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Apple Removes Metadata+ Drone Strike Map App from App Store
In a sudden, and unexpected move, Apple unilaterally decided to ban the Metadata+ iOS app that maps US drone strikes from the Apple Store. The app’s main purpose was to send push notifications to users iOS devices when drone strikes were reported. Metadata+ was originally created to work in... Read more
Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Seen Flying Over France
Oliver C. is at it again! The creative YouTuber who spends some of his spare time creating Star Wars “skins” for his drones has come up with another design from a galaxy far, far away. In the past, he’s given us the Millennium Falcon, the Tie Interceptor, and now, perhaps better... Read more
Amazon Testing Drones In Canada
Amazon’s plans are to one day use delivery drones to deliver packages to people around the world. They’ve even gone through several stages of development for their drones, but haven’t had too much luck with the FAA. With the testing rules as governed by the FAA, Amazon would be... Read more
Man Creates Flying Speeder Bike From Star Wars
Growing up, I loved playing with toys (Who didn’t?). Besides Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, my other favorites belonged to the Star Wars universe. I can’t even tell you how many action figures I had from a galaxy far, far away. I had several versions of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo,... Read more
Strange Drones Are Showing Up Over Paris At Night
The drones are coming! It seems drones are creating just as many problems as they’re solving around the world. For every story about the good potentials of drone use, there seems to be another story of someone not using their brain and flying them where they shouldn’t be, like... Read more
FAA Issues Commercial Drone Rules, Looks Bad For Amazon
Last year, it was widely reported by TechBeat and other sources that Amazon was getting into the drone craze and designing delivery drones which would be capable of delivering packages right to the doorstep with no need of a delivery person. They even got so into the idea they... Read more
A Drone Circus Is On The Way
We should’ve known that drones were going to find a way to take over the world. While there are all kinds of uses for drones, I have to admit I never thought “circus entertainment” would be one of them, but it has been announced that Amsterdam Arena will hold... Read more
You Can Build Your Own Millennium Falcon Drone
I haven’t purchased a drone yet, but someday I hope to own one. Having written several stories about them, I like to think I have some kind of an idea of what to do vs. what not to do with one of the small flying machines. For instance –... Read more
Crouching Tiger Actress Proposed To With A Drone
You may remember actress Zhang Ziyi for her role in the hit movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Today, though, she’s making the news headlines thanks to her engagement to Chinese musician Wang Feng. (Many congratulations to the happy couple!) It’s not the fact that she’s engaged that’s making the news though,... Read more
Which Drone Is Best For You?
Drones have become a popular hobby for many and not just among aerial photography enthusiasts, some people actually enjoy just the thrill of mastering the controls of a quadcopter. A certain amount of skill is required to fly these four-propeller drones but thankfully there is enough choice out there... Read more
Drone Crashes On White House Lawn, Causes Lockdown
There are a few places you never want your new drone to crash – in the ocean (or any other body of water for that matter), on the highway during rush hour traffic, near the scene of a car wreck mid-investigation…and perhaps the top spot to never crash your... Read more
Drone Industry & FAA Want To Make Drones Safer
It turns out a lot of drones are surprisingly affordable and popular right now, with hobbyists and amateurs alike. With the increase in drone activity, it has become necessary for the FAA to work in conjunction with the drone industry to make sure anyone who’s flying a drone is... Read more
TGI Friday’s Drone Cuts Photographer’s Nose
You never know what could happen when you sit down to eat at a restaurant. You could get really bad service, you could get food poisoning, your food could end up tasting awful, someone could mess up your bill – the possibilities are near endless. Or, none of those... Read more
Amazon Uses 15,000 Robots to Make Warehouses More Productive
Amazon is diversifying its workforce with 15,000 robots, in an effort to make the warehouses more efficient and give human workers a bit of a leg break from scouting the warehouse for a single toy. The news was announced in time for the holiday season, Amazon’s busiest time. The... Read more
Anura Drone Fits in your Pocket for you to use Whenever
You just never know when you’ll need to use a drone. Maybe you want to spy on some random person or conversation. Or, maybe you want to capture some neat aerial photography. Or, maybe you just want to take some kind of extreme selfie of yourself doing something crazy.... Read more
Researchers Using Drones to Study Killer Whales
People have found all kinds of wonderful uses for drones, not limited to delivering goods, shooting movie scenes, capturing great aerial photography shots, and picking fights with birds of prey. Now, researchers are even using them to study ocean animals in some unprecedented ways. Using a hexacopter drone, a... Read more
Hawk Vs. Drone: Who Wins?

Hawk Vs. Drone: Who Wins?

Video October 13, 2014

It seems you can’t visit any tech website without reading something about drones. Most of them all seem to say much the same thing: they’re awesome, they’ll be delivering your goods soon, they’re going to help make better movies, and they’re all kinds of fun to use. And while... Read more
Nixie: A Selfie Boomerang Drone That Attaches To Your Wrist
We’ve all had moments when it would’ve been great if we could’ve taken a selfie, but for whatever reason, we couldn’t get to our phone in time, and the moment passed. Sometimes it’s no problem at all to take a selfie, and other times, say when you’re hanging off... Read more