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Downloads Rule, But Is Physical Media Really Dead?
The ability to download software and other media has undoubtedly changed the way those products are consumed. But are the days of physical media really over for good? Almost every type of media we humans enjoy consuming has now been digitised and are available – either for free or... Read more
Norway Switches Off FM Radio And Goes Digital
Move from analog to digital radio, making the Scandinavian country the first to shut down all national FM radio broadcasts. Norway’s government have been planning the FM switch off for several years, but the actual physical switch only began in January of this year. The move to Digital Audio... Read more
Stream Ripping is ‘Fastest Growing’ and ‘Most Aggressive’ Form Of Music Piracy
New research highlights issues and igonorance of the law. According to new research carried out by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and PRS For Music, Stream-ripping is now the “most aggressive” and “fastest-growing” form of music piracy. For those not in the know, “Stream-Ripping” is the term that commonly refers... Read more
Apple Launches VA Music Speaker HomePod
HomePod combines Apple Music and natural voice interaction with Siri. As consumers, we can argue that a lot of the “new” technology launched in competitive retail isn’t really all that new. Certainly some eye-opening innovations come along every few years – many of us still remember the first time we held... Read more
Word From Our Editor: How Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Know What You Love
Playlists and recommendations are the gateway to great discoveries, but just how do they work? We take a look at the science behind the magic. It’s fair to say we take a lot of pretty amazing technology for granted these days. Self-parking cars? Boring. 100mbps WiFi? Too slow man.... Read more
Spotify Updates Help Improve The Music Streaming Exerience
Music streaming services like Spotify have come a long from the days when industry critics pronounced them the death of music. In fact, the opposite has proven to be true: with the abundance of music options and the ability to sample new artists and even new genres without the... Read more
Jay Z Relaunches Tidal Streaming Service
Jay Z’s recently acquired music streaming service Tidal is kickstarting its first major campaign, #TidalForAll. The campaign is focused on artists changing their profile and background image to a turquoise color. “The Tides They Are-A Changing” #TIDALforALL — Mr. Carter (@S_C_) March 30, 2015 Several prominent artists including Beyonce,... Read more
Apple’s New Music Service: No Free Version Likely
It is doubtful that later on today at the Apple ‘Spring Forward’ event, the world’s most valuable company will launch their much anticipated music streaming service. It is more likely it will be later on in the year at WWDC when they will open up the new service which... Read more
Google Play Music Will Let You Upload 50,000 Songs For Free
Have you been looking for a place in the cloud to store all of the digital music you have stored on your hard drive? Maybe a better question would be, “Have you been looking for a place to store it without spending a bunch of money?” After all, you’ve... Read more
Spotify Premium Will Soon Show Lyrics
Spotify Premium is a great service. The ability to listen to (almost) anything I want at anytime is amazing. Where I used to spend tons of money on CDs every month, now I spend $10 and have so much more in my catalog (Albeit I don’t “own” any of... Read more
iTunes Adds A New Free Section
Are you someone who still uses iTunes as their main platform for digital music? I don’t know how often you frequent the iTunes store anymore with the increase in streaming services such as Spotify and Beats Music, but they’ve now added a completely new “Free on iTunes” section that’s... Read more
Apple Creates iTunes Tumblr Blog
This week Apple has launched a Tumblr blog for iTunes. The ‘blog’ is a highly customized theme, which closely reflects Apple’s own website rather than a typical Tumblr page. The page features music, movies, TV and book content. The individual posts consist of images, videos and animated GIFs of... Read more
Get Spotify Premium for 3 Months for $0.99
In this day and age, you’ve probably already found yourself a music streaming service you really like, but if not, Spotify is offering a pretty awesome deal for the time being. From now until the end of the year, they are offering their Spotify Premium service basically free for... Read more
Taylor Swift Yanks All Her Music From Spotify
There’s good news and bad news for the music world. We’ll get the good out of the way first. Last week, Taylor Swift released her new highly-anticipated album 1989. This album is apparently a radical departure from the Nashville music scene and is actually marketed as pop music. (Not that... Read more
Garth Brooks Finally Releases His Music Digitally
Country music fans everywhere now have a huge reason to collectively rejoice – Garth Brooks has finally got with the times and released his music digitally! One of the most successful musical artists of all time, Brooks has also been one of the last big-name artists to hold out... Read more
iTunes To Start Selling Subscriptions To Beats Music
The latest updated version of the Beats Music iPhone app is now taking new subscriptions utilising the iTunes billing system. The motive for this action is due to the high number of iPhone users, which the service currently has, coupled with the difficulty in getting a new subscriber base... Read more
iTunes Crosses 25 Billion Songs Sold
After nearly a decade in existence, iTunes has crossed 25 billion songs sold. Launched by Apple just after the turn of the millennium, the music store has gained tremendous popularity over the years. As people warmed up to the idea of digital music, they started using iTunes to get... Read more