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Tidy up your Google Drive with These 5 Neat Tips
Google Drive gives you lots of space in order to store everything from documents, photos and forms but like any other huge closet, it inevitably gets a little messy. Here are five tips on how to keep your virtual storage cupboard organized and tidy. Organise Your Storage Space Image... Read more
How to Change your Word Processing Dictionary
All over the world, people are using Microsoft Word and other word processing applications with the wrong dictionary, the most common offender being UK English users that have the American English dictionary, or vice versa. So colour becomes colour and you have z popping up all over the place... Read more
How to Take Advantage of Auto Fill in Excel
Even if you have always avoided learning how to use Microsoft Excel correctly, hiding behind the sofa whenever the word Spread and Sheet are used together? Then there are some of the timesaving options in Excel that only take a few seconds to learn. One easy one to try... Read more
How To Convert A PDF To A Word Document Using Adobe Reader
Have you ever created a PDF and then needed to send it to someone who uses Microsoft Word as his or her primary office tool?  It isn’t really an issue for either party, as you can you edit your PDF easily and convert it to a Microsoft Word document.... Read more