kicked Out

Even though Starbucks was no help in getting her stolen phone back, she was ultimately able to get it back in her possession. It’s never wrong to help someone in need; sadly, though, in the world where we live we have to make very wise decisions when it comes to “helping”, because unfortunately, stories like this one are all too common.

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[Image via NYDailyNews]