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The latest software and tech news Fastest Growing Email Service
The early indications for Microsoft’s rebranded email service are good. They have managed to notch up over 60 Million active users in the 6 months following last summer’s launch. That makes the fastest growing email service ever. Those figures could be interpreted as a little misleading however, as a... Read more
Microsoft Hotmail Officially Becomes
Out with the old and in with the new, as Microsoft closes it’s doors on Hotmail. Dropping its well known email provider after establishing its user base for 15 years may sound like risky business, but Microsoft is planning to make it up to it’s faithful Hotmail users as... Read more
Gmail Reads Your Email: Microsoft’s New Campaign against Google
Microsoft has been unrelenting in its attacks on Google. Whether it is a product launch or a lawsuit, Microsoft doesn’t let go off any opportunity to attack the search engine giant. This time round, Microsoft has launched a whole new campaign against Google. Being touted as Gmail Reads Your... Read more
Yahoo! Mail Gets a New Look
While it may not be the first thing you think of when you consider email accounts, new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer just mght change that with the new look.  Email account holders will notice a different design that is fresher and easier to navigate.  And if it’s been awhile... Read more
Microsoft: Gmail Users Will Want To Switch To Outlook
As of November this year, Yahoo Mail still tops the list of most popular email services, with 40.8 percent of Americans using the platform. Gmail comes in at a close second with 36.7 percent, while Hotmail lags behind with 18.9 percent. (Source) If one has the confidence that Microsoft... Read more
Gmail 2.0 Released with New Improvements
Gmail 2.0 is available for iPhone users now. Instead of just being an update, it is being promoted as a new look and feel.  However, at the core, it is still an email account. The New Look One of the best new features is the multi-account option.  You can... Read more
PhilterIt: The Gmail Extension For Visual People
There are three main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners do best when information is presented so they can read/see. Auditory learners do best when they hear the information. Kinesthetic learners need touch or experience to learn best. These types can overlap in some people.... Read more
How to Increase Your Email Productivity
If you are like most people, you spend far too much time every day looking through your email to decide which ones are worth keeping and when to hit the delete button. Email is great for transmitting information and sharing with our family and friends as well as making our... Read more
How Secure Are Your Emails?
Emails are hacked every single day, from Gmail and Yahoo to private corporate email servers, with the right know-how and a bit of luck hackers can and will gain access to email accounts. With that being said there are some email accounts that offer better protection than others. For... Read more
Is Better Than Gmail?
Microsoft has struggled against Gmail in the email sector for years, something Microsoft hopes to remedy with the release of, the company’s answer to its own aging service.  Launched with a beautifully crafted user interface looks more like a Google product than a Microsoft platform. The... Read more