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Now You Can Share Videos On Instagram
In a press event yesterday, the popular photo sharing app Instagram, announced the release of their new feature “Video on Instagram”. It’s not a huge surprise after all the recent speculation as to what the event was about. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, said in his speech that “the... Read more
Android Key Lime Pie Pushing For October Launch
The next version of Android is to be named Key Lime Pie, whether this is Android 4.3 or Android 5 remains to be seen. VR-Zone has reported that Key Lime Pie is to have a late October launch and it will be heavily optimized to allow it run on... Read more
PQI Launches 6 New Micro USB OTG Dongles Armed & Ready
At the recent Computex show, Taiwanese flash memory specialists, PQI, brought their game with a few nifty pieces of kit. Many of the company’s new Connect 200 and Connect 300 series micro-USB OTG dongles, offer memory expansion that will come in handy for microSD-less devices. Today we are taking... Read more
What Android Has That iOS Hasn’t
The comparisons between Android and iOS are numerous. Perhaps the most notable is that iOS has always been designed for ease but not customisable. With iPhone users demanding more personalisation, things might be about to change. Tim Cook said at D11 “I think you will see us open up... Read more
Google Face Gesture – No Need For A Password
Do you turn your nose up at having to remember yet another password? Well, maybe in future that’s all you’ll have to do  to unlock your Android phone or tablet! It has been announced that in June last year, Google filed a patent suggesting that users pull a specific face... Read more
1 Billion Android Phone Shipments Predicted In 2017
Shipments of Android smartphones are expected to climb to more than 1 billion units annually in 2017; more than twice the amount of Android phones that shipped last year! According to Market research firm Canalys‘ press report, Android is clearly way out in front and its forecast of one billion... Read more
Laptop That Can Run Windows 8 & Android
New devices have been unveiled ahead of the start of Computex, a tech show that will be running in Taipei, Taiwan from Tuesday to Saturday. Amongst some of the launches announced was a laptop that can run both Windows 8 and an Android OS. The Transformer Book Trio was... Read more
Facebook Home’s New Ad  – “Turn Me Off”!
Facebook have launched adverts on the Facebook Mobile page telling users that if they need alone time, turn Home off. This appears to be a desperate bid to convince Android owners to give it a try. The post said ” Cover feed on the HTC First keeps your friends... Read more
Android To Overtake Apple
Ok, so they aren’t completely taking them over! (I thought it would grab your attention though!) They are however predicted to supercede Apple when it comes to tablets. Apple have dominated this market ever since the tablet was launched. However the tech research company ABI Research think this is about... Read more
Motorola Planning Android Phones That Are “Just Right”
Some people like it really small. Others like it ginormous. Whatever “it” is, there is always a market for the “just right” size, and the smartphone niche is no different. There are people who like phones that they can wrap their hands around. There are those who yearn for... Read more
Android Users Now Dominate Instagram
A little more than a year ago, Instagram was released for Android. Prior to that release, the photo app was the sole domain of filter-happy iPhone users. I could be wrong, but I think that many an iOS hipster was not happy that the audience base for Instagram suddenly... Read more
Samsung And Mozilla Creating Servo – New Android Browser
Samsung and Mozilla are not exactly a pair that comes to mind immediately, but they have come together for a new project. Something that will, in all likelihood, only fuel the browser wars. Early this month, Mozilla made an announcement that serves to support their mission to advance the... Read more
Forget Siri: Android’s New Utter App is Awesome
With the advent of Siri came an onslaught of attempts by other applications to replicate Siri’s success.  Luckily for Android users, there is a promising new voice controlled personal assistant that may be able to give Siri some serious competition.  Not simply content to be a Siri clone, Utter... Read more
750M Android Devices Activated To Date
Android is the world’s most used mobile platform today, says Google CEO Larry Page. In a blog post last week, Page quickly shared a few numbers supporting his statement that Android is the current King of the Hill. What do you think about global partnerships with over 60 manufacturers;... Read more
10-inch Nexus And 3G-capable Nexus 7 In The Works?
Before we were all blown away (take it with sarcasm or not) by the Apple Special Event the other day, the Android community was all abuzz with rumors about the iPad line’s competitor. Thanks mainly to the invites that Google sent out for its own event, which is slated... Read more