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Ransomware Attacks And Our Vehicles
A rash of ransomware attacks have left US hospitals and medical centers reeling from the aftereffects of having their networks locked and their patient information hanging in the balance. Part of the reason the facilities have suffered from data breach threats is because–quite frankly–they work. When hospitals are left... Read more
Blood Donors’ Compromised In Red Cross Breach
With worldwide shortages of donated blood staying in a constant state of “crisis” level, the last thing the medical community needed was another reason for people to fear rolling up their sleeves. Over the years, false stories of becoming infected while donating or suffering some form of medical emergency... Read more
Tech Guide: Only 65 Days Til Christmas…
Ah, the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The family togetherness, the decorations, the lovingly selected and well-thought out gifts… and the murder and mayhem of holiday shopping. If you’re one of the growing number of people who would willingly skip the potential penny-saving discounts in order to avoid... Read more
Arrest Made In 2012 LinkedIn Breach
Hacking and data breaches were once “needle in a haystack” crimes, with international efforts to track down and apprehend the culprits typically resulting in little to show for it. With better networking and technology to help with the legwork, law enforcement officials are having more and more success in... Read more
Tech Companies: “We’re Not Yahoo”
News broke this week of some pretty shady dealings from Yahoo. Some former employees have released the news that the company was spying on its own customers’ email accounts at the US government’s request, intent on snooping around for evidence of illegal activity through keywords and phrases. While the... Read more
Yahoo Hack Proves Passwords Aren’t The Only Target
When large-scale data breaches and hacking events first became headline news, thieves were after credit card information, debit card accounts, and other payment details. But the problem with that type of low-hanging fruit is it’s all too easily changed. Within moments of the first fraudulent transaction–if it even goes... Read more
Seagate Sued By Staff After Phishing Data Leak
Seagate the hardware manufacturer most well-known for making hard drives for computers is this week facing down a lawsuit launched by some of its own employees after their personal information was handed over in a sophisticated phishing scam. Information about staff was apparently willingly attached to an email and... Read more
Concerns Over Medical Software Security
With record numbers of hacking events and data breaches exposing hundreds of millions of individuals’ personal identifiable information every year, you’d think by now there’d be no one left to have an unblemished, untarnished, “unpublished” security record. In fact, experts like the ITRC have begun warning consumers about data... Read more
98M Russian Email Accounts Hacked
Just when everyone likes to point this finger at Russian hacker groups for some of the recent major-scale data breaches, the tables have turned. According to research by Leaked Source, (kind of like the Russian equivalent of Yahoo) was breached and around 98 million users’ email and password... Read more
Arrest Made In Sage Data Breach
Agencies like the Identity Theft Resource Center, which first started tracking data breaches in 2005, have shown that the numbers have set new records almost every single year for the sheer volume of attacks and consumer records exposed. Security experts have found that no industry is immune to data... Read more
Hospital Ransomware Attacks On The Rise
In the realm of data breaches and hacking events, there are a handful of victims who are easy targets, for one reason or another. Elder scams, for example, are quite common–and utterly reprehensible, committed by the lowest humans on the planet–due to the perception that senior citizens are both... Read more
Stopping Rogue Employees With Software
Data breaches and hacking are on the shortlist of fears that plague many business executives, and with good reason. The Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking data breaches since 2005, and almost every single year since then has seen a record number of breaches and hacking; these events... Read more
Are Security Holes In Apps Leaking Your Data?
There’s an app for just about everything these days, especially where our health is concerned. However, what permissions are consumers blindly granting to the latest apps, and who has access to that data? News recently appeared that a popular pregnancy and fertility tracking app had some serious security holes,  inlcluding a... Read more
Amazon Breached And Customer Data Exposed…Or Not?
That’s the trouble with those pesky data breaches…are they true, or not? In the case of the recent alleged attack on Amazon’s servers, we’re still not sure. But that doesn’t stop the news from circulating, or the consumer panic from setting in. A hacker going by the Twitter handle... Read more
SEC Hires Cybersecurity Expert
The SEC has brought on an expert in cybersecurity to advise its director and enact strict policies to prevent crime. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is the arm of the government charged with overseeing the buying and selling of securities. They’re charged with the oversight of major-name players... Read more
TeamViewer Insists There Was No Hacking
When news of a data breach occurs, typically the company whose information was hacked issues a statement to the effect of an ongoing cybersecurity investigation, informs the affected users, and offers up whatever legal reparations are required, such as credit monitoring or free copies of the victims’ credit reports.... Read more
LinkedIn Breach Results In Phishing Scams
Business-oriented social media platform LinkedIn posted an announcement this week that there’s been additional fallout from a four-year-old data breach. Back in 2012, the site suffered an unauthorized access attack in which the passwords of multiple accounts were compromised. Now, however, additional information that is believed to have been... Read more
Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities On The Rise
Data breaches, hacking events, and ransomware attacks are on the rise, and experts have uncovered what may be a contributing factor: the number of previously unknown software vulnerabilities that hackers have exploited to break into networks has more than doubled in the last year. The number of zero-day vulnerabilities–meaning... Read more