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Rescuing Your Data: A Comprehensive Guide to Data Recovery Solutions

Our digital lives hinge on data, from personal memories to essential work documents. Losing this crucial information can be devastating. Fortunately, data recovery software offers a vital safety net. This guide examines the intricacies of data recovery, its practical applications, and how to choose the right software for protecting your…

Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

GOM Mix Max’s Big Launch

GOM & Company is releasing its newest video editing software, GOM Mix Max, with a big launch celebration. Focused on balancing high-quality and plentiful features, GOM Mix Max will be a powerful tool for new editors and veterans alike. Users who sign up now can get GOM Mix Max for free for…

Quip Desktop App Released For Mac And Windows
Recently Quip announced a new Mac and Windows version of its collaboration-friendly  messaging, spreadsheet, and word processing application. Until now, the app has only been available via Quip’s website and on Android and iOS. Users have been asking for a desktop app for a while now and the company has... Read more
Microsoft Launches ‘Send’ A Lightweight Email App for iPhone
If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has just debuted a new (crazy simple) email app called Send. The company is describing Send as an “in-and-out” email solution that focuses on brevity and simplicity. In truth, it looks more like another messaging app than your typical email app. “Send gives... Read more
Google Chrome Flags uTorrent Software
If you’re a Google Chrome user and uTorrent fan, you may run into some issues when trying to access the software and receive a warning message that the uTorrent service contains “harmful programs.” Apparently, Chrome has flagged the program as malicious due to its regular association with illegal torrents... Read more
WordPress Issues Critical Security Release
Well-known blogging service WordPress has issued a critical security release to fix a vulnerability that could have compromised millions of websites. “WordPress versions 4.2.2 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could allow anonymous users to compromise a site,” said Gary Pendergust in a blog... Read more
New File Sharing Site Keybase Promises Better Security Than Dropbox
Everybody should make an effort to better protect themselves (and their information) on a daily basis. Use two-factor authentication. Encrypt emails. Make sure any of the software you download hasn’t been messed with. But it’s such a headache to do all this on the reg. Enter Keybase, a new... Read more
Automatic Windows 10 Updates Are Mandatory For Home Users
With the official release of Windows 10 a little over a week away, Microsoft is cracking down on consumers who have struggled with installing important Windows updates in the past. The company has announced that home users will have to agree to receive automatic updates with Windows 10 so... Read more
New Features For Microsoft’s Wunderlist Announced
Wunderlist, the popular task management tool recently acquired by Microsoft, announced last week that they had some nifty new features in the works. As of last month, Wunderlist boasted over 13 million users. But back to those new features, for starters, now you can mention a date when typing... Read more
Firefox is Frying Flash By Default
It hasn’t been a good week for Adobe. In the wake of the Hacking Team hacks that leaked 400GB of data belonging to the secretive company earlier this month, multiple 0-day exploits surrounding Java and Flash have been shared with the online community. Adobe reacted quickly and addressed the... Read more
Twitter’s New Security Update
Twitter recently rolled out it’s data dashboard to all users, but the company has taken this action a step further and shared some new updates as well. Available via the Web, the service will tell users about their account activation details, what devices have accessed those profiles, and recent... Read more
Google Drive Gets A Brand New Feature
On Tuesday, July 14th, Google unveiled a tiny but important change to Google Drive. With Google Drive’s latest feature, you can now control who is able to copy, download, or print the content you share using the service by disabling or enabling the feature. This new option is available... Read more
GCC Upgrade For Ubuntu Linux 15.10 ‘Wily Werewolf’ On The Horizon
Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux extensions – if not the most popular Linux extension – in the world. Canonical has taken the complicated and intimidating world of Linux and turned it into an inviting OS for anyone who wants to try it. It’s not as friendly... Read more
That’s Not Classic Nintendo On Your Android Device, It’s Malware
Android may have security features built into the operating software that reduce the chances of a security breach but Android users and Nintendo fans should be on guard. There’s a new piece of Android malware on the loose that is showing up in third-party app stores dressed as a... Read more
BitTorrent Shoot Makes Big Batch Media Sharing Easier
BitTorrent’s new mobile application, BitTorrent Shoot, makes big batch photo and video sharing easy as pie – even when you want to share between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. The biggest advantage of the app, beyond its cross-platform support, is that it leverages BitTorrent’s Sync Technology to move... Read more
Avira Has An Extremely Secure Web Browser In The Works
Up until now, Avira has focused all their efforts on traditional antivirus software that’s intended to contain a security breach after the event. Now, the company is working on expanding their presence (although the company can be considered as one of the biggest online security firms in the world)... Read more
Firefox 39 Arrives With Critical Bug Fixes And Hello Link Sharing
Mozilla recently launched Firefox 39 for Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. Notable changes to the popular web browser include the ability to paste Android clipboard content into editable web content, smoother scrolling and animation on Mac OS X, an option to share Hello URLs via social networks, and critical... Read more
iOS 8.4 Update Includes Major Bug Fixes, New Music App
Apple has released an over-the-air software update for iOS users. iOS 8.4 includes some major bug fixes, several improvement to iBooks, and the highly anticipated Apple Music app update. You can download and install iOS 8.4 on your Apple device by tapping Settings > Software Update. Crucial bug fixes... Read more
Google Open-Sources Deepdream For Creating Weird Images
Google recently announced that it has open-sourced its code for creating (weird) “wild and crazy” images using a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. Deemed the deepdream project, it is now available on GitHub. Deepdream relies on the open-source Caffe deep learning framework. Deep learning involves training... Read more
Malwarebytes Is Giving Pirates Keys To Their Treasure Chest
The makers of the popular anti-malware software, Malwarebytes, announced earlier this week that anyone with a counterfeit code for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Software (MBAM) will soon be given a legitimate code in its place. Instead of punishing pirates, Malwarebytes has developed an Amnesty Program to protect its Anti-Malware Premium customers... Read more