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UPDF Editor: Multiple Tools to Hone Your PDF Editing Skills (Giveaway)

PDFs are used in almost every professional environment. This has also given rise to various professional tools to help edit and save PDFs. The problem with these tools is they don’t have all the features, so you end up spending on multiple tools to get the most out of your…

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade to Windows 8
With Windows 8 set to become the talk of tech town, it is time you start deliberating whether or not you will be jumping on the bandwagon. Windows has been a reliable operating system for many years, no doubt but with iOS, Mac and Android challenging it, it has... Read more
KIDO’Z: The App for Android Kids
Kids today perceive technology as fundamentally human. That was the finding of research firm Latitude when they conducted a study earlier this year. It really should not come as a surprise, if you pause to reflect on it. Babies are born into a world where the use of technology is... Read more
Internet Browser Alternatives for This Generation
This generation is one that is used to having everything served up in an instant. Forget emotional intelligence. What can be acquired now will be received with impatience. This is not the generation that seems to have YOLO as its mantra for nothing! And speaking of living, many people’s lives... Read more
The Biggest Patent Lawsuits Of 2012
2012 was the year of the patent wars. Apple won $1.1 billion, Research In Motion was accused and found guilty of violating a patent for the type of technology that made it billions of dollars and Google paid $12.5 billion to purchase a company that it would later use... Read more
Facebook’s 5 Biggest Failures in 2012
With 1 billion users finally reached, new ad spots for web and mobile platforms helping increasing revenue and plenty of acquisitions and talent hired you would think that 2012 was the best year in Facebook’s short corporate life. Unfortunately for employees 2012 was also the focus of some very... Read more
Critical Updates Your Computer Needs Regularly
I often become annoyed by the constant “update” reminders my Windows based desktops and notebooks throw my way. The truth is, regular critical updates are a necessity if you want your computer to avoid viruses and to function with today’s top technologies. Whether you need to update your virus... Read more
The Best Project Management Software
Three different names in project management software to help you keep track of your team and handle your projects and tasks in a more efficient manner. Collaboration is one of the critical activities in any team. It is even more crucial to have clear and transparent channels of communication... Read more
Biggest Tech Turkeys Of 2012
From a classic American photography company on the brink of extinction to a mobile mapping system that can barely map a users requests the biggest tech turkeys of 2012 have angered customers and investors while leaving the future of at least one cell phone manufacturer hanging in the balance.... Read more
Free iPhoto Alternatives
At the outset, let me say that I am totally happy with iPhoto. It is compatible with practically any digital camera, and you simply have to plug and play. It organizes photos and videos without any complications. You can resize and edit photos without requiring expert knowledge. That does... Read more
Minecraft May Not Be Compatible With Windows 8
The announcement of Microsoft Windows 8 has certainly made a few game makers speak out against this famous operating system. One of those game makers being the Minecraft creator, Markus Persson. Through his Twitter account, Persson discussed how Windows 8 was an open platform more than an operating system... Read more
Photogotchi – Tamagotchi For The New Millennium
When the Tamagotchi was released by Bandai in 1996, the company probably didn’t think it would be the hit it became. I certainly was surprised when I learned that as of 2010, more than 76 million Tamagotchis had been sold all over the world! The egg-shaped toy brought a... Read more
2012’s Worst Computer Viruses and Malware
2012 was the year of the computer virus thanks to cyber warfare being encountered at the international level and hacktivists groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous attacking websites on a daily basis. With computer viruses and malware on the rise we take a look at three of 2012’s worst... Read more
Managing Your Laptop’s Battery Life
You’re on the go, but your laptop doesn’t seem to be keeping up. You purchased the bigger battery with extra life, yet your battery seems to last for a total of 30 minutes – not enough time to get anything done on the road. While you are struggling to find your... Read more
Is Linux No More?

Is Linux No More?

News October 2, 2012

Not everyone owns a computer with a Linux desktop, but those who do love what they have. Linux has a reputation for better performance and since their operating system is smaller, things seem to move at a better pace. Linux applications are always controlled and most errors associated with... Read more
Microsoft IE Security Woes

Microsoft IE Security Woes

News September 29, 2012

Microsoft has never been known to offer the most secure software, but legions of users continue to be loyal to the brand. In spite of the seemingly countless issues plaguing the operating system– various iterations included – Microsoft remains at the top. The Latest Security Flaw Early this month,... Read more
Life Online Mirror – How The Internet Sees You
Have you ever wondered what your internet browsing could add up to? The National Media Museum in the United Kingdom has wondered that very same thing. The “Life Online Mirror” was created to show you a digital reflection of yourself based on what you do online.   How It... Read more
New Features In Windows 8
When Windows 8 launches on Oct. 26 2012 the new operating system will looking decidedly different than previous versions of the Windows OS and design changes won’t be the only new features found on the OS. Microsoft is introducing deeper account integration, better hardware support and even increased security... Read more
PCs May Have Pre-Installed Malware
It is nothing new for a person to buy a PC and finding a number of new features. With the passage of time, retailers have become more cautious and throw in security software to appease the customers. After all, there is nothing more threatening to the average PC user... Read more