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Firefox for iOS update includes tab and private browsing improvements
If you’re a Firefox user on iOS, we’ve got some good news for you.. Firefox for iOS has shared the advantages of its latest update. Now you will be able to better organise your tabs; a big relief for many! Not only that, you can also feel like nobody... Read more
Latest Firefox release includes better tab management and recommendation features
Mozilla unveiled the latest Firefox release on Tuesday (December 11) and it’s had a great response. Firefox 64, available now for desktop and android, boasts better browser tab organisation and nifty recommendation tools. “It’s the season for spending time with family and friends over a nice meal and exchanging... Read more
Firefox Creators Mozilla Launch $2M Prize To Decentralize The Web
Initiative could change the face of the internet. No that’s right, the not for profit organization, Mozilla, the same people who created the popular web browser, Firefox, are literally offering $2 million to anyone who can decentralize the internet… And they’ve already started accepting applications for ideas that could make... Read more
Firefox 53 Finally Released: Drops Support For Windows Vista And XP
Upside is that latest browser release should boost performance and reduce crashes. Sadly, yet probably inevitably, support for Windows XP and Vista is no more. That’s right it’s gone, and it won’t be coming back. The Firefox browser was one of the last browsers to still support the older... Read more
Mozilla Launches Private Browser For iOS: Firefox Focus
Mozilla has announced the launch of Firefox Focus – promising free, fast and easy to use private browsing for iOS devices. Firefox Focus is for the times when you don’t want to leave a record on your phone… You know, for information that in certain situations is sensitive, such... Read more
Mozilla Releases Firefox 50
Firefox 50: Faster, Stronger, Smarter? And so, Mozilla have unleashed the new stable Firefox 50 browser onto the internet. The good news for Firefox desktop aficionados is that the new browser update will be rolled out and automatically installed across all the operating systems, including 32 and 64 bit versions... Read more
Mozilla To Block Flash From August
Mozilla will block Flash in Firefox starting next month Mozilla is helping to hammer another nail in the coffin of Flash, and has finally joined other major browser vendors by deciding that starting August this year, Firefox will begin to block invisible Flash content, and that starting 2017, all... Read more
Firefox Launches Multi-Identity Containers
Firefox now lets you browse and log into accounts under different identities in order to keep your accounts separate. It’s a pain to have to constantly log in and out of different internet accounts–say, your Gmail or your Amazon account. And if those separate accounts have a specific reason... Read more
Firefox 48 Beta Includes “Electrolysis”
The developers at Mozilla have a brand-new feature to incorporate in their latest Firefox update, one that has them calling it the single biggest innovation the browser’s team has made. Dubbed “Electrolysis,” the E10S feature will essentially split Firefox into two separate processes, one for UI and one for... Read more
Google’s Chrome Browser Overtakes Internet Explorer For The First Time
Google Chrome has officially overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world’s most used web browser. The news finally ends Microsoft’s default Windows browser’s almost two-decade long dominance as the leading internet browser. Haven’t I heard this one before? Probably. Over the last few years, quite a few tech analytics... Read more
Pale Moon : A Real And Fun Alternative Browser
“Your Browser, Your way.” (Allegedly.) I’ve used a lot of different browsers over the years and I remember writing about the Linux based Pale Moon browser back in 2014, and I liked it. But now Moonchild Productions has released Pale Moon 26.0, the browser’s first big update in two years,... Read more
Firefox 44 Gets Official Release And Some New Features
The latest version of Firefox has been officially released, and users should be prepared some new features. According to the changelog Mozilla released for Firefox version 44 everyone’s favorite fox based web browser now has Web Push notifications.  This latest added trick should save users on battery power, and... Read more
Ex Firefox Boss Releases Open Source Ad-Blocking Web Browser In Brave Move
The newly released web browser Brave claims to be ad-free but how true is that? Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla, and also the inventor of JavaScript has unleashed his new brainchild on the internet; an ad-free web browser that automatically blocks tracking cookies, and promises a faster,... Read more
Firefox Still On Fire And No Longer Needs Money From Google
The Mozilla Foundation, the not-for-profit company behind popular web browser Firefox has revealed that it’s doing just fine without Google’s millions. For the longest of times, it often appeared that Mozilla’s fortunes relied on the charitable mood of Google to remain viable. Google were in real terms, practically bankrolling... Read more
Official Mozilla Firefox for iOS App Released
Firefox, the 2nd most used web browser in the world has finally become available for Apple iOS devices. As FileHippo reported back in September, the company behind Firefox, Mozilla had been trialing the app exclusively in New Zealand. But it was only 2 years ago that Mozilla rejected the idea of a Firefox browser... Read more
Mozilla’s Latest Update Offers Better Security, Privacy
One of the top three web browsers released an update recently, and its creators are touting one of its more sought-after features: enhanced privacy. The developers at Mozilla have upped the security for the latest Firefox update, and they’re feeling pretty good about the results.   One of the... Read more
FossaMail Open-Source Mail Client Launches Update
There are a few reasons to skirt the old standbys and try something different with your email, as this update from Pale Moon shows. The people who launched their own browser have released an update to their popular FossaMail feature, and it’s a great way to switch from a... Read more
Chrome To Silence Audio Auto-Play In Tabs: Internet Set To Rejoice
The internet is collectively poised to exhale loudly in relief as news has begun to surface that Google Chrome will silence tabs that automatically play whenever a new tab is opened. In what might start to put an end to one of the biggest bug-bears of recent times for... Read more