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Bill Gates Not Satisfied with Innovation at Microsoft
Love him or hate him, Bill Gates is a man to contend with. Not only has he made it to the elite group of ultra rich people in the world, but he has also left a legacy that is hard to beat. I am not talking about the blue... Read more
Microsoft Surface Pro Less Repairable Than iPad
The Microsoft Surface Pro went on sale last week and the team at gadget repair platform iFixit has already ripped it apart. The Surface Pro teardown reveals that the Microsoft tablet/hybrid is less repairable than the Apple iPad. According to the company Microsoft chose to glue down any component that could... Read more
Microsoft Office For Linux Could Arrive In 2014
The Linux operating system has made huge inroads over the last two decades. Now it looks like Microsoft might finally be realizing the sales potential of the open source system. According to a source at ExtremeTech the software giant is evaluating the potential of Microsoft Office for Linux. If the rumor... Read more
Microsoft Working on Software That Predicts Catastrophic Events
Can a single piece of software predict catastrophic events? Microsoft believes it may have found a way to complete that very task. The software giant alongside the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is developing a disaster-predicting software platform that predicts future events by analyzing news headlines. The program examines news headlines... Read more
Microsoft Upset That FCC Stopped Google Probe
The¬†Federal Trade Commission announced this week that it has concluded its probe into anti-competitive actions by Google and Microsoft executives are not happy with the FCC’s decision. A¬†blog post by¬†Microsoft Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Dave Heiner says the FCC’s decision is “troubling” and “unusual” and that the... Read more
What Does Microsoft Need to Do in 2013?
Microsoft made some big strides in 2012 in various areas of technology. It made a big change to the Windows operating system, saw its first tablet enter the market, and made improvements to the Windows Phone as it sought to gain more market share of the cell phone industry.... Read more
US Military Finds Better Use For Kinect
Before the Kinect, the Nintendo Wii made gaming more accessible to a wider range of people. From toddlers to grandparents, suddenly the idea of playing video games became more plausible. Microsoft took the concept of gaming to a whole new level with the Kinect, though, as the motion-sensing device... Read more
Nokia Rumored to Sell Handset Division to Microsoft or Huawei
For the last several years Nokia has been fighting tooth and nail with Apple, Samsung, Motorola and other mobile handset manufacturers. Yet despite its best efforts, including a partnership with Windows Phone 8, the once reigning king of cell phones has managed only modest success with mounting losses.  Now... Read more
Microsoft Surface Q4 Sales Under 1 Million Units Sold [Rumor]
The Microsoft Surface tablet has not received the warm welcome the tech giant had hoped for thanks to marred touch covers and a less than stellar Windows RT version of its Windows 8 OS. While other aspects of Microsoft’s first tablet experiment were positively reviewed it was not enough... Read more
Is The Microsoft Surface Failing? Orders Cut By 50%
The Microsoft Surface tablet is a sleek looking device with an included keyboard, brand new Microsoft OS and massive ad spend support. What the Surface tablet isn’t is a massive seller. A new report suggests that Microsoft has failed to gain a foothold in the tablet sector and has... Read more
Apple, Google and Microsoft in 2012
The three major players in our technology today, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have given us a lot to look at, think about, and own in 2012.  Here is a look back, a glance forward, and wrap up of where the companies are at. Apple Apple has lived through some big... Read more
Life After Sinofsky for Microsoft
Microsoft called a news conference late in the day Monday where many people expected to hear news of an Xbox tablet release.  Instead, they were shocked to hear of the departure of Steven Sinofsky just weeks after the release of Windows 8.  New Leadership The controversial leader was known... Read more
Will Microsoft Surface Give Mac Users A Reason To Switch?
They say that once you go Mac, you won’t go back. To Windows, that is. However, with all the hype that has been surrounding Microsoft’s Metro interface, it might just be a step in the direction of going back to what many personal computer users started with. Microsoft officially... Read more
Microsoft Aiming for 70% of Businesses to Run PCs on Windows 7
With all eyes on Windows 8, Microsoft caught the attention of industry experts by announcing that it plans to have 70% of businesses running their personal computers (PCs) on Windows 7. This was a rare piece of new focusing on Windows 7 as all the hype and limelight has... Read more
Windows Messenger Retired, Users Transitioned To Skype
Microsoft on Tuesday officially announced the retirement of Windows Live Messenger. The legacy system will be fully phased out for all users in the first quarter of 2013. In a company blog post Microsoft President of Skype Division Tony Bates said the program would phase out everywhere but mainland... Read more
New Features In Windows 8
When Windows 8 launches on Oct. 26 2012 the new operating system will looking decidedly different than previous versions of the Windows OS and design changes won’t be the only new features found on the OS. Microsoft is introducing deeper account integration, better hardware support and even increased security... Read more
Is Better Than Gmail?
Microsoft has struggled against Gmail in the email sector for years, something Microsoft hopes to remedy with the release of, the company’s answer to its own aging service.¬† Launched with a beautifully crafted user interface looks more like a Google product than a Microsoft platform. The... Read more