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Browse the internet securely and anonymously, wherever you are. There are a lot of great reasons to use a VPN, or virtual private network.... Software Review: HMA! Pro VPN

Browse the internet securely and anonymously, wherever you are.

There are a lot of great reasons to use a VPN, or virtual private network. When traveling abroad, it can help you connect to content you subscribe to regardless of local licensing agreements. When traveling within your country, it can still add a layer of security to public hotspot of hotel WiFi connections. Some users deploy VPNs to protect their privacy from social media platforms and advertising trackers, while a smaller number of people do use them for more “sensitive” personal reasons.

While there’s little doubt that a VPN can help everyone from the most casual user to internet pros, there are some questions when it comes to which one to choose. Ideally, users can find ones that meet their data-versus-cost needs, and ones that will afford them a freemium model before committing to set amount of purchased data per year.


HMA! Pro VPN – Browse the internet securely and anonymously, wherever you are.

More for your money

HMA! Pro VPN (which yes, stands for “hide my a$$” in true VPN nature), part of the Avast security company, offers incredible protection at highly competitive prices. Even better, there are multiple payment plans to choose from, so you’re not locked into service you don’t want or need. Students can take advantage of special in-school pricing, while businesses can choose from three different pricing structures to protect their entire network of computers. Corporate users can even request custom pricing tailored to their specific network needs.

But what do you get for these price? A standard license installs on up to five devices across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, letting you wrap yourself in your own private tunnel to the internet with one click. Once installed, there are no data limits, which means you can upload, download, and stream content without worrying about running over your limit. In order to ensure that your VPN use is seamless, HMA! maintains more than 700 servers in over 190 countries, connecting you no matter where you travel.

Stand-out security 

All of that may sound great–and fairly standard for the better end of the VPN market – but the security is what sets it apart. HMA! does not monitor or log any user activity. The only thing they can access is the legally-required IP address they assign you, and even then, that’s only for three months. Some other encryption apps have unfortunately forgotten to be as forthcoming with the legal requirements in the past, and others like the early days of Snapchat have neglected to factor in the monitoring or storage from the cellular providers who are supporting the mobile device. HMA! can’t maintain a log of your use because they never gathered it in the first place.

HMA! VPN Support

Get superb support with HMA! Pro VPN

Superb support

HMA! Pro VPN customers can choose a combination of desktop and mobile protection with their accounts, which can be done navigating to the company’s site or downloading the app from the corresponding app store for your device. Currently, the tool supports twelve languages from major markets, and offers a thirty-day free trial of its software with no upfront charge. If you’re not satisfied with the product after purchase, the developer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee along with seven day a week customer support.

To try HMA! Pro VPN, download the software from FileHippo and create your account today.