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Security Flaw Opened Access To Ring Doorbells
Connected doorbell vulnerability exposed.  Internet connected tech has worked its way into a lot of aspects of everyday life. From IoT medical implants to crock pots that you can turn on and off from anywhere with your smartphone to light bulbs that respond to feedback from the connected thermostat... Read more
Google’s IoT Platform Android ‘Things’ Out Of Beta And Free For All Developers
Google goes all in to try and steal back market share from competitors. Google says it’s developer platform for Internet-Of-Things (IoT) devices, ‘Android Things‘ is now out of beta and version 1.0 is free to be downloaded. In a bid to attract as many developers and hardware manufacturers as possible,... Read more
New Energy Efficient Public Key Encryption For The Internet Of Things Revealed
A newly designed microchip will reduce the power consumption on public-key encryption devices by 99.75%, but increase speed by 500%, according to researchers at MIT. The Internet Of Things (IoT) may have been touted as a positive thing with lots of potential when it first came on the scene,... Read more
Beware Connected Toys This Holiday Season
‘Almost anyone’ can hack IoT childrens’ toys, says report. The holiday shopping season creeps back earlier and earlier each year, with major retailers already reaching out to customers as much as a month ago to advertise seasonal deals and specials. Each year, one of the ongoing holiday headaches involves... Read more
IoT-powered home insurance launched
UK-based Neos says smarthome tech may lower premium costs. For years, auto insurance providers have offered customers a simple way to lower their insurance costs via ‘black box’ tracking devices. Now UK insurance start-up Neos is working to bring the same savings to home owners’ insurance through smart tech. By installing... Read more
Body Hack: IoT Medical Devices Are Vulnerable
DefCon highlights weaknesses in life-saving tech. Hackers and “killing spree” aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but that correlation is exactly what biomedical researchers and cybersecurity experts came together to discuss at the recent DefCon event. It’s no secret that IoT and connected medical implants have had more... Read more
WannaCry Infects IoT Medical Devices
Equipment made by Bayer and Siemens vulnerable too. In the era of constant connectivity, Internet of Things devices reign supreme. They’ve been working their way into our daily lives at rapid pace while eager consumers snap them up. Televisions, kitchen appliances, security cameras, thermostats… there’s an ever-growing list of... Read more
BrickerBot Malware “Bricks” Open IoT Devices
BrickerBot turns your IoT device into a handy paperweight. So far, consumers and tech experts alike have a love hate relationship with Internet of Things-connected devices (IoT). On the one hand, there are exciting innovations that have added convenience and security to our daily lives. At the same time,... Read more
IoT Dishwasher Has Serious Security Flaw
Vulnerability found in network-connected device from German manufacturer Miele. The internet of things has brought “wave of the future” aspirations to our current tech reality, with much of the devices hitting the market looking for all the world like something out of a Disney EPCOT Center display. Unfortunately, as both tech experts... Read more
Word From Our Editor: CUJO, The Next Big Thing In Cyber Protection
Every now and then a new piece of tech comes along that stops you in your tracks and makes you say, wow, I need this in my life! CUJO is definitely one such piece of tech. Simply put, CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home (or... Read more
Security Flaw Devices In Medical IoT Devices
No one ever wants to read a headline that includes the words “fatal” and “medical” in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what security experts are calling a newly discovered “fatal flaw” in connected medical implants. These devices, which rely on external updates, include implanted support tech like pacemakers,... Read more
Routers May Be To Blame For IoT Hacking
Both proponents and critics of internet of things (IoT) connected devices have long questioned their security, at least from a hacking standpoint. From Nest thermostats that were intentionally hacked to prove a point to the potential for insulin pumps and glucose meters to be manipulated with life-threatening consequences, there... Read more
BullGuard And The World’s First IoT Security Scanner
The internet of things is awesome…and BullGuard aims to keep it that way by keeping hackers out of your connected devices with its IoT Scanner. The Internet of Things has steadily taken off, perhaps not in the overnight world-changing manner that many people hoped, but in the ongoing rollout... Read more
Windows 10 IoT Core support for Raspberry Pi 3
I do love me some Pie, particularly Apple Pie. But I’m also a really big fan of Raspberry Pi. I think everyone should be. And now it seems Microsoft thinks it as well having just announced that they’re currently working on a Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Core... Read more
Nest Software Glitch Deactivated Users’ Thermostats
With the recent winter heat wave in much of the US safely behind us, now’s the time for all the social media posts complaining about the bitter cold. But the reality of winter set in accidentally for Nest users, many of whom awoke to find the heat shut off... Read more
How IoT Medical Devices Are Vulnerable To Hackers
It’s a story straight out of a cyberthriller, a haunting tale in which hackers take over someone’s insulin pump and deliver too much of the normally life-saving drug, killing him with the very device that was supposed to save him. It makes for good crime novel fodder, but one... Read more
Move Over IOT, The Internet Of Sound Is Here
Using sound to speak to computers is nothing new. There’s a fascinating story–back in the days when the Commodore computer accessed data by cassette player–about a radio show host for the Finnish Broadcasting Company who used to play code over the air. That way, listeners were able to record... Read more
Cloudwash: Smart Washing Machine – Orders Detergent From Amazon
Is the Internet Of Things nearly complete?  We have the smart TV, Refrigerator, Kettle and Cooker. The list goes on.  Has there been a massive impact on our lives?  One firm’s idea may clean things up a bit.  Cloudwash is the prototype from London-based technology company Berg, whose business... Read more