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Drone Racing Is Now A Thing
Admit it, you read that headline and your brain unconsciously changed it to “not a thing,” driven by a sense of hope. Sorry. The International Drone Racing Association (yes, there’s an association, and yes, it’s international) announced its broadcast partnership with none other than ESPN, who will actually broadcast... Read more
Geofencing No-Fly Zones For Drones
Drones are pretty cool, when you think about it. Despite their current pop status as a hobbyist tool and source of entertainment, the military has already employed drones in mission critical situations and law enforcement agencies are already working with the possibilities for disarming tense scenarios with less risk... Read more
Amazon Drones Get FAA Approval
If you want to fly your drone in the US, there are particular regulations in place, which currently restrict certain uses. These old laws haven’t been changed for a long time, but it looks like that is about to change. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently approved... Read more
Back To The Drawing Board: Google Delivery Drone Fails
The drone delivery program from Google was part of the company’s drone-delivery system Project Wing, under the Google Project X research lab. The idea was for the delivery drones to be able to take-off vertically and then land vertically. This is the key feature that would be useful in busy... Read more
Google Confirms Titan Drones Will Fly This Year
We all wait patiently every year for fresh and exciting news to come from Mobile World Congress and this year is no exception. There have been lots of different things happening in the realms of mobile pay, hardware and surrounding technology at this year’s MWC. One thing that caught... Read more
This Farmer Uses A Drone To Make “Cow Art”
It turns out this whole drone craze may be beneficial after all. How so? Just consider some of the things drones have allowed us to film that would’ve otherwise been impossible: Drones have helped take never-before-seen photos of the inside of a volcano while erupting, they’ve helped film movie... Read more
NASA Designing A Drone For Mars
Always at the forefront of science and technology, NASA may be sending a copter drone to Mars five years from now. The drone will accompany a six-wheeled terrain vehicle that is being designed for the space administration’s next rover mission. According to, the copter drone is currently being... Read more
Drone Crashes On White House Lawn, Causes Lockdown
There are a few places you never want your new drone to crash – in the ocean (or any other body of water for that matter), on the highway during rush hour traffic, near the scene of a car wreck mid-investigation…and perhaps the top spot to never crash your... Read more
Man Braves Freezing Water To Rescue Drone
People sure do care a lot about their devices, and they will do just about anything to keep them safe or to get them back if they’ve been stolen. (Why else is there a Find my iPhone feature, among others, if we weren’t supposed to go and track them... Read more
Watch This Kangaroo Knock A Drone Out Of The Sky
I don’t own a drone (I wish I did), but I can imagine just how tempting it would be to film anything and everything, including animals in their natural habitats. A drone offers the possibility to capture all kinds of footage not possible with handheld cameras. After all, there... Read more
TGI Friday’s Drone Cuts Photographer’s Nose
You never know what could happen when you sit down to eat at a restaurant. You could get really bad service, you could get food poisoning, your food could end up tasting awful, someone could mess up your bill – the possibilities are near endless. Or, none of those... Read more
GoPro to Release Their Own Drone
The idea of capturing your own stunts and events has been at the forefront of the GoPro team since, well, they started really. GoPro is expanding from its business of making wearable video cameras. In line with the ever growing business of drones and drone related gadgetry, GoPro Inc.... Read more
Amazon Drone Service Coming to the UK
Would you like a new job? Maybe you would like to work for Amazon? Well, if you think that working in the picking department would be too much like hard work; running around sticking labels on a myriad of products, you needn’t worry. Apparently there are other, more interesting, careers that... Read more
Hawk Vs. Drone: Who Wins?

Hawk Vs. Drone: Who Wins?

Video October 13, 2014

It seems you can’t visit any tech website without reading something about drones. Most of them all seem to say much the same thing: they’re awesome, they’ll be delivering your goods soon, they’re going to help make better movies, and they’re all kinds of fun to use. And while... Read more
Drone Captures Insane Video of Volcano Erupting!
While it’ll likely never happen safely, I’ve always wanted to witness a volcano erupting. Luckily, even when we can’t physically witness something, we live in the day and age when technology is able to come to our rescue time and time again. With the advent of drone technology, we’ve... Read more
Drone Deliveries From DHL Are Starting In Germany!
There’s been a lot of talk in the air (pun intended) about delivering goods using drones. From Amazon to Google, companies have not been shy going public with their interest in the unmanned flying technology. When Amazon will actually get the clearance to use drones to deliver your packages... Read more
NASA Is Making A Drone Air Traffic Control System
There have emerged some reports that NASA is developing an air-traffic control system, which has been designed specifically for drones, such as the ones that are currently being tested by Amazon and Google. The programme is in response to a growing interest in drones for a variety of different... Read more
Amazon Requests Permission From FAA For Drone Program
The plan for Amazon to begin shipping deliveries via drone is gathering pace as the company sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week. The global giant is “incredibly passionate about” its Amazon Prime Air feature.  The service would see airborne drones delivering packages to registered... Read more