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iPhone 5 Tips & Tricks From Apple Itself
Apple has launched a set of new guides called Tips and Tricks in a bid to help users discover all the lesser known new features that are packed into iOS7 and the new iPhones 5S and 5C. The pages inform users about the models that are currently available, so... Read more
Guide to Setting up A VPN in Windows 7
It’s probably a good idea for you to consider getting yourself a Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup when you find yourself connecting to free wireless hotspots on a regular basis. With a VPN, you will have a free and protected tunnel through the Internet. Your data will be safe... Read more
How to Reduce Smartphone Expenses
For those of you who own a smartphone, you already know how much more convenient it is to keep up with your social networking, emails, and net surfing, especially when compared to using your old, basic flip-phone. Most likely, you are also well aware of how quickly your monthly... Read more
Optimize Your Small Business for Mobile
The amount of people that use mobile devices to access the internet has doubled in recent years, according to research from Pew Internet.  In fact, according to the same research, more than half of U.S. cell phone owners use their phones to access the internet. As more people use... Read more
How a Small Business Can Select the Right Linux OS for Desktops
With Microsoft being the leading desktop software for many generations, the introduction to Linux has been a little confusing for most businesses. Although many have tentatively peeked at Linux, more and more small businesses are deciding to adopt this new software for their desktops. However, before you head on... Read more
How to Tell You’re Getting Scammed on the Internet
It’s a fact that most people believe that they would never fall prey to an internet scam.  While we have all heard tales of people being scammed, most of us believe that it couldn’t happen to us.  Though many of the tricks of the trade for internet scam artists... Read more
How to Help Your Laptop Last Longer
Most laptop owners already know that their device is a fragile piece of equipment, no matter how costly the machine may be. With daily wear and tear, accidental drops and spilled drinks, your laptop may look pretty rough, long before you had planned on replacing it. But bumps and... Read more
How to Deal With a Social Media Hoax
Due to social networking and the internet, many people have become citizen journalists, sometimes given first-hand accounts of stories and offering perspectives that many mainstream journalist’s cannot.   This is revolutionary in today’s day and age of instant news broadcast and information, but does have its drawbacks.  Citizen journalism does... Read more
How to Be More Productive with Your Smartphone
People often state that you only use 10 percent of your brain.  While that may or may not be true, it is definitely possible that you only use 10 percent of your smartphone.  You should ask yourself if you are getting the most out of your smartphone. Often, people... Read more
How to Keep Your Touchscreens Looking Like New
Touchscreens have become ubiquitous in our technology driven society.  If you own a smartphone, it is likely that you use a touchscreen daily. It is inevitable that such frequent use will cause your touchscreen to become dirty.  A touchscreen may lose sensitivity if it is not kept clean enough... Read more
How to Design Like Apple
OneMinute MBA provides a video that explains five basic concepts to Apple’s design.  It doesn’t give you detailed, step-by-step instructions of the rules of design, but instead outlines basic ideas that you can apply to your own design. Apple has been a leader in every area they have ventured... Read more
Proper Etiquette for Sharing Photos Online
With today’s social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, taking and sharing photos and videos have become much more convenient, free, and out there for the world to see in an instant. It’s really amazing that you can just scroll down and watch your friends and loved ones’... Read more
How to Protect Young Kids Online
It’s important to protect kids when they are online.  Even a few simple steps can protect the safety and privacy of your children.  Preventative measures for parents fall primarily into two categories: technological and behavioural.   Technological Protection It’s up to you to decide what your child is and isn’t... Read more
How to Choose the Right Smartphone
Whether you are purchasing your very first smartphone or upgrading to a newer version, the choices can be daunting. There are many areas to think about to ensure you get a phone you will enjoy until the next upgrade. Carrier Obviously, the first decision is which carrier you want... Read more
How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts
Ever since Instagram was launched in October 2010, the photo sharing cum social networking platform has exploded in user base. While it was only available for iOS devices in the beginning, Android couldn’t be totally ignored with its huge number of users as well. And, as things went, Instagram... Read more
What Specs Are Important on a Digital Camera?
If you are looking for a digital camera to buy, you will find a lot of specifications listed to tell you about the product.  But how do you know which information is important and what is just extra fluff?  While a lot of it will depend on how you... Read more
Choosing the Best Tablet for You
Whether you are looking for your first tablet or an upgrade or even considering one for a gift, it can be difficult to choose one from among so many options. You look at display resolution, storage space, screen size, and many other features and it can be overwhelming. Here is a... Read more
How to Increase Your Email Productivity
If you are like most people, you spend far too much time every day looking through your email to decide which ones are worth keeping and when to hit the delete button. Email is great for transmitting information and sharing with our family and friends as well as making our... Read more